The Dreg Heap is a Location in Dark Souls 3, added with the second DLC, The Ringed City.


The Dreg Heap Walkthrough

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Accessing the Dreg Heap

The Ringed City DLC is accessed by two different bonfire locations; the first is found by traveling to Kiln of the First Flame before the Soul of Cinder fight, and the second is in the Painted World of Ariandel chapel by Sister Friede.

You will arrive in a small building. Light the Bonfire and step through the doorway to head down. To your right, venture off the steps and make your way around a round rooftop to find an Ember x1. Standing on the ledge nearby is a Stone-humped Hag who will act as a vendor if you tell her you have business with her. Drop down from this ledge to the lower levels wihout fear; as long as you land in a dreg heap, the fall will not cause damage. As you arrive at the bottom, carefully cross the bridge as a you will encounter a swarm of Murkman foes. They can gang up on you rather quickly, grabbing you and trying to pull you under, and some weild deadly sorcery.  

Once they are dealt with and have stopped spawning, head up the steps to the left from where you came to a find a Harald Legion Knight. Stay out of reach of the strong melee attacks and punish it after a leap. You can use verticality as an ally here, a well placed drop attack can result in a visceral attack that does a ton of damage to then. One or two of these attacks are usually enough to bring them down. Loot the corpse here for Titanite Chunk x1. Head up the next set of steps to find a corpse with Aquamarine Dagger on it. Make your way back down to the courtyard where you fought the murkmen and proceed forward to see a corpse on a ledge. Walk out to trigger the ledge to collapse and fall through a window and into a building. At the bottom you can loot the corpse for Soul of a Weary Warrior x1.

Several Murkman are in this room, including casters that fire Great Soul Dregs, so be wary as you explore. Loot corpses in here for Titanite Scale x1, Twinkling Titanite x1 and the Murky Hand Scythe. Exit via the hole in the wall and head right. The next area is a tricky run and hide section where Angels will fire continuous beams at you; hiding behind or under something can trigger their curse attack, which can be seen as a spotlight. Prepare by wearing magic defense armor and shields, using spells like Great Magic Barrier, and perhaps consuming Green Blossom to aid in stamina consumption while rolling. Do not try and fight them directly; they are hard to kill and will quickly respawn. They can be permanently destroyed by finding and killing the long hollows.

When you are ready, drop down on the left to loot a corpse for Divine Blessing. Dash/roll ahead to find cover behind a fallen pillar and heal up if needed, but do not stay stationary for long as the curse attack can kill quickly. Dash across behind a building where you will find a corpse with Lightning Urn x4. If you're exceptionally brave, you can circle around to the other side of the building, leaving you exposed to the angel, where you will find a corpse with Ring of Steel Protection +3 (or alternatively, you can come back after killing the long hollow found in the next area). Proceed through the doorway and head left to take on two overgrown knights. Defeat them and loot the corpse at the altar for a Soul of a Crestfallen Knight x1. Exit via the doorway and head right up the slope to face some emerging murkmen. Around to the left you can loot a corpse for Rusted Coin x2.

Be aware as you head up through the doorway and into the next area that many murken will spawn and keep spawning; make sure to keep sufficient room to not be overpowered. Slowly head up through the doorway and the short steps to trigger more murkmen. You can loot a corpse to the left for Titanite Chunk x2. Proceed through the next two rooms to find more murkmen and a corpse with Murky Longstaff. Before leaving this room, be sure to tap on the wall that was on your left when entering. This will open up a hidden staircase leading to another set of rooms containing the spell Great Soul Dregs, and a ledge drop off to the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +3


Head down the slope near the exit of the church that contained the two Lothric Knights. A tower will fall across the expanse here, destroying the wall inside that church and creating a bridge. For now, continue on to a clearing where an Angel will start firing beams at you. The long hollow enemy to the left is spawing the angel; kill it for a possible Twinkling Titanite. If you did not pick up the Ring of Steel Protection +3 earlier, head back out to the first cliff edge you met the Angel on and walk along the wooden catwalk to pick it up. Go back to the church with the two knights and walk across the fallen tower to find Lapp and start his questline. Continue ahead to find a bridge, where you can drop on the left or right side - we will be heading left to reach the bonfire first, and then return to head right shortly after. Watch for a Harald soldier and drop down on it to the left. Loot the corpse by the pillar for Titanite Chunk x1, and another corpse along a railing for a Homeward Bone x3. Finally, take a leap of faith and drop off this far ledge. At the bottom, drop down to the lower level and to the right of the downed towers you will find the Earthen Peak Ruins Bonfire.

Use the bonfire to travel back to the original Dreg Heap bonfire, and just speed run down and to the right past the Murkmen, fall through down through the church, and run back to the church with the two knights. Walk across the fallen tower and this time stay to the right as you progress down and fall to the right side of the bridge. At the bottom, you will find a knight wielding a Lothric War Banner on a cobblestone platform. On this platform, many Murkmen will spawn, including some casters. Once you have defeated them, find Projected Heal on a corpse in a little alcove. Drop down from this platform to find more knights and a Large Soul of a Weary Warrior x1. Head to the other end of the hallway to find a Lothric War Banner on a corpse. Jump down from here and continue back to the Bonfire.

