Sister Friede

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General Info
hp souls bonfire indent 24x
Phase 1: 4863
Phase 2: 7150
Phase 3: 6864
72000 Painted World of Ariandel
Drops Soul of Sister Friede
Titanite Slab
Weak strike indent Strike (Friede)
All Status Effects (Ariandel)
Resistant magic indent Magic
All Status Effects (Friede)
Immune frost indent Frostbite (Friede)

Sister Friede is a Boss enemy in Dark Souls 3. She is part of the Ashes of Ariandel DLC. This Dark Souls 3 Sister Friede Guide features locations, strategies and videos on how to defeat Sister Friede easily, as well as tips, weaknesses, trivia and lore notes for the Sister Friede boss.

Sister Friede is dressed in nun's clothing and wields a scythe when fighting the player. She fights alone in the first and third phase of the boss fight and alongside Father Ariandel, a hulking figure that attacks with a large bowl, in the second. Rather than having two separate healthbars, Friede and Ariandel share a healthbar when fighting together.

Players might not have much trouble staying alive during the fight, but they may have difficulties in finding opportunities to counterattack due to how aggressive Sister Friede can be. Players can summon the Slave Knight Gael for assistance, although he will only appear after Phase 1. His summon sign is in the same room as the church bonfire, to the left of the staircase. It is highly recommended to summon him, as he will make Phases 2 and 3 much easier to beat. It should be noted that defeating Demon Prince in the The Ringed City DLC first will disable this summon.

After defeating Blackflame Friede, speak with Corvian Settler near the Corvian Settlement bonfire to receive a Titanite Slab. If you want to start The Ringed City DLC before reaching Kiln of the First Flame, killing her is the only way to do so. A special bonfire appears after the fight with her which leads straight into the DLC.

Bosses are unique and challenging Enemies that drop Boss Souls capable of being transformed into powerful Weapons, Spells, and Items for the player.


Dark Souls 3 Sister Friede Location

Where to find Sister Friede in Dark Souls 3?

  • Ariandel Chapel, as a non-hostile NPC. See the Sister Friede NPC page for full dialogue and information. Speaking with her before initiating the boss fight will earn you the Chillbite Ring.


Sister Friede Drops

What do you get from defeating Sister Friede in Dark Souls 3?

  • Souls: NG (72,000) | NG+ (144,000) | NG++ (158,400) | NG+3 (162,000) | NG+4 (172,800) | NG+5 (176,400) | NG+6 (180,000) | NG+7 (183,600)
  • Co-op Souls: NG (18,000) | NG+ (36,000)
  • Other: Soul of Sister Friede,
  • Titanite Slab: first time after completing the second phase of the fight. Can only be obtained once per NG cycle.


Sister Friede Notes & Tips

What should you know about fighting Sister Friede in Dark Souls 3?

  • Solo fight during 1st and 3rd Phases. During 2nd phase, she shares health with Father Ariandel.
  • Parryable: Yes
  • Friede's attacks deals Slash Damage or Magic Damage, and also cause Frostbite.
  • Friede can be parried and backstabbed. Also, some attacks can turn her over or send her flying.
  • During Phase 2, Sister Friede will no longer try to perform critical strikes, but will occasionally try to heal instead.
  • Lothric Warbanner weapon art aggravates Friede, resulting in a liberal use of her dash (as long as the buff is active), including often dashing straight into the player, thus making the fight more difficult. This works mostly in the first and third phase; in the second phase it is much less notable.

Father Ariandel Notes & Tips

What should you know about fighting Father Ariandel in Dark Souls 3?

  • Present during 2nd phase of battle. Shares one health bar with Sister Friede.
  • Parryable: No
  • Ariandel is a fragile boss, therefore he is weak to all types of damage, most noticeable is weakness to Frostbite, Bleed and Fire Damage.
  • Attacks deals massive Strike Damage and/or Fire Damage.
  • Due to size, Ariandel makes an easy target for spells with area effects, such as Poison Mist, Toxic Mist, and Pestilent Mist.
  • With enough hits, Ariandel can be staggered, allowing players to perform a riposte, dealing significant damage. His recovery after the attack gives players a chance to land a few more hits.
  • With Gael or another summoned player pulling away his focus, his backside is completely vulnerable to attack.

Blackflame Friede Notes & Tips

What should you know about fighting Blackflame Friede in Dark Souls 3?


Sister Friede Stats

Playthrough NG NG + NG ++ NG +3 NG +4 NG +5 NG +6 NG +7
Phase 1 Health 4,863 4,868 5,355 5,598 5,842 6,328 6,572 6,815
Phase 2 Health 7,150 7,157 7,872 8,230 8,588 9,304 9,662 10,020
Phase 3 Health 6,864 6,871 7,558 7,901 8,245 8,932 9,275 9,619
Total Health 18,877 18,896 20,785 21,729 22,675 24,564 25,509 26,454
Damage Type Standard Strike Slash Thrust Magic Fire Lightning Dark
Sister Friede Absorptions -5% -2% -8% -8% 39% 16% 3% 5%
Father Ariandel Absorptions -28% -26% -30% -34% 2% -19% -27% -27%


Dark Souls 3 Sister Friede Boss Guide Strategies

DS3 Sister Friede Video Strategy


Below are video strategies from our Youtube Partners:

DS3 Sister Friede Attacks

Sister Friede has two attack phases.

