Church of Yorshka is a small area with a bonfire and the closest bonfire to the Pontiff Sulyvahn boss fight.


General Information


Church of Yorshka Map



NPCs in the area

  • Anri of Astora will be here if you have followed her/his questline up to this point, if you have found her/him in her/his two previous locations and after you encounter and kill Horace (If you fail to kill Horris in the smouldering lake Anri will die and never come here.)
  • Lord of Hollows ending will be prematurely ended if you kill the Hollow assassin. If you want the hidden ending simply exhaust Anri's dialogue and kill Sulyvahn.




  • There is an ASSASSIN


Full Church Of Yorshka Walkthrough

Church of Yorshka is more of a sub-location than a fully-fledged area. See  Irithyll Of The Boreal Valley for a full walkthrough of the surrounding area.

In the corner of the room, after Anri shows up in the Church there will be a new statue. This statue is an Assassin, they will kill Anri and prematurely end her questline. Simply attack the statue and kill the Assassin, they will not fight back.

Church of Yorshka Map





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