As long as you started Lapp's questline earlier, he will be sitting on the ledge just to the right. Speak to him to find out about the treasure that can be found. To progress his story you can loot the Titanite Slab from the corpse in the cave guarded by a Harald soldier in the next section, or if the area reloads three times, he will move position and will have gathered it for you. If you head to the left of the bonfire you will find some mushrooms and a corpse with Black Firebomb x4.

Prepare once again for an Angel onslaught. In this next section, there are two different angels which make it difficult in general to fight and pick up items. Take note of the items here and any missed can be picked up after the long hollows which spawn the angels are destroyed. Make your way to the left and as you dash ahead you can find a shack which offers some cover to the right. Use the structures in this area to stay in safety, but do not stand still for long, as the curse attack is quick in coming. By one of the shack like structures you will find a corpse laying against the wall with Desert Pyromancer Garb.

Head to the right over one of the downed pillars to find a corpse with Titanite Scale x1. You can explore the downed debris here in the pool for a corpse with Titanite Chunk x1 by a mushroom head. Cross the clearing to come to a tunnel like shaft. 

Take out the nearby thrall and to the left is a corpse with Ember x1. Proceed forward and drop down to the ground and make your way to the shack ahead. Destroy the mushrooms and loot the corpse here for Purple Moss Clump x4. To the right of the shack there is a ledge along a fallen tower with Desert Pyromancer Gloves, but be careful of the Angel bombarding you with beams. To the left of the shack proceed through a poison pool beneath a tree root and hang a right into a tunnel where you will find a Harald soldier and beyond a bunch of mushrooms. Take them out and loot the corpse they were guarding for Large Soul of a Weary Warrior x1. Around the bend you will find another Harald legion in the corner. Take it out and loot the corpse for Titanite Slab x1 unless Lapp has already picked it up.

Exit this area, and head right to run up a giant tree branch in the poison pool. Move fast because the Angel is going to be bringing the pain. Drop down to the next branch to the right and take it up and around and head left. Roll onto the roof of the house to the right, take out the thrall and cross the rooftops, and find the long hollow which will stop the Angel in the immediate area.

Drop back down to the ground level and explore the poison pool for loot in relative peace. A corpse beneath a branch overhang with a Harald Curved Greatsword and a Harald legion soldier lurking is at one end. Try and lure it away from the pool or use a pluging attack. If you go on the overhang and proceed forward you'll come to a thrall and a corpse with Homeward Bone x1 right at the edge of a drop to a poison pool. If you drop down you will find a Loincloth on dry ground by some mushrooms. You can head up one of the large branches coming from the pool to find the Ring of Favor +3 and then drop down on the left branch and take it to the end to find a corpse with Titanite Chunk x1. 

Return to the branch network that you used to roll onto the roofs, and instead of doing that, follow the stone path. Take out the thrall here, and then prepare for a battle with Desert Pyromancer Zoey. She will use fire (obviously) and a whip, so equipping fire protection items, shields, and armor may help. Advance and two more thralls and Desert Pyromancer Zoey will approach. Take them out and loot Flame Fan from Zoey and loot the corpse on the left wall for Prism Stone x6.

Continue on and find along the last tree on the right the Desert Pyromancer Hood. Prepare for Angel onslought and head out on the large branch here. Dodge the beams of the angel and stay on the branch to the right, using the other branch for cover. When you reach the end of the branch, drop down onto a fallen tower, and follow the tree branch to that wraps around it to the right side. Eventually you will arrive underneath an overhang where the long hollow that spawns the first Angel is located. Kill it to put an end to the annoyance, and pick up an Ember x1.

Use a homeward bone to travel back to the Earthen Peak Ruins Bonfire. Head towards where the Angel used to be and find a cliff edge with a narrow path. Kill the thrall and head right on the ledge to find the Giant Door Shield.

Use a homeward bone a final time, and return to the area where Zoey was. This time, take the branch and  and fall of to a rooftop area. You can loot a corpse on the roof to the left for Divine Blessing x1. Return to the branch a final time, jump off to the tower, and then drop again through the opening to find Within the Earthen Peak Ruins Bonfire. From here you can proceed ahead and drop off the edge to fall way down for the Boss of this location.

Boss Fight: Demon in Pain & Demon From Below

Once defeated, proceed ahead towards the doorway and light the Bonfire to the left of it. Step through the doorway and loot the Small Envoy Banner from the corpse. Continue on and head down the tunnel to come outside. You will be prompted to display the banner. Consent and you'll be whisked away (by guess who) to the next location, The Ringed City.


The Dreg Heap Map




Speedrun Walkthrough

A fast walkthrough of how to get to the end of the level the fastest, picking up only essential items goes here.

