Fire Clutch Ring

Ring depicting a hand grasping a red stone. Increases fire attack, but compromises damage absorption.

An old fable in Londor claims that the lure of the clutch ring reaches out to the crestfallen, who might otherwise be overcome by despair.

Fire Clutch Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.


Fire Clutch Ring Effect

  • Increases fire attack by 15% in PvE and 8% in PvP
  • Reduces Physical, Strike, Slash, and Thrust Absorptions 10% in PvE and 15% in PvP
  • Weight: 0.8


Where to Find Fire Clutch Ring

  • Found at Undead Settlement close to the Cliff Underside bonfire, where there's the potholder, 3 undead throwing firebombs from a balcony, and several explosive barrels. It's behind the torture device at the end of a long planked walkway. (video location)




  • Reduction in absorption is calculated by increasing your current absorption by 10% and then subtracting 10 (i.e. New = 1.1xOld- 10; calculated with excel). 
  • This ring increases any fire damage on all weapons, including natural fire damage, infusions, and buffs, and fire-based Pyromancies.
  • You can counter the damage-taken increase by wearing a Ring of Steel Protection, which increases damage absorption by 10%.





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    • Anonymous

      Probably not useful in PVP, but great for a pyro build in PVE, and you get access to it before either of the other pyro rings.

      • Anonymous

        Is this ring supposed to be a reference to LotR? You can find it above a chasm and a hollow in front of the ring, holding it's head, undecided wheter it should throw the ring in the chasm or not.

        • Anonymous

          The decrease in damage absorption isn't all that bad. Tested this with an enemy outside the cleansing chapel. With the ring on I took 149 damage, while taking the ring off I took 139 damage, from the same attack of course. The increase in damage you deal to enemies is definitely worth the small increase in damage taken. This test was done with the Mirrah set on, 773 HP and no defense improving rings of any sort.

          • Anonymous

            Just to clarify as the OP formula is not straightforward to understand, The ring adds 10% of damage taken.

            Say for example your current absorption is 20%. It means you are taking 80% damage.
            Therefore, you add 10% : 80 x 1.1 = 88% damage taken
            Thus your absorption is now 100-88= 12% absoption

            • Anonymous

              Does this ring increase toxic/poison pyromancies ? It is said "increases the fire damage" so I suppose not but you never know.

              • Anonymous

                10% Reduction in absorption is actually applied in the same way as pieces of armour, only with a -10% absorption value. Convert the numbers to decimal then use this formula:

                (1 - Armour1ABS) * (1 - Armour2ABS) * (1 - Armour3ABS) * (1 - Armour4ABS) * (1 - )

                I can't quite work out why the numbers would come out the same as the formula given above, but they do (also checked in excel). I'd say this version of the formula makes more sense though.

                • Anonymous

                  Can the fire and dark clutch rings stack together for dark pyromancies just wanting to know for my dark pyro/bleed build

                  • Anonymous

                    Does this ring stack with the great swamp and/or witch's rings? For some reason their pages say they stack with each other but nothing is mentioned about the fire clutch ring.

                    • Anonymous

                      That formula can't be right.New= (1.1*Old) - 10 would mean that any defense over 100 results in an increase of defenses from the ring.

                      • Anonymous

                        Using this ring on a fire infused Long Sword +4 is just amazing. Just beat the Cathedral of the Deep and finally being able to onehit much of the annoying trash makes my life easier.

                        • Anonymous

                          But does it boost damage for weapons that have fire damage already on them for instance the demons great axe?

                          • Anonymous

                            I did a little testing and it seems that if your wear 2 different Clutch Rings(for something like Dancer's swords) at the same time you DON'T get a damage boost from either of them, they cancel each other out for some reason.

                            • Anonymous

                              Contrary to earlier beliefs, the ring reduces Physical, strike, slash and thrust defense absorption not fire absorption. I also added that the ring indeed increases pyromancy spell damage, tested with the different fireball spells.

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