First Phase (1st and 2nd battle phase)
Critical Scythe Attack Friede turns invisible and jumps across the arena (if you are close to her, invisibility is turned off). After a few seconds there is a sound and she performs a swift attack (which can be broken, if player attacks her before she moves to perform visceral attack), in which she grabs the player with her scythe and throws them beneath her. Deals high damage, but with good timing can be avoided. If player is not good at timing, he can either hit Friede with kukri/arrow, which are visible even if boss is invisible or poison her. Sorcerers can also use homing spells.
Jump + Freezing Friede jumps in the air and tries to land on player. After landing a circle of ice appears, which explodes after a second dealing serious frost damage. 
Freeze Jump Friede freeze arena directly in front of her, then jumps on player dealing both frost and psychical damage and causes ice path to explode. If she lands far from that path, it gives a good opportunity to perform backstab attack.
Freeze attack Sister Friede freezes the ground in front of her at medium range, in a triangle-like shape. Walking on it causes frost damage. After a few seconds it explodes and causes massive frost damage. Can be avoided with ease.
Scythe Swings Friede swings three times, dealing both physical and magic damage. Can cause Frostbite effect. Simply roll away from her.
Scythe Swing + Jump Friede attacks with her scythe and jumps back to avoid being hit.
Healing (2nd battle phase) Friede, after a short preparation, restores some of the hp lost during the battle. Hit her with any weapon to break the spell.

Second Phase (3rd battle phase) - In this phase Friede uses Dark Pyromancy and is labeled as Darkflame Friede. She uses a few attacks from her first phase, but they are now more powerful.

   Second Phase (3rd battle phase)
Blackflame flying smash + homing snake Often the first move she does in phase three. Friede goes up with black fireworks, comes down with a smashing AoE and a homing flame snake. Keep running left or right and after the first smash part, run behind her and backstab.
Two invisible ice waves + big blackflame snake The first ice wave lets you know where she is and the second ice wave lets you know if she is going left or right. If the second ice wave attack happens left from the place she did the first one, she jumps left again and will be helplessly charging the blackflame snake somewhere left, providing an easy backstab opportunity.
Fast dash to decapitating grab While in medium distance from you, Friede's blue scythe flashes and she dashes towards you, grabbing you in a guillotine attack. Dodge the grab a little left and towards her to end up behind her for the backstab.
Long combo to small jumping smash Friede starts with a small jump and keeps swinging multiple times until she finishes with a small and fast jumping smash. Dodge the last move towards her and go for the backstab if you can.
Scythe grab + Hit Blackflame Friede tries to bring player closer with her scyte, then she swiftly attack dealing both Fire and Physical damage. Rolling from her is a good strategy to avoid damage.
Quick healing Very rarely, Blackflame Friede may restore some healthpoints.

Father Ariandel - Second Battle phase Only

  First Phase (Second Battle Phase)
 Fire Breath Ariandel slowly lifts his huge bowl to his face and blows on it for a few seconds, which releases a huge flame. Inflict huge fire damage, but with good timing  player can avoid this flame and perform counter-attack.
Bowl Stomp Ariandel attacks the ground right before him with bowl up to 3 times. Deals high physical damage, but can be avoided.
Fire Bowl Stomp Ariandel attacks the ground right before him with his bowl 3 times - first two attacks deal pure psychical damage, third one causes a massive explosion, which inflicts fire damage. Attacks are telegraphed, so player can avoid them with ease.
Rush Ariandel rushes towards the player and attacks with his huge bowl. Attack deals pretty high physical damage, but can be avoided. After that attack, Father Ariandel needs to stop for a few seconds.
Lava Rain Ariandel tilts his bowl, which causes a huge pool of fire to appear around him (the pool doubles its size in a few seconds). Deals massive fire damage.
Bowl Swing Ariandel swing his bowl, dealing high physical damage

How to fight and beat Sister Friede

Strategy 1 (Melee)

Before advancing to take her on, summon the NPC by the bonfire.

In the first phase of the fight, Sister Friede will shoot streaks of frost that deal heavy frost damage, and can quickly inflict Frostbite. She will often become invisible and teleport directly over your head, finishing with a lethal move. You can counter this by watching for a puff of fog where she lands behind you or listening for her footsteps. You can walk up and interrupt her invisibility spell. Her attacks can be easily interrupted and she is also vulnerable to backstabbing. When this phase is complete, the next two are incredibly difficult.

A cutscene will indicate the start of the second phase, at which point Ariandel joins the fight. The NPC you summoned prior to the fight will appear at this point and will assist you. Let your companion occupy Friede while you shift your attention to Ariandel. You can hit him from behind, but be wary of his powerful attacks. Eventually he will become staggered and open for a critical attack. During this phase both bosses share the same health bar, but attacking Father Ariandel makes the health bar deplete much more quickly.

