Stray Demon

General Info
hp.jpg souls.jpg Location
2004 5000  
Drops Soul of a Stray Demon
Weak Resistant Immune
Strike Strike
Dark Dark
Black Knight Weapons
Fire Fire
Lightning Lightning
Bleed Bleed
Frost Frost

Stray Demon is a mini-boss in Dark Souls 3. It is found roaming the higher ramparts of Farron Keep, guarding a large locked gate.


Stray Demon Information

  • This enemy is not treated as a boss by the game, as a result there is no fog gate or health bar at the bottom of the screen when engaging him. He does, however, drop a Boss Soul.
  • There are no NPC summons for this fight.


Stray Demon Location

  • Stray Demon is found in Farron Keep, above the Old Wolf of Farron bonfire.
  • ??


Stray Demon Drops


Stray Demon Combat Information





Strategy 1 (Melee Twohand)

As with the Stray Demon in Dark Souls 1, it is easiest to simply remove all armor to allow quick rolling.  Equip your weapon to Two-handed, and roll under his swings, stay close to his legs and behind him while attacking. Keeping your distance not recommended due to him spitting boulders and his axe's long range. Constantly attacking the Demon's left leg (the right leg from the player's perspective), can result in breaking the leg, which will make the fight a lot easier, since he will move slower, lie on the floor and lose a bit of his moveset. Beware though: the range of his hammer's swings become extended in front of him. It is therefore advisable to riposte him immediately after breaking his legs by moving towards the head while he is collapsing and riposte him to death without letting him recover: video demonstration.

Strategy 2 (Ranged)

With a bow, you can go midway across the battle area, and start shooting him with your bow which will prompt him to start moving towards you.  If you backpedal to the far end opposite where he starts, he won't follow you all the way and will begin walking back. once he gets a good distance away begin shooting him again, rinse and repeat.  (tested with 20 Dexterity and un-upgraded long bow with standard arrows and was doing 64 damage points to his head).

Strategy 3 (ranged, cheesy)

Shoot the demon and lure him back towards the staircase where you first were able to see him. Go down about 8-15 steps, and you are safe. Turn around and shoot until dead. Only took 25-40 arrows with non-upgraded longbow, wood arrows and 18 dexterity and 14 strength. Easy 5000 souls.

Strategy 4 (Magic)

If you have a shield, you can safely block the projectile attacks while kiting the demon across the bridge while staying out of range of his hammer.

In the same fashion that you can lure him back to the staircase with a bow, you can use magic such as Fire Orb and roll up and down the stairs to safely score hits and avoid his skills.

Strategy 5 (Melee Onehand)

Medium armor at 50 to 60 equip load is good, just enough that you can roll well. Aggro him, ready a roll incase and try to get near him. Smash his tummy, near his legs. Be near him as to bait his jumping body slam. Don't spend all your stamina, conserve and time a roll once he flies up and begins to land. If timed well, you can combo him while he tries to stand up and ready his next move. Stick to him to provoke more easily dodged jump slams that leave him open to hits.



Video Strategy


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Stray Demon has one attack phase.

First Phase
Name Description
 Grab Will swing with his left arm, picking you up if it connects. Will proceed to squeeze for massive amounts of damage, likely killing those with lower Vigor scores. He also throws you away on a really long distance, often resulting of falling over the bridge, and so, dying.  The throw, along with some of the damage from the squeeze, can be stopped by rapidly mashing R1, L1, R2 and L2 while caught in the grab.
Boulder Heave Will spew a number of boulders at ranged characters.
Body Slam If you spend a lot of time under/behind him, will do a small jump, staying aloft for a couple of seconds before slamming down.
 Greathammer strike  Demon will try to hit player with his Greathammer



Lore Theories

  • The Stray Demon was possibly a flaming demon who guarded the gate of Lothric, but has since of lost its flame. "The Stray Demon, now lacking even a trace of flame, was once the gatekeeper of Lothric." - Soul of the Stray Demon



