Magic Damage is a Damage Type in Dark Souls 3. It is one of eight damage types presented in the original game and one of the four Elemental-type damages.


Weapons, Items & Spells that cause Magic Damage

Items & Spells that increase Magic Damage

Items & Spells that increase Magic Resistance


Enemy Magic Damage Sources

Enemies susceptible to Magic

Enemies resistant to Magic

Enemies immune to Magic

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Notes & Trivia

  • Magic is effective against enemies resistant to Physical-type damage and knights using heavy armor.
  • Magic is ineffective against enemies using magic or created by sorcery.





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    • Anonymous

      If you're going full send with an int build, you'll need these to melt bosses and enemies:

      † 60 int
      † Crown of Dusk (found in Farron Keep)
      † Young Dragon Ring (given to the player but Orbeck or starting equip for sorcerer)
      † Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring (found in Irithyll Dungeon)
      † Magic Clutch Ring (found in Irithyll)
      † Scholar's Candlestick in your off-hand (drop from the scholar's in the Grand Archives or purchased from the Shrine Handmaiden)
      † Court Sorcerer's Staff +10 (found in Profaned Capital)

      You're gonna' be hella squishy, but you'll be able to mow down anything in your path. Swap the Crown of Dusk for the Blindfold Mask (drop from the Moaning Knight in the Ringed City) and the CSS for the Murky Longstaff +10 (found in The Dreg Heap) to optimize for dark sorceries.

      • Anonymous

        I did an entire playthrough as a mage, and since there's barely any information here, I came to confirm that at least almost knights are weak to magic damage, that includes: Lothric Knights, Cathedral Knights, Outrider Knights, Pontiff Knights, Silver Knights, Black Knights, Millwood Knights, Corvian Knights, Winged Knights. Magic damage is also the damage type that does best against rock lizards at Archdragon Peak, so you should have no problem farming them for materials if you want.

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