In this final phase of the fight, Sister Friede will become Blackflame Friede will begin to deal dark damage in addition to her frost and melee abilities now augmented with increased speed.  Be wary of standing next to her as she comes back to life. She will begin to mix in a dark beam as well as a charged dark explosion that both deal a tremendous amount of damage. She will occasionally also take to the air and attempt a devastating attack from above. To defeat her keep your melee distance and dodge her magical attacks to the left and right, dodge far to the left to avoid her dark charged explosion. When she slows down take advantage of the window to get some attacks in and then retreat. Repeat this process of evasion and attack until she is defeated.

In conjunction with everything else that applies to melee players, below is a playbook of tips on how to beat Sister Friede and Father Ariandel (provided the player's weapon is a faster swinger, like a Broadsword, or better):

  1. In the first of three phases of the fight, Sister Friede will more often open up with a melee attack. In this phase, her attacks do not exceed the number of three hits (not accounting for rapid succession. Sometimes, she will deal two hits, and also she will do two hits, then another two in rapid succession, but an attack window is there) before she calms down, so use that to damage her. She can be back-stabbed so if you are in that position (which is rare), then go for it!
  2. Sister Friede tends to teleport, when this happens, go up against a wall, and wait for the audio cue, which kind of sounds like swinging blades. Next, dodge roll.
  3. Sister Friede's dodge roll timing is different than a typical melee user and many bosses, because she likes to roll-catch by using a fast windup, and a very fast swing. Wait for the actual swing to dodge, and you will be good.
  4. Friede is only open when she is recovering. When she poises herself to attack by going into stance (she will align the handle of her scythe parallel to her upper shoulders) 
  5. One big tactical advantage is to stay in swinging distance of Friede when she is not trying to evade. This way, you can interrupt her attacks (she has little poise) and stun-lock her for some hits. She is fairly forgiving on the player needing stamina, so don't fret if you get greedy and eat up more than half of your stamina hitting her.
  6. One big tip is Estus timing, here. Because of this boss fight's overall HP of 18,877, the player should wait, provided they have 14 of +10 strength Estus or more (easy, if you finished the main story), and only pop an Estus when they do 1349 damage, so their Estus reserve is in pace. If not, the player sadly has to adjust their Estus to the enemy's health. 
  7. For phase two, just get in hits when things are calm, and people are not attacking. Ariandel takes more damage per hit and shares the same health bar with Friede, but don't bait yourself into getting hit by rushing. The player can use Ariandel as a buffer, but constantly trying to make this happen can get the player hit, out of distraction. Ariandel's attacks do not stick to the player much, and overall both bosses are less aggressive, so when Friede is in her calm periods, it is easy to get damage on Ariandel for an easier phase two, but Friede will use some of her attacks in first phase, so be ready to go after Friede if you're really trying to conserve Estus.
  8. In phase three, as you probably know, Friede becomes Blackflame Friede. She will open up with a roughly five-hit cyclone, has homing attacks, an AOE, and does a combo where she frosts the floor with a trail, that may slightly home in on the player. After about two swings of this frost combo, the player is open. Other openings are very dangerous!
  9. The player should not rush this fight. Friede and Ariendel are kind of glass-cannon builds, so although openings are the absolute scarcest (just to be all-inclusive and safe), the player gets in nice damage for every opening, and the fight ends fairly quickly. With a physical AR of 426 or better, the player gets a nice pace.
  10. To speak in visible terms, this is a hybrid boss fight. Ariendel and Friede borrow, with respect to severity from Lorian's teleportation, Aldrich's ranged magic, Lord of Cinder's curved sword attacks, Dragon Slayer Armor's slow but heavy attacks, Ornstein & Smough's mobility, Manus' short opportunities for damage, and Nameless King's insane AOE attacks. Now, does this make them as hard as those guys? Not so much. The low HP offsets that, but the player should absolutely be very survival-oriented, and hold their survival much higher over doing DPS, because magnetism towards the bosses tends to create most, if not all the damage caused in this fight.

However, the demands scale up really high when one goes into NG+7, so I will add some new caveats for each phase

Phase I:

  1. A good rule of thumb here is that when Sister Friede has done a combo and has gone calm or idle, she is open. One may know from previous playthroughs that she staggers easy, but please know that she comes out of her stagger very quickly, no matter how big the weapon is. When this happens, it is VERY likely that she will counter you, so STOP your attack combo and don't spam. Get ready to book it and get back to dodging when she comes out of that stagger!
  2. Friede deals Physical and Magic damage for her first two phases. Her third phase also includes Dark damage, but her Dark attacks are easily nullified with horizontal rolls, so using a +2 Magic Stoneplate Ring is a nice addition because one gets a benefit on every hit.
  3. Her teleport can be dealt with in three ways. A. You can run into her while she is teleporting to keep her in one place and visible for some free damage. B. You can wait for the snow under her feet to fluff up, showing she has teleported, then spin 180 degrees and scan around for a few seconds. The snow will splash where she lands and you can hit her. C. jog (not sprint) in a circle in case you fail to find her. Once the audio cue comes up, roll in a circle and you get a safer dodge roll.
  4. Having an equip load of under 29% helps a bit. Not a game changer, but it improves your dodge roll animation.
  5. She almost always finishes a combo with a fast, emphasized scythe swing with a distinct metallic blade audio cue, where the scythe sounds like it is cutting air.

