Church of Yorshka is a small area with a bonfire and the closest bonfire to the Pontiff Sulyvahn boss fight.


General Information


Church of Yorshka Map



NPCs in the area

  • Anri of Astora will be here if you have followed her/his questline up to this point, if you have found her/him in her/his two previous locations and after you encounter and kill Horace (If you fail to kill Horris in the smouldering lake Anri will die and never come here.)
  • Lord of Hollows ending will be prematurely ended if you kill the Hollow assassin. If you want the hidden ending simply exhaust Anri's dialogue and kill Sulyvahn.




  • There is an ASSASSIN


Full Church Of Yorshka Walkthrough

Church of Yorshka is more of a sub-location than a fully-fledged area. See  Irithyll Of The Boreal Valley for a full walkthrough of the surrounding area.

In the corner of the room, after Anri shows up in the Church there will be a new statue. This statue is an Assassin, they will kill Anri and prematurely end her questline. Simply attack the statue and kill the Assassin, they will not fight back.

Church of Yorshka Map





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    • Anonymous

      18 Apr 2021 06:00  

      To be 100% clear: if you kill the statue NPC, it give a bad ending to the Anri questline. Do not kill the statue, and you go on to marry Anri.

      • Anonymous

        07 Jun 2020 12:25  

        Is anyone else curious about the statues in the church? They’re two different figures, and they’re both holding a sunlight straight sword. Obviously it looks huge. but I believe the statues aren’t 1:1 scale, and possibly they could represent Gwyn’s firstborn son and Gwyndolin also, before he got his makeover. After all, the statues are hidden away in a church where Yorshka herself is a prisoner. Not only that, but in DS1 we only saw statues of Gwyn and Gwynevere, and the occasional statue of the woman holding a baby holding a Shnlight Straight Sword. We already know in the Darkmoon Tomb that a statue is missing, so it’s not implausible that all other statues; be they big or small, were also relocated (To be fair, I don’t know much of the DS3 lore so don’t get too salty at my speculation).

        • Anonymous

          10 May 2020 23:18  

          Thanks for letting us know that there's a good NPC in the statue. No wonder your walkthroughs have so many dislikes

          • Anonymous

            18 Feb 2020 14:22  

            Why is this listed under locations now? Its just a bonfire in irithyll of the boreal valley. not a full location.

            • Anonymous

              28 Sep 2017 20:52  

              Punch the statue beside the main door in here, turns into Yoel of Londor type character. No idea the use yet

              • Anonymous

                20 Apr 2017 01:52  

                This page is messed up! " If you choose to kill this Assassin NPC, you will obtain Chameleon earlier in the game, but will also make Yuria's questline abrutly end."

                • Anonymous

                  16 Mar 2017 23:54  

                  This is *****ing bullshit. If you're on this page, *****ing ignore it. I killed the statue because literally every other walkthrough i used didn't ***** me over and this page completely *****ed up my quest. I don't know who did this, but if I met this *****ing troll, I would punch him in the face. Some***** is sacred.

                  • Anonymous

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                    • Anonymous

                      Nerd29 Aug 2016 02:58  

                      Some nerd thought it would be funny to translate the page into latin. Come on, dude, trolling is so 10 years ago.

                      • Anonymous

                        RETARDED16 Jul 2016 04:21  


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