Darkeater Midir

darkeater midir
General Info
hp souls Location
15,860 150 000 The Ringed City

Soul of Darkeater Midir

Spears of the Church

Weak Resistant Immune
icon lightningbonusLightning
icon thrustdefThrust 
Farron GS
Wolf Knight's GS
Pestilent Mist
Critical Strike
icon darkbonus Dark icon firebonusFire
 icon magicbonusMagic
icon poisonres.png Poison/Toxicicon wp bleed Bleed
icon wp frost Frost

Darkeater Midir is a Boss in Dark Souls 3, available with the The Ringed City DLC.  Midir is also optional.


Darkeater Midir Information

Midir, descendant of the Archdragons, was raised by the gods, and owing to his immortality was given a duty to eternally battle the dark, a duty that he would never forget, even after the gods perished.

Darkeater Midir Location

  • Darkeater Midir is found in The Ringed City: After opening the final shortcut gate near the Ringed Inner Wall bonfire.
  • Using the lift, Halfway down there is an opening, jump/roll in. Head left at the junction into a circular room filled with statues.
  • Look for the statue not holding a sword, it is an illusion.
  • Break the illusory wall and head down the path. Carefully approach the ladders edge.
  • Down the ladder is the shrine room where the Shira summon is.
  • Then simply drop down the hole behind the altar. Walk into it, you wont be hurt.
  • Must have fought him past the Swamp. You will need to cross the bridge that Midir torches continuously and make your way up the ruined stairwell (past the Moaning Knight). There will be another bonfire and Midir will be waiting for you on the other side of it. Simply drain his health and knock him off the side of the cliff and he will be waiting for you in his boss room. Knocking Midir off this bridge will not reward the player any souls, it is simply a pre-requisite that unlocks the boss fight. Video Example of location from the Shared Grave Bonfire.
  • When fighting Midir on the bridge: It can be best to charge him down before he fully stands up and attacks. Try to get behind him and look for a little safe spot he mostly can't hit you in.
  • When he looks downwards he sprays fire on the ground near him then it fans out and follows with a dark laser beam. When you are close to him, he claws you with 2-3 hit combo. Avoid it by taking distance and coming back to attack his arms, wrist and head.
  • As he gets low HP he goes berserk and can knock you off the safe spot so evade during his tantrum and get in the final few hits.
  • When you do enough damage he will stagger and allows you to finish him.
  • if you want to keep your distance, use ranged lightning attacks. Aim for the head for extra damage.


Darkeater Midir Drops

  • Souls: NG (150,000), NG+ (300 000), NG++ (330,000), NG+3 (??), NG+4 (337,500), NG+5 (367,500), NG+6 (??), NG+7 (382,500), NG+8 (382,500), NG+9 (382 500)
  • Co-Op Souls: NG (112,500), NG+ (225,000), NG++(247,500)
  • Other: Soul of Darkeater Midir
  • Spears of the Church covenant badge
  • After defeating Midir, meet Shira in order to receive Titanite Slab.


