Skull Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3

Skull Ring

One of Courland's transposed wonders. Derived from the soul of a Soulfeeder.

Easier to be detected by enemies.

The Soulfeeder was a beast that insatiably absorbed souls to feed its own power. Even after its accursed corpse was burned, it is said that the pungent stench of souls left the air permanently stained."



Skull Ring Effect

  • Easier to be detected by enemies and changes enemy targeting priority.



Where to Find Skull Ring




  • The wearer of this ring will draw the enemy's focus away from other players, while playing in a group, either online or with npc summons.
  • Can for example be used strategically in a boss fight: a player with the ring can hide behind a greatshield and keep the boss occupied so the phantoms are free to hack away.
  • This ring is very useful to help squishy npcs live through a bossfight.
  • (No obvious effect with normal enemy detection and aggro range)
  • Same effect as the Moaning Shield and the Atonement miracle.







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    • Anonymous

      17 Feb 2018 20:53  

      Tutorial how to be raped
      1 . wear this ring
      2 . meet chain axe snake guy
      3 . enjoy begin nuke sniped throught wall while escaping

      • Anonymous

        27 Oct 2017 22:28  

        ofc it is fan service. Whole DS3 is fanservice of all the Souls Borne games. Thankfully the DLCs gave it some characters and Locations to remember.

        • Anonymous

          07 Oct 2017 16:26  

          I used the ring for example against Lorian when summoning Siris. Or against any boss when I'm fighting as a phantom with a host of ember, which isn't "skillful". But I never had the feeling, that it really has an impact. Maybee because I'm playing too defensivly?

          • Anonymous

            05 Sep 2017 06:30  

            After Siegward died to Yhorm in NG+6 for the first time in my playthroughs I decided to use the ring in NG+7 in the boss fight. Could't see much difference. Seems as Yhorm is generally very focused on Siegward anyway.

            • Anonymous

              18 Aug 2017 16:52  

              It doesnt turn you into red glowing eye demon like in DS2, but this is the guy if you are into that Havel style god-tier tanking.
              It takes aggro off enemies instantly and forces everything to focus on you. In jolly CO-OP games, your damage dealing friends can slay the everliving***** out of Bosses while you tank their blows.

              • Anonymous

                11 Dec 2016 16:01  

                "Same effect as Atonement miracle". Except the Atonement page states that its effect increases enemy aggro range, and this page states that the supposedly same effect does no such thing. I'll try to do some proper testing for this, and hopefully some more people will, too.

                • Anonymous

                  Soul feeder is a reference to the Old One?06 Jul 2016 02:22  

                  I don't know about you guys but seems like the description of the Soulfeeder is a little similar to the Old One from Demon's Souls? I know the universes are seperate but could be a nice little reference

                  • Anonymous

                    Ludleth the Soulfeeder22 Jun 2016 23:41  

                    Seems an odd thing for a little dude to carry, and Ludleth won't quit bugging you for twisted souls. He was also burned by the linking, exiled too, and and has nightmares of said burning. His is probably the soul that resulted in this ring.

                    • Anonymous

                      About the ludleth being a soulfeeder theori03 Jun 2016 19:14  

                      It would explain why he asks you to hurry in finding the kiln thingy.

                      • Anonymous

                        nice ring but08 May 2016 11:41  

                        too bad it doesn't have the kickass red eye effect anymore or any visual effect at all, one of the reasons why i took the red eye ring in ds2 and played as a damage sponge coop phantom

                        • Anonymous

                          Good for co-op06 May 2016 06:50  

                          Wear this ring when being summoned for co-op so bosses will aggro to you instead of the summoner. That seems like the best purpose. Either that or combine it with the Calamity ring to make for a really hard experience.

                          • Anonymous

                            Ludleth is a soulfeeder?23 Apr 2016 21:12  

                            I believe Ludleth to be a soulfeeder himself, "happened upon any twisted souls?", the first thing he says to you for most of the game, kind of greedily aswell

                            • Anonymous

                              Redeye Ring19 Apr 2016 05:24  

                              Does this have the same particle on your eyes as DS2's version, or any visuals for that matter?

                              • Anonymous

                                Is this a refrence?17 Apr 2016 02:35  

                                It seems to be talking about "the old one" from demons souls who had a unending hunger for souls, in the discription

                                • Anonymous

                                  Function14 Apr 2016 15:32  

                                  Does this have a similar effect as the 'Aggression Mod' for DkS1 -- enemies coming for a gang-bang from lands afar?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Red eye?31 Mar 2016 20:16  

                                    I hope this works like the red eye ring from dks2. I had a tanky co-op build i used that with. Drew aggro and let the host backstab everything.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      cool ring17 Mar 2016 07:43  

                                      Occasionally this ring was extremely useful from past games. I hope they bring back the red soapstone as well. Both great pvp items.

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