Phase II:

  1. The fight will start with Friede being resurrected. Lock on to Friede, and move left, and back, towards that corner of the room, so about 7 o'clock, where the snake doll in the nook behind Father Ariandel would be 12 o'clock, for reference.
  2. Move counter-clockwise. This allows you to be on the side of Friede's ice trail traps so you can punish them. Moving clockwise is acceptable if you're trying to hit Ariandel.
  3. Hitting Ariandel in passing is a way to get free damage.
  4. Don't try to fight these bosses when they are close together. You may get caught during rolling.
  5. Moving in and out of Friede's range to bait her melee combo may reward big, safe damage while Ariandel is not a threat during her cooldown window.
  6. Do NOT let them get you in any of the two nooks in the map. Father Ariandel will easily blow flames, making it hard to escape. Sometimes, even Friede will block your escape, causing serious problems. Getting locked up against a wall also nets a similar result.
  7. When Friede goes invisible to heal Ariandel, she almost always is nearby him. Scan in the radius around him, and you should find her. Backstabbing her keeps you safe from counters, here, because again, comboing Friede can de-stun her and let her counter you.
  8. Father Ariandel likes to hit you when his bowl is out of view, he likes to catch you off guard, and he likes to roll-catch. So don't think you're safe around him.

Phase III:

  1. This is the Blackflame Friede phase. Be prepared as this is the most difficult phase.
  2. Her first attack of this phase is almost always a jumping AOE slam, that deals dark damage. Be out of range and roll sideways for a safe counter.
  3. Her attack where she spins and tries to cut your throat may be an instant death. Rolling around three times is a good way to survive it.
  4. There is no free damage during this phase like the last two phases. In other words, you have to wait for those ending animations and windup animations to get your damage in.
  5. If she's invisible, she will do two or three ice trails. The player can then go up against the wall and see which trail she's making. Rolling with a preference for fast reactions may be a solid counter, here.
  6. She follows up her invisible attack with a black serpent which is both difficult to dodge and is heavy hitting, your best bet is to get up close and watch for her scythe instead of the flame.
  7. Her black flame AOE attacks always have a black flame trail. Rolling sideways is very good, here.
  8. For many players, one hit is one Estus worth of health lost in this fight. Almost every hit is one of her magically charged attacks (these attacks show a blue flash or flash of black flame, so learn the counters for these attacks well).
  9. Blackflame Friede is slightly weak to rolling, including double-rolling and triple-rolling, because her Scythe's hitbox is small, and moves fast. Take advantage of this.

That is all! The player should now know how to avoid damage from Friede and Ariandel, while dealing it out, for that easy but still skillful win.


Strategy 2 (Melee + Lightning Blade, Solo)

For Stage 1: Try to be aggressive when she teleports so you can cancel her attack as it's very powerful and can almost one shot the player. 

For Stage 2: Leave Friede alone and go after Ariandel. Attack him from the back or the sides while being wary of his attacks and AOE smash. Roll through Friede's ice attacks. Ariandel may or may not be ripostable but he should go down fairly quickly.

For Stage 3: Play more passive while you understand Friede's attacks. Most have a wide or long AOE and do massive damage. There is a slight delay between the scythe swings, giving you a chance to attack and break her poise. 


Strategy 3 (Melee - Bleed build, Solo)

Before fight: Find, equip and upgrade Warden Twinblades (or any weapon, that by default can cause Blood Loss and can be buffed) and buy at least 20 Carthus Rouge (in case you fail to beat the boss on first run - average run with final phase requires up to 4-5 Carthus Rouges). While choosing the rest of your set (shield is not necessary) try to increase fire and frost resistance as much as possible, but do not forget about agility and physical defense. Just before the fight use Carthus Rouge and reapply during break in fight or at beginning of phase.

1st phase: You will face only Sister Friede, an easily staggered boss on whom critical attacks can be deadly. During her invisibility run across the room and after the sound jump in opposite direction of her attack (hard, but possible to avoid). Attack after her attacks - every three to four hits you will trigger the bleed damage, on NG+3 this was around 1000 damage.

2nd phase: Instead of fighting Friede focus on Ariandel because he seems to be more vulnerable to bleed than Friede, but keep in mind that the combination of Friede's frost attack and Ariandel's bowl stomp is usually deadly. The most suitable moment for attacking is after Ariandel's rush.  Dodge and then simply run to him and strike multiple times (On NG+3 his rush can easily deal 4500 damage). When Friede uses her healing spell you don't have to interrupt her, as simply attacking Ariandel will negate the spell effect (as well as lowering the total amount of HP). Just keep in mind to avoid Ariandel's attacks, because no matter what armor you use they will probably deliver a lot of damage, if not a fatal blow.