Darkeater Midir Combat Information

  • Health: NG (15,895), NG+ (??), NG++ (17,880), NG+3 (??), NG+4 (??), NG+5 (??), NG+6 (??), NG+7 (25,017)
  • Parriable: No
  • Midir attacks deals Standard, Fire and Dark (2nd phase) damage.
  • As long as Midir's health bar is not present, summoned phantoms can't fall to boss fight arena.
  • Plunging attack does not work on Midir.
  • Fight him head on. Theres no way around it, you must keep in front of him in order to control how he attacks. Having  his attention locked onto you makes him more manageable, and thus is suggested to solo this boss.
  • Target his head. You will find this the best method of actually killing him. Attack his head a couple of times then back up a wee bit. Stay within an area near his head and in front of him, but don't stray too far. This helps reduce some of the annoying moves he does at range.
  • As a general rule always stay in front of him. Going underneath and hitting his legs will almost always make him rear up and do his fire attack.
  • Being near his tail and rear area will often make him jerk his tail to one side and then sweep in a large arc. It has to be rolled from the side it's coming from, or suffer massive damage.
  • Alternate between using lock on and not. It will be crucial as the unstable camera can often be your downfall.
  • Due to large health pool, Midir is extremely weak to Pestilent Mist. His size makes him an easy target for this spell.
  • He is an Abyssal enemy, therefore takes a bit of bonus damage from the Farron Greatsword and Wolf Knight’s Greatsword The latter is better when 2 handing. Get a couple of R1's in and prepare to roll or evade his incoming attack.
  • Midir is weaker to every physical damage type than he is to lightning, which is the least resisted element. Unless you're on a faith build don't use a lighting infusion (buffs are still fine). Just use a weapon you're comfortable with. Vertical slashing weapons are good at landing solid, fast hits. Thrust Damage is also the least resisted physical resistance.
  • A fast, light-weight weapon can also be effective by providing fast attack animations. You can manage to get in 2-3 attacks and still have stamina for evading Midir's incoming next attack. 
  • Medium resistance to Magic Damage, Fire Damage and Dark Damage.
  • Immune to Poison/Toxic, Bleed and Frostbite.
  • Can be staggered and riposted for the massive damage near the end of the fight if player has been consistently hitting Midir's head. Riposte deals high instant damage. Player should bear in mind, that rarely Midir can survive critical strike, but stagger after that attack gives enough time to finish him off.
  • Hitting the head deals double damage; the absorptions for everywhere that isn't the head are pretty high.
  • This boss fight IS optional. However, Midir must be defeated at least once, gaining the covenant item upon his death. Letting the player join Spears of The Church covenant permanently.
  • Using Dragon Crest Shield is useful in this fight, if you are a fan of blocking. However it is highly suggested to roll his attacks or get out of the way.


Darkeater Midir NPC Summon

  • Shira, Knight of Filianore - Summon sign is in the preparation room, near the furthest left statue. Shira is available as long as the church is in good favour, such as running Midir before waking up princess Filianore.
  • Its highly advisable to NOT summon her as she fights at range which makes Midir do a LOT of his charged dash attacks, dark beam attack, rage charge attack and sky fly fire breath attacks, all of which suck to fight against.
  • She uses the same build as in her duel invasion and will cast Lightning Arrow often.
  • On the other hand she almost always gets the most of Midir's attention, almost always succumbs to his grab bite attack and generally makes trying to melee Midir's head a lot harder.
  • Due to bug - probably - connected with fog before boss room with Midir (visible only for phantoms), Shira may "pass" it before fight begins. After that, she will either fall to death or will try to enter boss room from the wrong side. In both cases, she will become useless. Rarely, after entering boss room in the proper way, it can be difficult for her to spot Midir.



Video Strategy




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Strategy 1 (Melee, staying by the head)

Going behind, under or side of Midir triggers moves that are difficult to avoid and usually one-shots low-mid level players. However staying near the head often triggers easy-to-read melee moves that are highly punishable with charged heavy attacks. Attempt to stay by his neck, roll when needed to dodge his claw swipes and charges, in between his attacks hit his head with the weapon of your choice, make sure it has high physical damage, his defenses are very high, and his resistances are even worse.

Bite+bite+flamethrower -combo has a very good opening after the second bite. Dodge it towards the boss and run next to the left front leg (your right). You are safe there. When he attempts to do his area of effect fire blast, run far out in front of him (NOT BEHIND!!) and you will not take damage, run back to your spot by his neck and repeat. When he flies off into the air and doubles back breathing fire on the ground, simply run far to the left, the fire will miss you if done correctly.

When he begins his second phase he will begin to channel dark energy which will promptly explode in a large AOE around him doing tons of damage, do the same as you would do with the fire AOE, but roll a few times to make sure you are not hit, this move can instantly kill people in NG if they have 30 or less VIG. When he breathes fire in front of him, now is your time to attack! Hit his head while he is breathing fire and you get some free damage! Watch out for the dark explosive beam he will do afterwards, he does it right in front of him and it's easy to get caught. When he summons the dark orbs from the ground, try to get a few hits in and dodge them, this move isn't too bad and can usually land you a few free hits if dealt with correctly. Hopefully following this strategy you will fell the beast, and be victorious. 