Additional Info


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    • Anonymous

      31 Mar 2020 03:28  

      Ey everyone I found the last tree-like angel summoner guy. There is an ember right next to him. The 3rd map on this page has it's location. If you look at the "within earthen peak ruins" bonfire on the map, the triangle is a little below and to the right of it. This tree-like summoner guy should be the last you dispatch. After passing the Desert pyromancer, running along the tree branch, and dodging angel lasers, you can jump down on top of the structure containing the "within earthen peak ruins" bonfire just before the boss. On top of the ruins. look to your right BEFORE dropping down to the bonfire. There is giant a tree branch that kind of hugs the ground. It looks like it leads nowhere, but it winds around and goes downward leading to the hidden angel summoner guy.

      • Anonymous

        19 Sep 2019 12:59  

        This guide forgot to mention the 'Desert Pyromancer Skirt' found nearby the gloves. Just thought I'd point out.

        • Anonymous

          27 May 2019 22:08  

          I always just run through the Dreg Heaping Pile of***** as fast as I can because the first section has an abysmal frame rate for me, despite never experiencing framerate issues anywhere else in the game... And the second part, those angelic *****s with their ear rape laser barrages are just really annoying. So... I run all the way to the Demons without doing anything else there. The demons are an awesome boss fight btw, the rest of the area can go to hell though.

          • Anonymous

            19 Dec 2018 23:55  

            You can get past the two angels in the swamp pretty easily. At the 2nd bonfire. You can run past the angel shooting from the cliff or shoot it with arrows to kill it for a bit. Hang a right as normal (there are still those two thralls if you didn't let the angel shoot them). There's a shack with no doors by itself. At the edge of the cliff, with the shack on the right side of you, there is a branch you can roll down onto. I make it and miss it, but that will take you straight to the jerk summoning two of the angels and following the branches l, to the last bonfire before the boss. I don't reccomend attempting if you're cindered with little to spare or if you have souls you want to spend in case you miss the roll.

            • Anonymous

              27 Aug 2018 20:15  

              2nd map needs updating. the Loincloth is approximately under the rightmost angel, and the Harald curved greatsword, listed as #5, is where #6 is marked

              • Anonymous

                21 Jul 2018 20:11  

                Harald Curved Greatsword on the side bar is in the armor section i think it should be in the weapons section

                • Anonymous

                  14 Jul 2018 05:11  

                  I love how some pages work fine and some pages have everything smashed together where its all running into itself. Makes it difficult to read or even click the right link. Love the info though

                  • Anonymous

                    11 Jul 2018 15:44  

                    I Found a way to skip the entire Poison lake in dreg heap to the last parasite. Tested it a couple of times.

                    • Anonymous

                      20 Jun 2018 04:56  

                      I hated harvest Valley and Earthen Peak and oh hey, lets model a zone that's annoying like both of them. Run fast and don't linger.

                      • Anonymous

                        09 Jun 2018 08:27  

                        I love giving those angels eye for an eye... they try to kill me with that CONSTANT barrage of magic, so I returned the favor by hitting their sacks with barrages from my unupgraded avelyn... useless torture on a computer, but after all I went through, it felt SO GOOD!

                        • Anonymous

                          05 Mar 2018 00:15  

                          There are two Twinkling Titanite which are forgotten: Right at the beginning on a root (Just hug the right wall, until you can pass it, and then turn right again onto the root); and one near the end where you need to dodge the shots of the last remaining Angel. If you drop to a root on the right there, you can take the Twinkling Titanite and then head back to the big root. (Also I don't know why you need to use any Homeward Bones here. I didn't and it worked out great). I believe there are also a few unmentioned Titanite Chunks, but I'm not sure...

                          • Anonymous

                            04 Mar 2018 10:41  

                            As a little tidbit, use it however you like... In the area just after the Earthen Peaks bonfire you can slay the long hollow spawning the angel in that area early on. Granted I managed to do it because I somehow got the angel to deaggro and not see me out in the open. To find the long hollow, stand by the cliff near the shack teetering over the edge at the opposite end of where you enter the area past the tunnel-like structure and look down. You'll see the long hollow by the edge of a cliff under a overhanging structure. Some well placed firebombs or traditional ranged weaponry will do it right quick.

                            • Anonymous

                              15 Feb 2018 08:02  

                              Just passed the area where you kill the 3rd tree-like pilgrim there's a tree root than extends out to nowhere. If you look to your left there is a ledge far in the distance with an item on it at the same elevation as the root you stand on. Considering there were Prism stones a while back suggested to me that there's a hidden path here, but I haven't been able to find it.

                              I threw prism stones off of every edge, but they just drop away. I'm curious as to how one gets over to that ledge.

                              • Anonymous

                                22 Nov 2017 03:19  

                                Could maybe the locations of the long hollows who are summoning the angels be indicated on the maps? It would make sprinting to them much easier, rather than trying to follow the written walkthrough.

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