3rd phase: DON'T RUSH TOWARDS HER during her transformation (her HP will replenish and you will take some fire damage). Use that moment to heal or use Carthus Rouge. In this phase she is WAY more dangerous than in the first or second phase. The best opportunity to attack her is after the massive dark flame AoE attack that uses some kind of upgraded Dark Serpent. A few successful hits will deal massive bleed damage. 


Strategy 4 (Sorcery, Solo)

Equipment: Court Sorcerer's Staff +10, Magic Clutch Ring, Bellowing and Young Dragoncrest Ring, Sage Ring (+1/+2). Scholar's Candlestick in offhand for sorcery boost. A fast weapon like a straightsword is also helpful for flushing her out when she turns invisible.

Armor: Crown of Dusk, rest of Northern Armor Set

Estus: 11 orange/4 blue

With this loadout and 99 INT, I was doing around 600 per hit with GHSA. This spell is your bread and butter for this fight since there is so much HP to burn through, and it also staggers her reliably.

First phase: Just try to keep your distance constantly as she attacks, avoiding corners and the ends of the room. I like to save up stamina to full or almost full before firing off a volley of spells, as opposed to hammering R1 when you have minimal stamina. When she turns invisible, jog up and down the length of the room, reversing course occasionally to confound her aim. Or, if you happened to see the direction she went, (sometimes you can catch a glimpse of her as she flies past) run after her and hit her with your weapon to stagger her out of the assassination attack.

Second phase: Other than her exploding ice patches, you can ignore Friede almost entirely as long as you stay away from her. Focus fire on Ariandel from a distance, which will probably cause him to use his bowl slam to drag himself toward you. The thing about this attack is he can't easily turn once he commits to a direction. Right after he slams his bowl into the ground near you, roll/run behind him, and you should get a ton of free hits as he careens past. This phase should be a gimme as you can burn down Ariandel quickly with sorcery.

Third phase: During her resurrection animation, Friede will prop her scythe on the ground to pull herself to her feet. Don't stand too close, but right at this moment, you should be able to lock on to her and get 2 or 3 free shots before she starts attacking. This phase comes down to staying away from Friede while effectively dodging her ranged attacks. Her black flame tornado followed by shooting a flame snake got me a few times, but you can avoid it just by locking onto her and strafing sideways. When she goes invisible, avoid her exploding ice patches and wait for her to reappear, watching out for her black flame snake. You can sometimes interrupt her combos with sorcery, but I found it to be more reliable to hit her at the end of her combos, as she sometimes punishes your casting by firing a black flame snake that will hit you during your spell animation. Just back/roll away from her constantly while waiting for an opening.


Strategy 5 (Backstabbing Pyromancer, Solo)

Equipment: Rings boosting fire damage and Ring of Favor,  5 Estus and 7 Ashen Estus, Armor & Weapons: Brass Set, Chaos Mail Breaker +10 (right hand), Pyromancy Flame +10 (left hand), Spell: Chaos Bed Vestige

Pyromancer using this spell with 32 Intelligence and 32 Faith will deal high damage with Chaos Bed Vestige - around 700 in case of Friede and even 1,000 or more to Ariandel.  Mail Breaker is a must to break dangerous Friede attacks or backstab her (backstab may deal up to 700 damage).

1st phase: Try to limit attacks to moments, where Friede is preparing to strike - otherwise, you risk, that Friede will evade spell or receive minor damage. If you play carefully, Friede will be downed pretty fast.

2nd phase: Don't focus on Friede (but watch for her attacks with AoE, or when she starts to heal), but attack Ariandel and - when he has a cooldown or stationary attacks like Fire Breath (of course, if you are not risked of getting hit) spam him with CBV, as he is very weak to fire. In case Friede starts to heal hit her with CBV to break down the spell or backstab her.

3rd phase: Watch out for attacks, and attack during cooldowns or to break some of her actions. Mail Breaker is useful to backstab or stun her.


Sister Friede & Father Ariandel Dialogue

Player approaching Father Ariandel, before first fight

(Ariandel): I see flame. Flame, flickering, once again. Not enough blood yet shed. My flail.... Bring me my flail. Ahh, Friede. What stops thine ears? Please, my flail, right away...

Cutscene dialogue, before fight (needs to be triggered by approaching Ariandel and choosing option "Talk")

(Ariandel): Ahh, oh. Bring Friede to me, please. Canst thou not see? The flame, flickering once again. Soon it will surge. I can see it, feel it...

(Friede appears, this time as boss)

(Friede): Fret no father, we have no need of thy flail. Tis only the flame, quivering at misguided Ash. Please avert thine eyes. I will snuff out these ashes for good.

Dialogue, after second phase

(Ariandel): When the Ashes are two, a flame alighteth. Thou'rt Ash,  and fire befits thee, of course...