Strategy 1: Playbook & Tips (Melee, staying by the head)

  1. Midir is going to open up this fight by throwing a tantrum, where he spits fire, and attacks with his front paws. He is going to very consciously try to roll-catch you, and catch you wherever you are, but is very bad at closing distance, so stay out of range, and dodge as little as possible to minimize the chance of being hit. Let him finish his tantrum, and he will turn around 180 degrees. You have a couple of seconds to hit his head, and begin one of the bigger objectives of the first phase. What you don't want to do is be so far, that he throws a ranged attack, because punishing these requires a lot of dodging, and this increases your chance of being hit.
  2. For the rest of the first phase (first half of his health bar), the player wants to stay in striking distance of Midir's head. To do this the player has to be conscious of when Midir is going to throw his bite attack, fire attacks, and his dark laser/fire attack. When Midir starts throwing his combo, back out and dodge until you are out of range, so Midir can burn himself out with a heavy attack. Typically, this is a double-front paw slam, or a single front paw slam, but one persisting pattern is that whenever he is open to attack, he lowers his head and calms down for a couple of seconds, and that is the precise reason why the player should hug his head. Sprinting works very well on Midir's movement while he is prowling around and not flying or anything, so implement this to position yourself, as well.
  3. Be mindful of Midir's rear paws, teeth and tail. Midir is very good at using these to hurt you. If you're in those places, you're also baiting him to turn around and swipe at you.
  4. Rolling for Midir is not the same as rolling for other bosses. When you roll, you need to roll away from his head, a couple feet out of swiping range of his paws, because again, he roll-catches you, uses variable timing, and follows your path of movement with his paws, and teeth.
  5. Don't let Midir throw off your camera lock-on, mess up the camera angle, or put you up against the wall. He's fast enough to hit you while you're fixing those problems.
  6. Don't roll spam more than three times ever, for any reason. Midir is fast enough to seek you out and roll-catch you for any rolling longer than that. 
  7. Don't try to go berserk on hit Midir too many times. His windows of calm only last a few seconds. For reference, a Wolf Knight Greatsword (which is one of the best weapons for Midir) user only has about two hits of the two-handed R1 attack before he needs to be conscious of Midir's next attack.
  8. Hiding under Midir is a terrible idea. All this does is cause him to spam his flame AOE attack where he sprays the floor with fire, and his defense is much higher on the rest of his body, and it increases the chance of being caught in that flame, making the player lose one Estus.
  9. Like basically any boss, the player has to be able to do a certain amount of damage to Midir before he can chug an Estus. For example, for 15 flasks, irrespective of strength, every time you take out 1/15th of Midir's health or more, chug an Estus. This keeps your health full in a well-paced way, while his health dwindles down. Midir doesn't heal, after all, so any points you score on him, you keep!
  10. Midir's basic laser attack, where he draws an exploding line straight away from him, and then in a semi-circle across the arena tries to home in on you. Don't expect this attack to always be dangerous in the same places, because he will adjust things based on your movement patterns. To bypass this tendency, dodge roll into (this reduces the exposure time to the attack, so i-frames work consistently), not away from the beam, and mix sprinting with rolling to give yourself proper distance. 
  11. Follow #2 on this playbook until his health is at about half. He will throw a dark-magic AOE, which may or may not have a persisting hitbox, depending on what he tries to do. Don't get too far in such that he will start doing ranged attacks, because he will start throwing new ranged attacks that are designed to keep you away from him, and he will just spam them continuously. So continue to try to be near his head, so his melee attacks are more likely. Again for this phase, wait for him to throw heavy.
  12. Avoiding Midir's dark orbs in the second phase is tricky. The slower traveling orbs can be avoided by running under Midir, to his belly, where they all crash on him. These orbs do not go up very high, as well. For his faster, more high-reaching dark orb attack, it is better to, without roll spamming, sprint and roll diagonally to the left or right, keeping track of how many orbs there are. Another way to avoid these orbs is to, after Midir does the AOE attack that comes before the orbs, run toward his face, and roll in that direction. I was able to roll that attack without problems on NG+7 difficulty without getting hit, so I recommend that.

