Young Dragon Ring

young dragon ring

Ring given in Vinheim, home of sorcery, when newly ordained as a sorcerer.

Boosts sorceries.

Apropos to the Dragon School, the seal depicts an everlasting dragon. A young dragon presages the great length of the journey to mastery."

Young Dragon Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3


Young Dragon Ring Effect

  • Boosts Sorcery damage by 12%
  • Weight: 0.7



Where to Find Young Dragon Ring






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    • Anonymous

      If you're not a Sorcerer and want to get this from Orbeck, you have to give him any 1 scroll and buy these 3 specific sorceries:
      - Farron Flashsword
      - Aural Decoy
      - Pestilent Mist

      • Anonymous

        It is not 12%. Pretty sure there's a complicated formula i can't figure out. It probably adds a raw bonus then apply a multiplier.
        Some data :

        Heretic staff+6, 45int, spell buff:186. Soul spear versus drakeblood knight summoned near Dragon-kin Mausoleum bonfire
        damage no ring : 216
        young dragon ring 249 - that's about 15.27%

        Isalith Staff +5, 45int/38fth, spell buff 210. Affinity (all five hit) versus drakeblood knight summoned near Dragon-kin Mausoleum bonfire
        damage no ring : 245
        young dragon ring : 300 (~22.44%)
        bellowing dragon crest ring : 340 (~38.77%)
        both : 405 (~65.30%)

        Even staves' Chant scales weirdly, the bonus seems to scales down the further the base damage are.
        (same context with affinity)
        no ring + chant : 290 (~18.36% compared to 245)
        both ring+chant : 470 (~16.04% compared to 405).

        • How much damage does 12% translate to? I'm trying to build an SL 120 Sorcerer with well-rounded stats: 39 Vigor, 35 Attunement, 34 Endurance, 60 INT. Ring of Favor +3, Prisoner's Chain, Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring, and Sage Ring +2. Crown of Dusk, Scholar's Candlestick, Crystal Longsword, and Court Sorcerer's Staff. How much damage would I lose out on, or is it negligible? If I got rid of either the Ring of Favor or the Prisoner's Chain, I would have to settle with dialing back either Endurance or Vigor.

          • Anonymous

            Starter class Sorcerers, who are trying to get the all rings achievement BEWARE!!! You have to drop the Young Dragon Ring and pick it up again. Otherwise you will not get the achievement. Quite dumb, but I guess its because it is a starting item that you don\t actually "pick up".

            • Anonymous

              I got so mad thinking I didn't get the ring. I was trying to figure this out for a damn month and realized I forgot to talk to him to get it. t(-_-)t

              • Anonymous

                In my current playthrough, I purchased 4 or 5 spells, had given him all the scrolls and still no young dragon ring. I had respecced from 10 intelligence back to the standard 9 the warrior comes with. I decided to put the scholars ring on and purchased 3 more spells, so total spells purchased would have been either 7 or 8. He then gave me the young dragons ring. I can't confirm what caused him to give me the ring, but theres more to it than just giving him a scroll and purchasing 3 sorceries depending on your character.

                • Anonymous

                  On the main page of rings it is stated that this ring gives 15% extra damage and not 12% also the bellowing is sayd to do 25% and not 20%. So what do i believe at this point?

                  • Anonymous

                    I tried giving 1 scroll and buying 3 spells. I got nothing. Starting class was not sorcerer.However, with 2 scrolls and after buying 5 spells, he gave me the ring.

                    • Anonymous

                      I tried the same spell without this ring.With the ring.With the +1 version of the ring.And with the two equipped at the same time.The buff is seems to stack in between different versions of the ring.

                      • Anonymous

                        The young dragon is a reward from Orbeck, The Bellowinging Dragoncrest ring is found in the dungeon. After leaving the bonfire room take a right go all the way to the end of the hall and roll through some barrels, there is a locked door open it and the ring is on the ledge below

                        • Anonymous

                          So, I searched all over the dungeon for this and didn't find it... but for those of you who are still looking, you can get it from Orbeck. I'm not sure how many of his spells exactly you have to purchase but I obtained it while trying to buy all of his spells. He gave it to me right before he gave me the slumbering dragon ring.

                          • Anonymous

                            I've searched that dungeon high and low multiple times and am absolutely positive it's not there. Does anyone have this ring? I'm fairly certain it's the only ring left for me and it's driving me crazy!

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