Notes & Trivia

  • Dexterity builds may have a hard time finding a good source of strike damage. In this case, an un-upgraded Caestus or Dark Hand will do.
  • If legs are destroyed at the same time the player is grabbed, the demon will float in the air as if the legs were still present.
  • Seems to be a petrified version of the Stray Demon from Dark Souls 1. While the version in that game was organic, this one is covered in rocky outcrops.
  • Destroying the Stray Demon's legs will make him transform and crawl along the ground flailing his hammer and use his boulder breath, this is similar to Laurence the First Vicar from the Bloodborne expansion, The Old Hunters, another game by From Software.
  • Stray demon can damage invaders.
  • Dark Hand is particularly effective at defeating this enemy, even unupgraded.
  • When using the Ranged Cheese strategy, the Stray Demon's AI can break, causing them to turn their back on the player and do absolutely nothing. Sometimes, the AI will reactivate if the player moves, attacks, etc.




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    • Anonymous

      24 Aug 2021 21:42  

      why did i think it was a good idea to try and kill him a frost weapon in my first playthrough , i hate my stupid past self

      • Anonymous

        24 Jul 2021 02:02  

        The stray demon gives us another example of how demons die, looks like they just petrify or turn to stone, judging by this demon and by the piles of petrified demonic creatures in the smouldering lake.

        • Anonymous

          27 Mar 2021 15:04  

          I just broke his legs for the first time and had to look up that I wasn't insane as I watch his legs fall off and crumble...I feel bad.

          • Anonymous

            26 Mar 2021 17:34  

            i actually thought it was the same demon from ds 1 that i was fighting i was like hmm you got fatter and hairier since we last thought time to put you down for the last time

            • Anonymous

              02 Dec 2020 12:54  

              The stairs make this fight trivial... and why is there just one? Could have brought back Firesage even just as fanservice.

              • Anonymous

                04 Nov 2020 18:28  

                He's rock
                Stone dragon's were rock
                Stone dragons were weak to lightning
                He is resistant to lightning

                • Anonymous

                  31 May 2020 18:10  

                  First time playing DS3, kinda good in the other souls games Dissapointed to see a red sea of blood around this boss, and countless messages saying it's too much or try ranged It's the TUTORIAL boss from DS1, how do people get this far to be stumped on by a tutorial boss? Smh... Just needed to vent

                  • Anonymous

                    13 May 2020 19:41  

                    Dark Hand can kill the Demon really fast in NG. He is weak against both Strike and Dark. No need to reinforce the Dark Hand, besides the Dark Hand can not be reinforced at all. No need to spend tons of Soul Level into Str, Dex, Int or Faith. Dark Hand has no level requirements. Stray Demon will die in like ~ 8 Hits from Dark Hand and you can attack super fast.

                    • Anonymous

                      04 May 2020 05:43  

                      Killed him on NG+ incredibly fast. I used my Black Knight Sword and hit him a couple times in the leg, then part of his leg fell off and he dropped to one knee. I then hit him a couple times on the stomach while he was down and part of his stomach fell off exposing his belly. I hit him there a couple times which did insane damage. Dead in 6-8 hits. First time I saw him fall apart like that. Only guessing it was because of the black knight weapon?

                      • Anonymous

                        15 Apr 2020 05:45  

                        Occasionally he may have his face clip in to the far wall on meeting him, when you enter his aggro range, he will turn around and just stop, apparently as confused as you are about the whole ordeal for a few seconds then resume his regular attack pattern. But seriously tho, this guy is essentially an ez 25k soul dispenser

                        • Anonymous

                          13 Jan 2020 03:51  

                          At first i was Kinda Cautious when I saw him, but once I realized he was basically the same Boss from DS1, with a Grab and the Ability to barf rocks at me, Just stuck to his backside and beat those cheeks with a Mace. Just gotta dodge the Booty Slam attack.

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