Strategy 2 (Magic/Pyromancy)

First Encounter (on the bridge)

If you play as a sorcerer don't bother with crystal or dark magic. He is extremely resistant (300+ damage per crystal soul spear with 5 items boosting magic damage). 

Use Pestilent Mercury instead. The boss is stationary and this spell does wonders. Stay under him and cast the spell at his right arm. so that you won't get hit by Mercury when you have to move closer to the bridge (his left arm) to avoid his fire attack. When he does his dark magic attack it won't touch you if you stay close to his left arm (there is a  more or less safe spot). However, sometimes fire can hit you.

Second Encounter (Midir’s Boss Room)

This fight has two stages and each stage can be overcome with the same strategy though more caution is certainly needed for phase 2.

In both phases Midir’s move set is highly predictable and leaves him immobile for an extended length of time.  This combination leaves him open to massive damage accumulation from Pestilent Mercury. To use Pestilent Mercury you will need 30 INT. The spell does not scale with INT and is not affected by stat boosting rings. Pestilent Mercury deals damaged based on the Midir's max health.

Dodge Midir’s attacks and deploy the cloud around his head, feet, or tail. The ideal time to hit Midir with a cloud in phase 1 is when he does his forward fire breath combined with the vertical/horizontal dark beam attach. The best time to hit him in phase 2 is when he does his strobe beam.

It is recommended that you summon one other phantom who is also equipped with Pestilent Mercury and take turns deploying the clouds.  This makes Midir very manageable for two players.

Strategy 3 (Solo Melee)


Midir has a lot of health, high defense and high damage, but he is extremely predictable. This is a strategy for fighting him solo by attempting to manipulate his attacks, and does not work effectively with summons because they make Midir more unpredictable. 


You'll be doing a lot of sprinting during this fight, so Ring of Favor +3 and Chloranthy Ring +3 are recommended. As for the other rings, choose rings that increase your survivability (e.g. Estus Ring, Life Ring +3, maybe Ring of Steel Protection +3). If they don't make a difference with your setup, use whatever 2 rings you want.


Midir, like most dragons, is weak to lightning, so using lightning buffs or weapons with innate lightning damage is recommended. Weapons with reach are also advised, as Midir's tail can often be hard to hit. The Dragonslayer Swordspear and Dragonslayer Greataxe are examples of good weapons to use, however when using heavy weapons be sure that you have leveled Endurance to 20 at the very minimum. 


At the start of the fight, Midir will roar and begin charging you. You can run backwards, left, or right, but be aware that at the end of the charge, Midir will turn 180 degrees and his tail will swipe along his left side. If you are far away from him when his charge ends, sprint toward him. Be careful of his claw swipes, which can come after an extreme delay, and he will sometimes back up during the middle of a combo. Your goal is to get behind him where you can start trying to manipulate his behavior.

When you get behind him, wait for him to attack. He will almost always either turn to face you (which takes a few seconds) or lift his tail up and to his right and sweep it behind him, turning 180 degrees in the process.

If he turns to face you, run at his face an do a running R1 for double the normal damage, then sprint below him again and try to get to his tail.

If he swipes with his tail, roll at about the time he stops raising it and then start sprinting toward his head. While you're running at him, pay attention to his head movements. If he doesn't move much, you can most likely get a running R1 attack on his head, where he takes double damage, and then sprint to his tail. If his head starts moving before you get there, he'll likely do a move, which is usually either breathing fire below him, rearing up and roaring and then lunging forward and biting, or a claw swipe combo. If he breathes fire, run backwards, left, or right until he's finished and then dash underneath him to get to his tail. If he roars, run either left or right and roll as soon as he lunges and then head for his tail. If he swipes, roll his first swipe and then keep sprinting underneath him. He can finish his combo by breathing fire underneath him.