Player is not a Lord of Londor

Dialogue, first phase, player dies

(Friede): Return from whence thou cam'st
For that is thy place of belonging.

Dialogue, second/third phase, player dies 

(Friede): Leave us be, Ashen One.
Sweep all thought of us from thy mind. As thy kind always have.


Player is a Lord of Londor

Dialogue, first phase, player dies

(Friede): Return from whence thou cam'st
Yuria surely awaits thee.

Dialogue, second/third phase, player dies 

(Friede): Leave us be, Ashen One.
Thou art the Lord of Londor and have thine own subjects to guide.


Player completed Lord of Hollow ending, but not started next NG Cycle

Dialogue, player dies

(Friede): Return Lord of Londor. You have your own subjects to attain to.

Sister Friede Lore Theories

The eldest of three sisters: Friede, Yuria and Liliane are founders of the Sable Church of Londor.


Sister Friede Trivia

  1. If player approaches the statue which covers the boss room before opening it up, he can hear sound coming from the room. It is Father Ariandel smacking himself with a Rose of Ariandel. Strangely, near Ariandel there is no flail he may hit himself with, and when player enters boss fight arena for the first time, he asks to bring him one. 
  2. However, in Ashes of Ariandel trailer, player can spot a flail he may use.
  3. Father Ariandel will mostly go for the player, which attacked Friede last.
  4. Father Ariandel has green skin, similar to Hollow players in Dark Souls II.
  5. Gael's summon for this battle does not count as a regular summon. Therefore, player can still summon up to 3 player phantoms. And does not increase her health.
  6. Weapon used by Father Ariandel bear some similarities to the Lordvessel from Dark Souls I.

    Some people say that Friede is on a speed scale to Bloodborne, while the player is at a Ds3 speed scale, mainly due to her extreme comboability and her extremely low attack lag during the 3rd phase.


Sister Friede Gallery

Father Ariandel Concept Art Sister Friede Concept Art 



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    • Anonymous

      So idk why it hasn't been mentionned yet but during the first phase when she turns invisible, just rush toward her while being locked-on, if you're close enough the lock-on will stay while she's in the air and you'll know exactly where she landed without having to bother looking for a smoke trail or listening where the landing sound came from.

      • Anonymous

        did it no summons, +5 artorias greatsword, maxed flasks and +, took me about an hour. I got it on my sixth attempt. use the frost ring because it buys you a lot of time. make sure estus is fully upgraded, because that seems to be what this fight expects with it being DLC. P1 she has no stagger, basically Malenia but way easier. The trick is to staggerlock her when you can, and when she goes invisible, listen to where she lands and bum rush her down. Easy get like 4-5 R1 attacks in. P2, basically the two windows are Father's fire breath, and Friede's healing magic. If you see either of them do one of those attacks, zerg rush them, then continue to kite around the arena til you see an opening again. P3, just dodge and chip away at her, it's worth noting if you see a blackflame aerial attack, run the **** away cause you can't seem to iframe it and it does a big aoe. But if you get to P3 with lots of flasks, it's basically in the bag as long as you're sensible. Rolling towards her for melee attacks, and rolling to the side for the frost attacks seemed to be the move here. Good luck

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          I just spend over 10 hours trying to kill this boss and omg the feeling when I finally did it was incredible

          • Anonymous

            This boss is tedious, Not because she's all that hard or anything. But because she has 3 ****ing phases which you have to do from phase 1 if you die. It turns the god damn fight into a slog if you don't 1st try her. It doesn't help that the dialogue and the titanite slab you get after killing Ariandel can easily trick you into beileving that the boss is over before being blindsided by the 3rd phase.
            TLDR: **** bosses with multiple healthbars

            • Anonymous

              I really like how they made Gael's summon work in this fight. He doesn't do so much damage that he can completely carry you and acts more like a distraction to help get through phase 2 more easily. Even then he's not a tank by any means so being lazy and not making any effort to prevent him from getting ganked will cause him to die very quickly. I wish more soulsborne summons were like this, a lot of them either end up soloing the boss by themselves or have so much health that you can just beat the boss from behind while it wails on the summon for the entire fight.

              • Anonymous

                Now that's a BOSS. The only boss managed to take me over 30 tries (31 btw) while only one other boss went over 20 even at endgame (yes I died 20 times to Crystal Sage, lmao)

                Didn't know how to deal with the invisible scythe strike during the 1st phase at first, got my ass whooped. 2nd phase is just long and tiring. 3rd phase also destroyed me, those attacks are DEADLY. Finally survived with a sliver of HP left and zero flask.

                Really intense boss fight overall, let's see what Ringed City has in store for me.

                • Anonymous

                  Blood dmg saved my day i beat her finaly at ng+6. Once you find out what she does when she vanishes its easy peasy. Second Phase i found her easier to kill then the Father. And 3 Phase was a pain more bullshit moves then first. With no estus left the last Hit bleed Proced and killed her.

