Blue Tearstone Ring

A ring set with a large rare tearstone jewel. Temporarily boosts damage absorption when HP is low.

This stone is said to be a tear of sorrow of the goddess Caitha, and of course, tears are always more beautiful near death.

Blue Tearstone Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3


Blue Tearstone Ring Effect

  • When your HP is below 20%, your damage absorption will increase by a flat ~20% for all damage types (e.g., 10% absorb becomes ~30%).
  • Damage absorption has diminishing returns with other sources of absorption, so you won't ever get the full benefit of this ring. Expect the bonus to be closer to 15-18%, depending on the rest of your gear.



Where to Find Blue Tearstone Ring




  • Greirat asks the player to deliver the ring to "Loretta at the base of the High Wall"
  • Has the exact same effect as the Lloyd's Shield Ring, except at low health.


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    • Anonymous

      21 May 2020 19:00  

      It can be really useful against certain bosses that do a lot of damage in a single hit if you're going a low Vigor build. As has been said before the damage reduction procs retroactively so it can stop you from being one shotted. If you have enough health to survive without it you probably don't want it.

      • Anonymous

        04 May 2020 06:15  

        I can also confirm that this ring *will* reduce a damage retroactively, making it actually a pretty decent choice. The point of the ring is not to protect you while you're already at 20% health. The point is to prevent you from *dying* to a hit. It's just worded in a weird way.

        • 16 Sep 2019 08:01  

          Pretty much only valid on a monster tank build and, even then, you'd be hard pressed to make it worth two more hits or so since you get diminishing returns. I guess it's worth it during High Wall since, well, you don't have a lot of other rings.

          • Anonymous

            27 Jul 2019 15:34  

            "This ring SUCKS. Like, MEGA balls dude. I am APPALLED at the fact that someone would even think about wearing this GARBAGE STINKY RING" lol

            • Anonymous

              24 Jul 2019 16:05  

              This ring's effect procs to retroactively to reduce the damage of the hit that sends you below the 20% threshold, so it can turn a hit that would have killed you at above 20% health into a hit that only almost kills you, giving you a chance to drink estus or whatever. A few other people have tried to tell y'all this in the comments here, and they're correct. Disregard anyone refuting it, they did not actually test it. Does that make this a top ring for NG? No, of course not. Does it make it worth wearing early in NG, perhaps until the Catacombs? Sure. The ring absolutely prevented more than a few deaths in my first NG years ago.

              • Anonymous

                14 Jul 2019 02:23  

                I love this ring. It allows me to survive the constant back stabs that invaders do. They always run out of stamina before I run out of life.

                • Anonymous

                  16 Dec 2018 11:24  

                  At first I thought this ring was pointless but then I noticed that what the ring actually does is reduce all damage at 20% even if you were above 20% when you were hit. So, if you were at 30% you take full blunt for that 10% but automatically ruduces any additional damage after 20%. Still not that great tho.

                  • Anonymous

                    02 Jun 2018 06:54  

                    Would this be viable against large gank squads as a spear of the church? Started to wonder if my vig/vit/str build would benefit from this over dragonscale ring.

                    • 14 Jan 2018 21:45  

                      OK, this is the reality: You get hit, your HP gets below 20%, the ring effects are triggered and you get extra damage absorption, you get hit again, you die. So to summarize it, there is no *****ing way this ring is useful against ANY enemy, unless you have like 40 Vigor and you are fighting hollows at the Cemetery of Ash, or perhaps it can save you in PvP against a faith build... No, really, if you are below 20% HP, you will die in 1 or 2 hits regardless of whether you are wearing this ring or not. If the ring added plain defense (not absorption) then it would be useful at low levels (and perhaps even beyond), but as of now it is just useless. Please someone tell FromSoftware that they should design items that FIT the actual game they are making.

                      • 11 Sep 2017 03:13  

                        I LOVE this ring. I'm not much one for PvP, but as far as PvE goes the ring is fantastic. It's saved me so many times. The percentage may not seem terribly high but it feels high. I can't express how many times an attack has hit me at low health that would typically drain a relatively large chunk of my hp, only for that damage to be negated by this ring. Has carried me through numerous greedy situations. Overall, underappreciated and worth praising.

                        • Anonymous

                          24 Jun 2017 04:37  

                          I noticed that this ring does more for your absorption the lower your absorption is. At -100 absorption it increased it to -60. At -30 it increased it to -4. At 0 it increased it to 20. At ~67 physical absorption it increased it to ~74.

                          • 30 May 2017 18:18  

                            If you would be hit to below 20%, the ring will activate. So you can be sitting at 30% health and be hit for 15% of your total, in that circumstance the ring would activate and reduce the damage.

                            This can actually lead to a very strong tank build by stacking it a few other things, namely: Lloyd's Shield Ring, Ring of Life, Ring of Favor, and Tears of Denial, often letting you taking a surprising amount of hits in PvP.

                            • Anonymous

                              28 May 2017 11:32  

                              This Ring is good early game but some tanky builds csn make use of this ring for PVP in late game.

                              This ring will save your ass 99% of the time and its been the reason on a few occasions why my enemies ate***** cause they wasted their stamina bar on what should have been a kill and than they get nuked lol

                              • Anonymous

                                11 Dec 2016 01:01  

                                This ring isn't "useless". Actually, it has saved me countless times against death hits (the hit which will kill you). That happens because when you get hit, the health you lose is automatically reduced by the ring. I really appreciate that.

                                • Anonymous

                                  29 Nov 2016 11:44  

                                  Absolutely useless, the red has its uses for one-shot builds, but this is trash. Unless you are doing low-level PvP where the incoming damage is less but even then with the near guarantee two-hit on most weapons the follow-up will likely kill you.

                                  The only way this could be of use is a low-level high vigor build but even then it would have to be a 30-40 vigor deprived (and that is all you level)

                                  • Anonymous

                                    When is the absorbtion applied?05 Jul 2016 16:04  

                                    Does the 20% of DMG absorb apply for the hit that brings you below 20% HP? E.G. I have 30% HP. I get hit for 25% of max HP. How much HP will I have left? Will it activate to absorb part of the incoming 25% damage, or will it leave me with 5% HP and activate then?

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Misleading06 May 2016 12:22  

                                      The description of what this ring does seems to be very poorly worded. I originally thought that it just adds 20% onto whatever each of your absorptions already are, but it actually only adds 20% of whatever your CURRENT absorptions are, onto those absorptions (so, say if you have 40% physical and 30% magic absorption, once the ring takes effect, you'll then have 48% physical absorption and 36% magic absorption for the duration of the buff). It honestly seems pretty useless even for tanky characters, a half-decent absorption buff probably won't make a difference in how many hits it takes to kill you from 20% of your hp.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        This ring is a lot better than previously.21 Apr 2016 20:21  

                                        Use this ring with fire resistance+life rings, red bug pellet, flash sweat and gear. Thanks to all of these, I managed to pick up toxic mist from the lava at 10 vigor!

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Blue Tearstone Ring Proc and effect18 Apr 2016 01:16  

                                          Effect starts at 20% HP, Monitoring the status page gave me the following increases when the ring was in effect:Physical 60% Magic 59%VS Strike 67% Fire 57%VS Slash 68% Lightning 60.5%VS Thrust 68% Dark 66%

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Absorption = Soaks more damage for you15 Apr 2016 06:58  

                                            Decreases the amount of damage you take when you're low on hp. Haven't been able to find out the hp % that it kicks in as well as the amount of defense % you get when you do reach that threshold.

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