If you get behind him and he's not preoccupied with breathing fire, wait for his next move like you did earlier. If you're feeling confident, you can hit one of his hind legs (which, incidentally, seems to make the tail swipe more likely). If he breathes fire, run until you're more than half his tail's length away from him, as the fire has a long reach under him. While he's breathing, wait for some stamina and try to hit his tail. 

You can repeat these steps (waiting for a move behind him, dodging it when necessary, running up to his head and using a running R1, sprinting to attack his tail when he breathes fire) and he will likely not use other moves frequently, and this manipulation works on phase 2 as well. Most of the time, the dark projectiles he summons in phase 2 can be dodged by sprinting left or right, but watch out for his tail if you're behind him at that point. This strategy is by no means the fastest, but it is relatively safe and consistent. One of the few inconsistencies is when Midir flies away and then immediately shoots a laser from his mouth. You'll have to dodge that normally, and it will often kill in one hit, but it's an infrequent move.

Strategy 4 (Faith)

Use lightning arrow spell to his head and get 300-350 damage per hit at 19 FP cost. This has very good range and slight tracking. Use this over sunlight spear. Very easy to hit from far away and you get hits very very frequently.Around 4-5 Ashen estus should do the Job.


Darkeater Midir has 2 attack phases. In the first phase, he can breathe fire, expel a dark beam from his mouth, as well as use an assortment of melee attacks, in the second phase he begins to use dark magic more often, being able to summon Affinity-esque projectiles, and also having the ability to unleash a large AOE.

  First Phase
Claw Swipes If the player finds themselves close to Midir's head (or close in front of him), he may use his front claws in a quick series of two swipes. Can be avoided with rolls, or simply walking out of range.
Tail Whip If the player finds themselves behind Midir, he will sometimes swivel around to face you, if the player is too close, they may collide with his tail, dealing high physical damage and most of the time knocking them down (depending on poise). Can be avoided with a well-timed roll.
Fire Breath - Front If the player should find themselves in front of Midir, he will begin to channel flames from within, before unleashing a fire torrent in an attempt to burn the player asunder. This move can be avoided with relative ease, and is a good opportunity to hit his head for some free damage.
Fire Breath - Under Throughout the first phase, Midir will intermittently unleash a long lasting torrent of flames under his body. This move can be avoided by running a decent distance in front of Midir (Running behind him will cause you to be hit more often) and waiting for the flames to die out.
Fire Breath + Dark Beam Combo Midir breathes fires a torrent of flame under himself, followed by two quick beams of dark magic (in succession) dealing high damage, these beams leave delayed AOE explosion in their wake. The orientation of the beams is as follows: The first beam will be fired in a straight line at the ground in front of Midir, the second loops around to the side relative to his target. Can be avoided with ease, although it should be noted that this move is unblockable. Midir will refrain from using this attack if the player is close to him.
Air Assault Midir takes to the skies flying away from the player, before doubling back to send down a large torrent of flames to his left. This fire can be easily avoided by simply running in the opposing direction (E.G. If the fire is to your right, run left). 
Savage Rush If the player should find themselves far away from Midir (or sometimes under/behind him), he will breathe flame before abruptly bursting into a sprint, he will stop a number of times during this rush to swing his front claws and breathe more fire. Can be completely avoided if the player stays behind him.
Dash If the player finds themselves close in front of Midir (often after a Savage Rush or Fire Breath - Front), he may let out a thundering roar which creates visible sound waves from his jaws, before bounding forward in an intense leap. Can be avoided with a well-timed roll.
Critical Strike If the player should find themselves close to Midir's head, he may attempt to grab them using his jaws, if he succeeds you will be unable to help but watch your character be chewed up and thrown across the arena, dealing critical damage. Can be avoided with ease, is also unblockable.
  Second Phase
AoE Strike Upon reaching the second phase, and intermittently throughout it, Midir channels dark energy for a few seconds, and releases it all at once to cause very high damage to anything within range. This attack is heavily telegraphed, so the player can easily avoid it with a well-timed roll.
Mass Affinity Midir summons many Affinity projectiles which rise a few feet from the ground before pursuing the player, these can be eradicated by leading them to hit walls, the floor, or Midir himself (However, they do not damage him). These can be avoided with well-timed rolls.
Focused Dark Beam Midir will charge his dark beam attack for a few seconds and then release it firing it wildly for a short time in front of him, dealing massive damage to the player, however after the attack ends Midir will be exhausted for a few seconds, giving the player a chance to land multiple hits to his head.