                  • Emit force can be extremely useful for knocking her down in all phases. Definitely should keep in hand especially if you are planning to use summons or being a summon for her boss fight cause you can deal a ton of damage while she's knocked down

                    • Anonymous

                      Fun boss for a miracle build. Emit force knocks friede over in one cast and dohyrs gnawing in two casts if bleed.

                      • Anonymous

                        Made the mistake of thinking this DLC was a fun distraction from farming the covenant items. I'd rather spend another 5 hours farming those silver knights.

                        • Anonymous

                          First try, got to her 3rd phase at around 30 health. 2nd try and above, she just do nothing BUT her invisible attack and some follow up at her first phase. Can someone please tell me an easy to understand way of dodging that move

                          • Anonymous

                            shoutouts to my man gael who survived long enough for me to land the finishing blow on blackflame just as he dies

                            • Anonymous

                              much as i love the souls games esp 3 (put like 700+ hours into the game back when it launched) they feel so much easier now compared to elden ring. friede felt like a pushover despite having 3 phases

                              • Anonymous

                                Just fought her on my first playthrough. All of the bosses before her (beat dragonslayer armour before DLC) for me are perfectly doable as melee without a shield or summons (I use a sharp longsword +10 with 144 endurance and 38 DEX and carthus flame arc as weapon buff), but this MF forced me to use both shield (kite +6) and summon. My tips:
                                - if you have enough endurance, you can block most of her attacks with only slight chipping damage in phase 1. Dodging is tricky cause she has a tricky delay between some attacks (she hits right as you exit the roll, so you are forced to stay away from her or block), and some are near-instantaneous and will stagger you, prompting her to quickly finish you off while you try to heal/dodge/attack.
                                - don't get cocky with punishing her after her jump if you can't stagger her - do 1-2 hits, 3 is already risky.
                                - phase 2 - couldn't get past it without a summon, so good luck with the solo fight
                                - try to focus on the father in phase 2 and finish him of as quickly as possible - carthus frame arc is esp useful. Getting him focused on Gael sure helps, but when he kills the knight - you are in for a asswhopin.
                                - phase 3 - I got lucky and Gael was still alive, so I focused on pushing her as hard as possible since she is very easy to interrupt in this phase during her magic attacks.
                                If not for phase 2 gankfest, this is a cool boss fight - If you guys say that ER is full of worse ganks that means I'm for a tough playthrough :O

                                • Anonymous

                                  yooo from with the bloodborne crossover, this fights 1st and 3rd phase are basically the exact same design as lady maria

                                  • Anonymous

                                    imagine waiting for months and paying actual money for the DLC which is just an awful gank of a level and the most poorly designed, unbalanced, and gimmicky boss in the entire souls franchise lol

                                    • Just beat her on sl47, str build with only 25 vig and 9 estus, and i was using the bloody great club, a lot of times i tried to hit her and she just flies away. Dont wanna experience that again.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        shes actually the hardest boss in the game for me. yes, I rather fight midir or gael. her 3rd phase is insane.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          So Sister Friede's magic absorption is 39% Her dark absorption is 5%. The strategy tips for mages recommended great heavy soul arrow as the best spell to use against her. Wrong. Dark magic owns her more than that vanilla stuff. Use great soul dregs and put yer blindfold mask on, ya dingus. And get yer murky longstaff too, nincompoop.

                                          • In the third phase, when she uses her blue scythe, stay away from her and bait out her jump attack, when she does the jump attack, run behind her and get an easy backstab

                                            • Anonymous

                                              am i insane or is this boss easy?

                                              i didn't even get to learn her patterns, i just ran away til she finished a combo, then ran in and stunlocked her

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Don't try to dodge the invisible launch attack on the first phase, instead, chase after her, if she jumps then she's going to be right behind you, then claim your free backstab

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  Just wanted to say that after beating Elden Ring, playing DS3 for the 2nd time was extremely easy. Most bosses which took countless tries were beaten with justt single try. That's what i call "GOT GUDDEN".
                                                  My dearest Friede, you took hours of my life, and fell within minutes on the second playthrough, what a shame.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    A bit of a funny story i wanted to share. I managed to master all of this fight's phases almost completely because i was just so down bad back then (and in a possibly non-straight way too, haha)

                                                    I'd dress up as ornstein (don't ask) and i'd repeatedly get to her phase 3 only to intentionally get my character destroyed by her grab attack or do stupid shet like doing the collapse gesture when she wasn't attacking.

                                                    Funnily enough, repeatedly doing that kinda stuff has made the learning process all the more enjoyable. To this day i still remember her moveset completely and managed to first try her after not playing the game for 2 or 3 years.

