Lingering Dragoncrest Ring

A special ring given to those who are deemed fit to undertake the journey of discovery in Vinheim, home of sorcery.

Extends length of spell effect.

Apropos to the Dragon School, the seal depicts an everlasting dragon. A lingering dragon symbolizes the true nature of the consummate sorcerer.

 Lingering Dragoncrest Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.


Lingering Dragoncrest Ring Effect

  • Extends length of spell effect by 30%
  • +1 Version (NG+): +35%
  • +2 Version (NG++): +40%
  • Weight: 0.5



Where to Find Lingering Dragoncrest Ring

  • Dropped by Giant Crab in Farron Keep: Spawn at the Keep Ruins bonfire and head down the ramp. The crab is to the left near the white tree. video location (fextralife playthrough video starting at 1h 49m 29s)
  • (NG+) +1 Version: Found next to the giant crab just below the Crucifixion Woods bonfire in the Road of Sacrifices.
  • (NG++) +2 Version: It's part way up the tower where the three Ascended Winged Knights wait in ambush in Lothric Castle. Run up the staircase, but don't go up the ladder. Instead run around to the front of the tower and the ring is in the alcove.




  • Works with MiraclesSorceriesPyromancies.
  • Extends only the length of the effects, that are placed on you. For example, if you are wearing this ring, and someone casts Sacred Oath nearby, they will have it only for 60 seconds, while your character with this ring will have the same buff for a maximum of 84 seconds with the +2 version. The same principle works with Vow of Silence.
  • Extends the duration even when the ring is equipped after the spell is cast.
  • Strangely enough, increases the duration time of Stone Flesh despite not working on any other Weapon Art.
  • Does not increase the total healed from Bountiful Light.




  • Trivia goes here


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    • Anonymous

      Something to remember, while this ring does extend the effect length of heal-over-time miracles, it does not increase the total healed, just how long it takes to heal that amount. Makes it good for buffs, but not for these regen-type heals :-(

      • Anonymous

        To anyone wondering, I just did some testing with the +2 version of this ring and the Darkmoon Blade Miracle

        If you have the ring equipped when you cast it but then take it off right away you will NOT get the extended duration.
        If you don't have the ring equipped when you cast it but then put it on you WILL get the extended duration.

        • Anonymous

          First playthrough, wanted to do a str/fth, buff oriented build. Traded last blows with the crab and saw the ring fading away along with my hopes and dreams.... **** me right?

          • Anonymous

            Someone should compile a list of all the spells this ring effects. It should be obvious this effects just about every buffing spell and not any weapon arts or items, but the comments here show otherwise...

            • Anonymous

              does the bonus still prevail after you swap off? i.e. i'm buffing a weapon while wearing the ring and then swapping to hornet right after buff, will I still get the effect?

              • Anonymous

                The +2 versions location is the last kick in the balls for the Ring trophy after doing ng+2 NK and the covenants...

                • Anonymous

                  Comments shows that peoples IQ suddenly goes down when they are coming to this rings page for some reason

                  • Anonymous

                    The only time I wear this ring is when I cast magic shield on my great shield (stability of 80 on a shield with this spell uses no stamina that I have found while blocking regardless of the attack, which is great cuz you don't need to spend the extra FP casting the magic great shield version) for boss battles or difficult NPC invasions and it allows you to turtle up in true DS1 fashion. The survivability this affords you is amazing. Only real issue is of course weapons and attacks that deal elemental damage or status effects but that can easily be countered. I only use parry shields in PvP of course, but I am thinking that casting this on my iron round shield might be worth a go. Although I have never seen anyone use this in PvP before. This is my Boss Killing ring.

                    • Anonymous

                      Would this effect how long divine pillars of light lasts? Im thinking maybe if it does then you could bait players to attack while the miracle is active making it likely they will get his which i can then follow up with a wrath the gods for really high damage.

                      • Anonymous

                        The lingering dragoncrest ring effects spell duration of spells, not weapon skill buff duration. As far as i know, the ring actually does effect how long YOUR aoe buffs last on others. Obviously it doesn't effect how long others' buffs last, the ring is on YOUR finger.

                        • Anonymous

                          In order to extend the spell effect, the ring must be equipped when the spell effect would normally time out. If you equip this ring after casting the spell, it will still extend it. If you unequip it after casting the spell, but before the effect runs out it will do nothing. If you unequip it after the spell's duration has been extended, the effect will remain for the full extension. Basically the game performs a check when the spells duration would normally time out, and if the ring is equipped at that moment it's duration is extended. Not really useful info unless you're running short on ring slots. Personally I like to use priestess ring to cast blessed weapon with 10 faith, then swap to this to extend the duration.

                          • Anonymous

                            So after making a new character and forgetting about this ring until the profaned Capitol I went back and killed the crab and it didnt drop the ring. Any clue why not?

                            • Anonymous

                              So no one has figured out why this seems to add an extra lingering pool of lava with Great Chaos Fire Orb? You can sometimes get two ticks out of it, if I remember correctly.

                              • Anonymous

                                Lingering Dragon Crest Ring page:
                                "Extends only length of the effects, that are placed on you. For example, if you are wearing this ring, and someone casts Sacred Oath nearby, he will have it only for 60 seconds, while character with this ring will have the same buff for a maximum of 84 seconds with the +2 version. The same principle works with Vow of Silence."

                                Vow of Silence page:
                                "Does not appear to be affected by the Lingering Dragon Crest Ring."

                                I am confused

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