Darkeater Midir Lore Theories

Midir may have hatched from Fillianore's egg


Darkeater Midir Notes & Trivia

  • Midir bears some similarities to Malassa - a dragon from Heroes series.
  • Few of Midir abilities mirror Black Dragon Kalameet, a boss from Dark Souls I.
  • Midir is also a name of one of the characters from Irish mythology.
  • Midir is believed by some to be a reference to Guyra from King's Field.
  • Midir's "Fire Breath + Dark Beam combo" attack is believed by some to be a tribute to Godzilla's atomic breath from Shin Godzilla Resurrection.
  • Midir is the only optional boss in the Ringed City DLC.
  • Staying still during the start of the fight will prevent you from being hit by Midir's initial rampage, allowing a few hits on his head or body.
  • Boss fight arena is believed by some to be the same arena, which can be spotted during words about "humanity" from Dark Souls I introduction.
  • At the boss fight arena there is a large number of corpses. This bear some similarities to what player may seen during Aldrich, Devourer of Gods boss battle.
  • On NG+7 game cycle, with proper equipment, killing Midir may grant player with 1,115,370 souls, making it the largest amount of souls in Dark Souls III, that can be granted by killing one creature.
  • Using Chameleon spell or Young White Branch at the boss fight arena will transform character into humanity phantom from Chasm of the Abyss (Dark Souls I, Artorias of the Abyss DLC).
  • Try muting all the sounds while fighting him, because the music and soundFX are distracting you from focusing on the fight (Tried & worked like magic).
  • Using Pestilent Mist repeatedly with good dodging movements is one of the easiest ways to kill him without a single hit.



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    • This guy scared the crap out of me on the first 5 attempts, but he's actually not that bad. His attacks seem really hard to dodge at first but can be learned surprisingly quickly. Best advice I got was to stay like 2-4 character lengths from his head, directly in front. Roll backwards on all the swipes and bites so that he stays centered. Sprint to avoid the fire, beams and dark orbs. Roll forward and under him 2-4 times (ending up behind him) to avoid that long spam attack where he starts with the fire and then several swipes.

      In general, even if you don't hit him, you want to be close to his head when he "resets" after a combo. Keeps him a lot more predictable. If you end up really far away for some reason, sprint sideways to avoid his lunging Oceiros-like tackle.

      The attempt before winning I only removed like 20% of his HP. Don't be disheartened if it seems like he has too much health. With this guy, once you 'get it' you really 'get it'. Plus you remove like 15% of his HP at the end with a single riposte. If you get halfway through his health, you're way more than halfway to winning this fight.

      • Anonymous

        Honestly I am not a fan of this fight. 3/10. Has some major issues. For starters holy **** the camera. Why is it so hard to keep the camera locked on. Constantly unlocking off and makes him impossible to follow. I literally fight with my ears more than my eyes because you cannot see a godamn thing. Why can't fromsoft understand that these fights require a bigger FOV for gods sake... the fact you have to stay put in front of his head so he doesn't spam breath attacks that are impossible to punish is a gigantic design flaw. The fact this is a DLC boss is even more disappointing. Two thumbs down from me.

        • Anonymous

          A list of things that make me nervous about hosts when summoned to help with a boss:
          1. They are wearing the abyss watcher armor or artorias armor
          2. They use legion etiquette to greet
          3. They do not L1 spam back at me
          4. They have any high stat req weapon and are also using pyromancy
          5. The boss is Midir

          • Anonymous

            In article it is mentioned that verical swinging weapons are good, but I'll add that they are far superior to horizontal. Windows when Midir's head is close to the ground are very narrow, he kinda bobs up and down, so for example when I was fighing him with Astora Greatsword I managed only one hit per opening, if any. When I switched to Flamberge I could hit him 2-3 times per window, stance WA also works well here.
            Years ago, before I "got" how to fight him in melee, I tried using Greatbow. Hawk ring + leo ring make this possible (tedious also), but on higher game cycles you might run out of ammo.

