Obscuring Ring

Ring bestowed upon the Fingers of Rosaria, invaders who seek tongues for their goddess.


Hides the presence of the wearer when far away.


It is said that Rosaria, the mother of rebirth, was robbed of her tongue by her firstborn, and has been waiting for their return ever since.

 Obscuring Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.


Obscuring Ring Effect

  • Makes the wearer invisible to enemy players at long distance.
  • Weight: 0.9


Where to Find Obscuring Ring

  • Rank 1 reward: Rosaria's Fingers (You MUST offer 10 Pale Tongues to reach rank 1)  



  • Makes the wearer completely invisible at range, lifebar included, to all enemy players and phantoms. The effect starts at about 10 meters away, which is slightly shorter than the maximum lock-on distance. Works as well when you are the host of a world being invaded.
  • Tears of Denial and other visual effects, like Poison or a knife stuck in your character, will give away the wearer's position.
  • Unlike Ring of Fog from Dark Souls and Thief's Ring from Demon's Souls, which reduced the range of detection for NPC enemies, the Obscuring Ring only works on human players.





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    • Anonymous

      22 May 2020 10:43  

      Remember that invader waiting patiently near the judicator in Ringed City swamp, never saw that great arrow coming to his forehead. Those were good times...

      • Anonymous

        16 Oct 2019 01:30  

        Look at all the idiots responding to the post below being super harsh about the deal proposed when when it's clearly being proposed by a new player judging by the fact that they dont realize you can buy unlimited chunks relatively early and the fact that they don't just farm the rewards which are particularly easy to get on that covenant by fighting blues. You're all leaving responses pointing out what's obvious to people who know the facts presented above with snobby attitudes like that player would even know why you're saying its a bad deal.

        • Anonymous

          20 Jul 2019 20:54  

          i think this ring is just bullsh1t , when I wear it for sniping across large area or across a bridge, etc. everyone see me while no buff active , no knifes/arrows stuck in me and no aura and yet everyone see me and always come shoot me way past the 10ish meters of the effect , but everyone i’ve seen use it becomes completely invisible at the about 10 meters range of effect 0/10 would use this lie again , me that dreamed to make a ghost build since 6 months will never be able to do so with my best bet that doesn’t work

          • Anonymous

            30 Dec 2018 20:30  

            wish they hadnt nerfed it quite so hard, somewhere in between now and pre-nerf would have been perfect because now if they chase you you cannot get away and reposition unless you do some shenanigans or they are braindead.

            • Anonymous

              20 Nov 2018 06:32  

              The single most important ring to any invader. The same people who ***** about how group invasions are impossible are also the same people who don't understand the point of a ring that allows you to utilize guerrilla tactics rather than sprinting into a group and wondering why you got your ass handed to you.

              • Anonymous

                03 Oct 2018 07:16  

                This ring should be exclusive only to Rosaria's Fingers and only work when you have the badge equipped. Make it worth equipping the Rosaria's badge.

                • Anonymous

                  11 Jul 2018 20:49  

                  I guess the ring just doesn't work sometimes because I just got sniped by a phantom while I was wearing it.

                  • Anonymous

                    01 Apr 2018 07:39  

                    I trolled 4 aldrich faithfuls today in anor londo with obscuring ring + slumbering dragon crest ring for well over 30 minutes. They could not find me at all and I just kept firing my bow at them chipping away their health + seed of giants. Basically they gave up and went home.

                    • Anonymous

                      17 Jan 2018 01:54  

                      If you are a Blade of the Darkmoon or a Blue Sentinel; GET THIS. Grind it from the Darkwraiths at Abyss Watchers bonfire, or invade for it, but get this ring.

                      Invaders (like the Dipsticks they are) never see you coming when you've got their srubby tricks up your sleeve ;)

                      • Anonymous

                        13 Jan 2018 00:39  

                        After having earned the Obscuring Ring once in NG, I attempted to earn a second copy in NG+; however, upon delivering to Rosaria the required 10 Pale Tongues, I did NOT receive a second Obscuring Ring. Is it impossible to earn more than one Obscuring Ring per character? I mean, legitimately--not through trade with other players. Thanks!

                        • Anonymous

                          08 Jan 2018 16:18  

                          Current range is if you are at the Grand Archives bonfire you wouldn't see someone at the base of the staircase straight ahead. If they step OFF the staircase onto the floor, they become visible just then.

                          Not tested on my side, but told that Vordt's GH's particle effect DOES disappear w/this ring. However, it seems to lag 1-2 seconds, like the particles already in the air have to dissipate as they normally would.

                          • Anonymous

                            01 May 2017 03:47  

                            Yeah, primarily useful for those who don't buff, but otherwise the cheapest yet most amazing ring I've ever seen, because it allows hit and run tactics and if the host continually heals you can hide and regen with blessed items. Unfortunately it can kind of be abused, it's good not many people use it because if a host did I have no idea how you'd find them and with one person it isn't very nice as I've already had people get so distracted they get killed by mobs, and that's really unfair but...well, in some cases it's absolutely warranted. Ok, I'm sorry, but I'm too proud of this story.

                            Once upon a time there was a gank squad of 3 people who I wound up invading, alone. They were sitting up where Ledo invades near the ringed city street bonfire, all cocky and throwing down their "Hey" stones and standing by the edge emoting...I slowly snuck up a bit behind the far one, pulled out a milwood greatbow, and shot them off the ledge. One down. Now the other two are still a bit cocky and trying to draw me into Ledo's room so they could gang up on me. I waited around for a bit, occasionally taking pot shots when they'd pop out to try to taunt me, and eventually one separated and came down the path a bit and I hacked him up with my Exile's greatsword. 2 down. The last guy isn't quite so cocky anymore and I take off my obscuring ring, replace it with a silvercat. I wasn't sure if I'd use it, but the host had no problem chugging estus (I didn't use a single one throughout), and I was unembered, so after beating on him and having him keep healing finally we eventually fell over the ledge. Because I had the ring I took nothing, he took most his health. He heals full, we fall to the ground. We both swing, both hit, he dies. I feel like I'm predator. Not so cocky now, eh?

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