Great Crab

Enemy Type Beast


Fire, Strike, Magic, Lightning
Resistances  Standard, Slash, Thrust
Immune Bleed

Great Crab is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Great Crab Enemy Description


Great Crab Combat Information

  • Uses its large pincer to attack the player. Deals Standard Damage.
  • It can foam at the mouth and spray it at the player to do damage, as well as decrease movement speed. The ones in the Painted World of Ariandel spray frost instead, which can inflict Frostbite.
  • Weak point: When both claws are lifted into the air, the greenish egg sac area under the crab's mouth can be riposted for massive damage.
  • Weak to Fire Damage, Strike Damage, Magic Damage and Lightning Damage. Crabs met in Farron Keep and Smouldering Lake are additionaly weak to Frostbite.
  • Resistant to Standard Damage, Slash Damage and Thrust Damage
  • Immune to Bleed, duo met in Painted World of Ariandel are immune to Frostbite, the Farron Swamp is Poison/Toxic immune.
  • Can be fooled with Alluring Skull, but is immune to Rapport.
  • Its poise can be broken, stunning it for about 2 seconds.  A finisher move can be performed by standing at its back after its poise is broken. You may also perforn this while infront of it, near the greenish egg sacks.


Great Crab Notes & Trivia

  • Can still be blocked with relative ease, but beware its grab attack.
  • Its right claw will draw back slowly while its mouth foams, then attempt to grab you for major damage if it connects. It can not be blocked.
  • Its left claw is actually faster and is better at comboing whereas its right claw does not drain more stamina and is easier to roll under.
  • If at low health and if the player is a sufficient distance away from it, it will attempt to burrow below ground and escape. It will re-emerge with full health and be cured of status ailments if this occurs. So it can not be killed by attacking only with ranged abilities.
  • Quickstep can be used in deep water, allowing for easy dodging of its attacks.
  • Can not be lured out of water. Once you step foot out of the swampy area, the crab will cease to follow you.
  • Smashing smaller crabs can aggro them
  • When it runs, it turns sideways and moves very fast.
  • Although the crab will not target invaders inadvertantly, all of the Great Crab's attacks can harm all phantoms. This includes Watchdogs of Farron.
  • One of the Great Crabs in Smouldering Lake, the one who walks back and forth near the breakable floor, is not hostile towards the player until provoked.
  • The armless child protected by a powerful father relation between Great Crab and Lesser Crab can be a reference to Mushroom People in Dark Souls 1.
  • Giant Enemy Crabs are well-known in gaming for having weakpoints that can be attacked for massive damage.
  • Greater Crabs located in Painted World of Ariandel are the only creature that will respawn without refreshing whole area.
  • Can be parried, it has to be on point though.


Great Crab Drops


Great Crab Locations


Great Crab Variations

Swamp Great Crab (unofficial)

Ember Great Crab (unofficial)

Location Drops
  1539 1200 Large Titanite Shard
Titanite Shard 
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    • Anonymous

      31 Dec 2019 05:19  

      Spongebob me boy I've abused steroids for over 40 years and now I'm strong enough to compete with the ancient gods of Anor Londo argargargarg

      • Anonymous

        23 Dec 2019 17:22  

        With 50 int, +4 sorcerers staff, it takes 3 great heavy soul arrows to deal 1059, 1 hp more than this crab has. Rush 50 int and farm this if you want an early area to build stats or farm souls to buy sorceries.

        • Anonymous

          27 Oct 2019 08:11  

          The year is 2049. The oceans after years of nuclear fallout and bomb testing, produce terrible deformed animals that are the only reliable food source to the few groups of humans left. I am an honest fisherman, along the greenland coast. On a stormy day, our daily haul is attacked by a massive beast. It tears one of our men in half with the swipe of a single claw. Raising my harpoon, i recognize the fiend, and through my terror and shock, can only mutter the words of my ancestors; "Time For Crab"

          • Anonymous

            23 Aug 2019 13:10  

            I have killed the black knight only to killed by the giant crab do I have to kill the black knight again or just go for the crab?

            • Anonymous

              25 Jul 2019 23:26  

              Am I the only person who knows you can parry the crabs right arm when it slams it down when it raises it above it's head?

              • Anonymous

                01 Feb 2019 04:02  

                There are actually three that live in the frozen lake in the Painted World. The second and third ones burrow out of the ice, you can see the first one as you approach the ice.

                • Anonymous

                  12 Dec 2018 05:33  

                  Always keep your shield up and don't roll to dodge everything except for grabbing. It will not guard break you so often.