            • Anonymous

              I never had a hard time killing darkeater or anyother boss thats why i call my self Titanslayer but that was a fun boss

              • Anonymous

                First time going against Midir, I had a pyromancer build so I was more than a little worried about damage. Managed to beat him first try with pestilent mist and lightning arrow, but cut it close with no estus left and only a smidge of health. I almost killed myself with pestilent mist more than a couple times.

                • Anonymous

                  1st playthrough I visited rosaria just to restat so I could use pestilent mist. Still a hard fight as u need to dodge and he moves away from the mist a lot.

                  2nd playthrough dragon slayer GA with lightning clutch ring worked wonders. Using the WA to his head u can get 800 to 1400 dmg easy. With 3 ashen flasks u can get to the riposte finale much quicker. I died the 1st time after the crit because the bugger fake died on me, then came back to life and AOEd me, so remember to give him a good poke after the crit to make sure the big boy isnt trolling you.

                  • Anonymous

                    I dont know why but only waiting in the space with Lapp near the bonfire in the ringed city ive received the midir souls 2 titanites shard and the lancer symbol, anyone know why this can be happened? Ive checked and midir is alive

                    • Anonymous

                      i dont know why but i love this big boy. His music, his appearrence and his difficult moveset. Yes he is strong but its Still a fair battle.

                      • Anonymous

                        I still think this boss could do with an extra weakness or two, but strategy 4 (albeit at 99 Faith) actually made Midir much better for me.
                        The main crux with Midir is that in order to damage him, you have to hit his head. But being in striking distance of his head is of course very dangerous.

                        At a certain range (basically the range you'd normally try to maintain as a melee fighter while you are not on the offensive), however, Midir's moveset becomes much more restricted. His claw strikes and bite attacks often won't even reach you, and while you still have little time to react to his charge, that one could actually be feasible to block.
                        But since you are at range, you are also in a much better position to avoid his other attacks. With a clear view of what he was doing, he quickly became much easier to predict.
                        Just make sure you take a melee weapon with you so you can make use of the final stab that takes the last 20% of his health.

                        All that said, with Midir's resistance to magic, I don't think I could reproduce this result with a sorcery build. Maybe an archer build could work, but that takes a better player than me to figure out.

                        Oh, and there really should be a bonfire in the room before this boss. It's already hidden behind a secret corridor and an illusory wall, and would greatly reduce the frustration from having to try again.

                        • Anonymous

                          The most sadistic parts of this boss fight are the parts leading up to it. After dying, you have to reset the elevator. To save time, you can ride the elevator down then back up (so it's already reset), but then you're sort of going into the fight assuming you'll lose. And then there's a very long ladder, too long to drop off with silvercat ring, so you have to ride it down each time. The whole thing is a taunt at your failures. Welcome to Dark Souls.

                          • Anonymous

                            Seems significantly weaker to strike damage than to standard physical.

                            Heavy Great axe was hitting around 175-185 on his head as opposed to Smough’s great hammer which had slightly less AR but was hitting just over 400 on head.

                            Both weapons were at max upgrade level.

                            • Anonymous

                              A few useful tips:

                              1: be patient

                              2: only go for the head

                              3: like seriously only go for the head

                              4: omg you stupid host of embers

                              5: this is why I don't put down my summon signs in ringed city

                              6: you can roll through the large flame swath

                              • Anonymous

                                might be one of the most boring fights in dark souls universe, extends the average duration of the fight by 500% for nothing just by hopping around as you slowly land 1 or 2 hits every 40-50 seconds.

                                • Anonymous

                                  wanna beat him the filthy casul way? infuse black iron greatshield with a fire gem and block every fire attacks, other fire shields also work but 99.6 fr duh

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