Untrue White Ring

One of the illusory rings worn by the Hollows of Londor.

Take the appearance of a phantom.

The Hollows of Londor are wretchedly aged, fraught with deceit, and dubiously secretive. It is no wonder that they are deeply detested.

Untrue White Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.


Untrue White Ring Effect

  • Take appearance of a phantom
  • Weight: 0.7



Where to Find Untrue White Ring




  • You appear as a white phantom no matter what your appearance should be, whether the host, an invader, or a specific covenant-colored phantom.
  • When combined with the sorcery Hidden Body, you look suprisingly like the transparent gray phantoms of people in other worlds that occasionly appear.




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    • Anonymous

      At least your name shouldn't appear in red, or other white phantoms shouldn't be able to lock on you. The host being able to lock on you is enough giveaway.

      • Anonymous

        I beat the game without buying the ring from her and I’m going into new game + but I don’t want to go hollow just for the ring. I’m in quite a pickle indeed.

        • Anonymous

          Tricks either new players, or invaders (when there's four phantoms to kill) where no one knows what's going on.

          • Anonymous

            if I invade someone while having this ring equipped, does it still notify the host of embers that someone is invading?

            • Anonymous

              Wearing this ring while hollowed causes the Firekeeper to turn to her right when she spawns next to the shrine hallway (in front of you when you port to the shrine bonfire). I was able to consistently do this equipping/removing the ring and reloading the shrine and she only does this when she is at this location. If this is a bug, it's quite appropriate given the description of the ring. Anybody else get this weird behavior?

              • Anonymous

                Can I still get this ring? yoel is dead and the other person is not there. Im gonna be sad and salty if i cant.

                • Anonymous

                  if u weart that ring u will always look like a white summon. u will even look like this if u get summoned.it happened to me that wearing this ring caused the enemies to attack me even tho i was a invader. i was also able to target these enemis.taking the ring off didnt undo the aggro of the enemies. its uknown to me if a host i invade can directly target me or not.

                  • Anonymous

                    if you wear the ring and put a red sign, the sign will be white/gold https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eT53-4SXCBE these poor souls...

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