Vordt of the Boreal Valley

General Info
hp.jpg souls.jpg Location
1328 3000 High Wall of Lothric
Drops Soul of Boreal Valley Vordt
Weak Resistant Immune
Dark Dark
PoisonPoison & Toxic 

Vordt of the Boreal Valley Information

Vordt of the Boreal Valley is a Boss in Dark Souls 3. Referred to as a "Dog" by Emma, he guards the path to Undead Settlement.





  • Souls: NG (3000), NG+ (15,000), NG++ (16,500), NG+3 (16875),NG+4 (18,000), NG+6 (??), NG+9 (19,125)
  • Co-Op Souls: NG (750), NG+ (3750)
  • Soul of Boreal Valley Vordt



Combat Information



Video Strategy

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Strategy 1 (Melee)

The best way to fight Vordt as a melee build is to stay close to him and roll through his attacks and get underneath him. A very good weapon to use is the Deep Battle Axe you can find in the room below the Lothric Wyvern, since almost every starting class can wield this weapon in two-hands effectively. The first phase is relatively easy by staying underneath and behind Vordt as much as possible. Attack after his second wide swipe attack and never stand in front of Vordt as he has a very fast lunge attack that is near impossible to dodge. If you find yourself in front of him close the gap as fast as possible while moving to his left.

When Vordt reaches his second phase (at about half health), he will start doing a charge attack back and forth. You should leave yourself with some stamina to roll if you know your sequence of attacks is going to reduce Vordt to half health. Your best option is to dodge these charges while locked on to always keep him in your sights, he will usually charge three times. After these charges, he will begin to ready his breath attack, and this is when you should close the distance and go to his left and use a charged two-handed power attack. 

Staying beneath him is still ideal, but will not make you invulnerable like in the First Phase, so watch out for him standing up and other attacks. 


Attack Name Attack Description & Counter
Thrust A quick mace jab, it's much faster than his normal pace. Avoid the front, dodge to the side, then counter.
Strike A vertical blow that smashes foes in front of him. Dodge to the side, then attack.
Slash Slashes its large mace in a sideways motion at the player, can be dodged. Dodge towards it as he readies his blow/dodge under the strike, then score some hits.
Buff At half health, roars and buffs itself with some sort of blue effect. Begins to use ice breath attack, and may only use charge attack after doing this. Score free hits, and wail, preferably near his rear. Prepare to dodge if he faces you or attacks.
Charge Charges in a straight line at the player, then does a turn and charges again. Charges 3-4 times. Stay mobile, ready rolling, score a hit at his feet once he stops (doesn't quickly face you)
Ice breath Breaths an icy haze in a long arc in front of him, like other enemies' fire breath. Has a short charge-up, allowing for the player to get behind him and avoid the attack entirely. Since update 1.04, Vordt has been nerfed and cannot be staggered out of his Ice breath.  Players are allowed to attack him freely during the entire animation. Rush nearer his back, for more safety.


Lore Theories

  • It is written that Boreal Knights devolve to beast-like forms due to the effects of Pontiff Sulyvahn's rings (in his case, the Left Eye) - it seems that Vordt is further along in this process than the other Outrider Knights met in the game.
  • Emma refers to Vordt as a "dog".
  • Vordt using ice/frost in comparison to the Dancer using fire could symbolize that the Dancer chose the path of the Pontiff, while the other Outrider Knights chose the path of frost.
  • Because of Vordt's large body shape, it can be assumed that he is at a higher rank in the Outrider Knights



Notes & Trivia

  • Due to Vordt's weakness to Dark, Deep Battle Axe found from the Mimic underneath the High Wall Wyvern a good weapon choice.
  • The middle Dutch word "vorst" cognates with the English word frost. This could be a possible origin for Vordt's name, as he is an ice themed boss.
  • Vordt can be related to insane Guts in Berseker Armor.





    • Anonymous

      27 Apr 2019 20:53  

      I hate when the second pgase starts and he suddenly stops charging halfway through the second or third charge and starts swinging his mace around. Just do your breath attack already so I can punish your ass, damnit!

      • Anonymous

        28 Feb 2019 20:36  

        Vordt is literally my favorite boss, because of his theme and how he is a pushover, proving to be deceptive as to what a DS boss is.

        • Anonymous

          14 Nov 2018 22:45  

          Why does this page claim he's weak to Fire? From the tests I've seen, Dark, Lightning, AND Magic are all more effective than Fire against him...

          • Anonymous

            08 Apr 2018 21:22  

            Winged knight armor isn't good for a cosplay. Vordt is massiv but hasn't such fat belly. Looks just funny. A normal looking metal armor is better overall.

            • Anonymous

              24 Mar 2018 00:19  

              Outrider knights should be a covenant. That should be the way you get Snap Freeze and Pontiff's right eye, and maybe Outrider knight rapier.

              • Anonymous

                17 Dec 2017 23:56  

                Man, I wish they had made Vordt more than just a meager, minute-long boss. I feel like they should have brought him back for a rematch at some point. Maybe in Irithyll on the bridge? Instead of Sulyvahn's beast, what if Vordt followed your ass back to his homeland, and you could either choose to fight him there or run through the barrier at the far end of the bridge, which Vordt fails to breach, since the lore suggests he and the Dancer had been exiled by Sulyvahn. Then you could have a sick-ass rumble in the water below the bridge, just like with Sulyvahn's beast, but with the added danger of frost accumulation. At least then you might get to hear more than a minute of his *****in' battle theme.

                I know I'm dreaming too late, but still... It would have been tight.

                • Anonymous

                  11 Dec 2017 05:30  

                  Basic testing has revealed that the key to opening him for a crit is not based on your damage output, but rather it is triggered by a charged power attack to the head, even fists were successful in accomplishing this.

                  • Anonymous

                    30 Nov 2017 15:21  

                    Hello, fellow person reading through the comments. How're you? Good? That's good to hear! Now, I should say something about Vordt so you aren't bored, right?

                    Well, I suggest hitting him until he dies. This is a sacred skill that everyone uses, unless you hack/exploit, of course! Well, anyways, goodbye for now!

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