                  • Anonymous

                    04 Aug 2018 22:54  

                    Can kill the crab with fire orb from respawn spot on hill in crucification woods. You say it cant be killed by ranged but im at 30 int 29 faith. Takes 4 throws. Fastest farming ive found so far. First time through and only a little further then here in the game.

                    • Anonymous

                      11 Dec 2017 03:41  

                      The crabs in Smouldering Lake appear to have a fairly high resistance to fire. I tried my Great Chaos Fire Orb on one of them and it did 80 damage, as opposed to the ~500 damage I can do against the other crabs. They die fairly quickly to my Irithyll Straight Sword, though.

                      • Anonymous

                        02 Nov 2017 16:09  

                        I noticed that using a thrusting weapon (or even a slashing weapon) during riposte typically yields more damage, despite they're weak to strike damage during normal combat. However, the highest-damage riposte I've ever gotten was just under 2000 points, and was done using Sharp Warpick +10 (AR: 613). The Warpick is a thrusting weapon swung like a hammer, and thus utilizes the strike riposte animation, so I'm not sure if it's dealing thrust or strike during the riposte.

                        However, I tested this against a Sharp Great Mace +10 (AR: 736), which I know will always deal strike damage, and the riposte actually yielded a lower result (around 1400). This prompted me to test with both a Chaos Four-Pronged Plow +10 (AR: 560) and a Sharp Saint Bident +10 (AR: ~400). Chaos 4-PP dealt 1800 during riposte, whereas Sharp Saint Bident did about 1700, both noticeably more than Sharp Great Mace.

                        It seems in normal combat, strike is much stronger against them, but during riposte, I'd say any weapon that utilizes a thrusting riposte animation deals more damage. Considering the easiest way to fight them is to bait their opening for riposte, I'd say that a thrusting or slashing weapon would actually be better against them--which is unfortunate, because the Great Wooden Hammer looks exactly like a giant crab mallet.

                        • Anonymous

                          20 Oct 2017 19:01  

                          I always leave the docile crab in Smouldering Lake alone, lol. I'm sure the 10 other crabs will be enough to end world hunger anyway.

                          • Anonymous

                            20 Oct 2017 18:57  

                            Why's everybody rolling through their attacks? Just get up in their grill, keep your shield up, and keep circling in the direction of their smaller arm. It only takes about 1/10 of your stamina at 40 END if it hits you with the little claw, and it's unlikely they'll break your guard. Lower your shield again when their attacking stops to regenerate stamina faster, and if you get all the way behind them, give them a whack or two. And then, of course, the moment you see them rear up, just let loose with the critical attack.

                            Probably the ONLY time to dodge is when their mouth bubbles as they ready for a grab attack, since it completely ignores your shield, but be careful you don't dodge too soon. Also, when they try to spit at you, the constant movement to their side will prevent you from getting hit even without rolling, as long as you're close enough to them. These are both prime opportunities for counterattacks. Of course, be careful that you don't end up luring more than one crab at a time, since that immediately makes the situation plenty more dire (inevitable when fighting the frost crabs in Ariandel, unfortunately).

                            Btw, I was using Shield of Want+5, which doesn't even have that great of a stability stat. I'm sure turtling with Moaning Shield would do just fine, as most players seem to prefer these days.

                            • Anonymous

                              22 Sep 2017 03:47  

                              Some things I have noticed while studying the way of the Smoldering Crab. (Applies to Melee only)

                              >I would advise keeping equip load under 70% while fighting them, you'll need the roll range. Potentially lose any shields too and two-hand your way through the fight. With enough practice and familiarity, becoming hit in the first place becomes extremely unlikely.

                              >They don't just hate strike damage, they REALLY hate strike damage. (I used a +4 Executioner's GS @ 38 STR, two handed) Bring a strike weapon with some reach.

                              >Their left claw, while faster, leaves them extremely open to at least two swings from a greatsword. Roll behind them, under the attack. 1st strike will hit their behind, 2nd will hit their front as they turn to face you. 3rd swing is possible, but risky. Their right claw will follow up its first attack with a second almost without fail, making rolling and countering this claw more undesirable as the left claw will not likely combo if you roll under it. The 1st swing after rolling can safely be an R2 attack if you land close enough and have a suitable moveset on it for your weapon.

                              >If the crab is only presenting its right, larger claw, roll under its attack, then roll immediately again away from but in front of the crab. This should stop it trying to smash you with the wrong claw and allow you to bait it into using its left instead.

                              Just my two cents, hope it helps someone new who is super intimidated by the crabs like I was when I started. Many thanks also to the other contributors here, this wiki has been such a huge help c:

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