                                                    So the moral value is: Be horny, git gud.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      Turns out a fully upgraded reinforced dark sword melts her even on NG+
                                             I wish I'd known about that the first playthrough-

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        I love these 2 characters. Design, lore, even the fight. It's great......except for that god.damn 3rd phase. That 3rd phase is sheer insanity. They gave her WAYYYY too many abilities. Hyper fast movement, never stops jumping around, hyper fast attacks, massive frost AOE's, massive black flame AOE's, long combos, frost and black flame waves that hit you almost instantly AND can track you. Oh, and her invisibility that she is always using. And that black flame..oh god that black flame. It does just....stupid, absolutely ludicrous amounts of damage. Her black flame attacks can do over 1000 damage....seriously? She 1 shotted me from full health when I had around 1300 HP. Even with the Flame Stoneplate ring it's over the top powerful. I just cannot find an attack window in that 3rd phase at all. Between her never ending jumping around and non stop frost or black flame AOE's, I can't even touch her. Phase 1 is tough, but with practice, can be learned well. Phase 2 ups the challenge a lot and is brutal, but making Friede rather passive during it so you can focus on Ariandel and dodging the frost allows it to still feel fair. But then phase 3 just says "lol.k." and rockets off into another dimension of difficulty. Giving a boss 3 separate phases, all with separate health bars in a Souls game is already asking a lot. But making the final phase THIS hard is too much.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          I genuinely hate this boss like 3 ****ing phases are you crazy!? and her dumbass jump grab attack is just annoying i have never had a worse experience fighting a boss in this entire damn game honestly the fight isnt ****ing worth it for a wip or a mid scythe and it just adds to the already poor experience i had with ariandale as a dlc i dont even wanna bother with the ringed city as this stupid boss has tanked my motivation to play this game at all and and to top it all off she's got side back front steps giant leaps and all you have to work with that is "OoOo LoOk aT tHe DuSt ShE lEaVsE bEhInDe HeR" like that's any good advice i just needed to air out how much i ****ing hate freide tell me to git gud all you want but that doesn't negate that this is a horrible designed boss with a ****ing gank in the middle of it

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            Does Blackflame Friede really need an AOE buffer after nearly every single attack so you have no opportunities to hit her? I eventually realised I could only attack her when she whiffed the two-slash attack or if you kite her long ass pirouette combo.

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              Feels like crap watching her bloodborne dash and sekiro leap away from all of my attacks meanwhile here I am rolling like a jackass.

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                Bad boss. Hated her my first time, hated her this time.
                                                                Combo spam bosses don't work in a game where you're only counter is to roll 3 feet. Not necessarily hard, just boring and repetitive.
                                                                Charmless + bell Ishinn was much more fun while also being more challenging, a proper skill check telling the player they properly mastered the game.
                                                                Evidently they took too much inspiration from this boss and filled Elden Ring with design based on it.

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  honestly wish the fight was just father ariandel because he's actually cool and not annoying af like lame-ass sister fried rice

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    can you guys shut the **** up about how horny you are for this chicks nasty feet and give me some ****ing tips. jesus christ.

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      Wow, having 5.1 surround speakers helps so much when she goes invisible! I can pinpoint where she landed after her jump and rush towards her to make her visible again and she doesn't get the chance to charge her attack!

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        Missed opportunity to add a attack where she pins you down and forces you to worship her feet while she dominates you, and has her scythe inches away from your neck……Anyway i think the fight is pretty fun!

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          What really threw me off after finally clearing the second phase was getting a titanite slab. I thought getting the slab finally meant I got to the end of the bossfight and I put down my controller in relief... and then quickly picked it back up again lmao

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            Those two mind-numbing, pointless phases before she turns into a beyblade are why I'll summon for this fight til the day I die

                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                              Does anyone know if there is a lore reason why FromSoft characters from cold, snow covered places often wield scythes? Friede from Ariandel, Pontiff Knights in Irithyll, Martyr Logarius in Bloodborne's Cairnhurst Castle, etc. All of these places are snow covered, and there aren't many/any memorable characters with scythes from non-snowy places. Is there a lore reason for this?

                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                It will forever confuse me why the top strat for her isn't to just use a bow. Phase 3 half her attacks are interrupted by the auto headshots from lock-ons

                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                  Not being great at the game + defeating Demon Prince already (no Gael) + servers being down = endless pain

                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                    I love you Gael. Thanks for making this fight bearable for me. Died 10 times in the Blackflame phase, raged, summoned Gael, then proceeded to kill her without using even half of my Estus (kinda feels like cheating tho)

                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                      More people need to place summon signs, I haven't seen any in two hours of waiting since I have died around 27+ times and I need to resort to help now. I've tried with Gael a few times but all he does is die on me before Blackflame even begins.

                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                        the snake lady corpse found after the fight is Shannalotte (Emerald Herald from DS2), my personal lore theory.

                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                          This boss was the worst fight in the entire Dark Souls III experience if you are doing a sorcery run. What an absolute **** show. Phase 1 and 2 ended up becoming tedious and easy after doing it so many times. Then of course phase 3 she face f***s you when you try to cast anything. As I mentioned before, Fromsoftware didn't come off their Bloodborne high and made 80% of the bosses in Dark Souls III a literal import from Bloodborne with their main gimmick to be in your face 24/7 with no room to breath flailing around like crazed madmen. After killing her, the rest of the game almost seemed much easier in comparison but it was really becuase she was such a pain in the ass, that the rest of the 'magic hard mode' didn't seem so bad.

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