Deep Protection is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Miracle you must use a Chime, Talisman, or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles.

Deep Protection

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 25
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 20 Faith
Type Self buff
Duration 60 Seconds



Miracle taught to inaugurated deacons of the Cathedral of the Deep.

Slightly boosts attack, damage absorption and resistance, while also increasing stamina recovery speed.

The deep was originally a peaceful and sacred place, but became the final rest for many abhorrent things. This tale of the Deep offers protection for those who worship amidst those horrors.


Acquired From




  • Increases all damage types (Both weapons and spells) by 5% multiplicatively (allDamage * 1.05).
  • Grants 5.0 absorption. This causes you to take 5% less damage than currently (damageTaken * 0.95).
  • Both the Damage increase and Absorption increase are halved during PvP.
  • Increases Resistances by 20.0.
  • Increases Stamina regeneration speed by +3 per second (base regeneration is 45 per second).
  • Overwritten by Tears of Denial and (Great) Magic Barrier.
  • Does not stack with Carthus Beacon or Power Within.
  • Fittingly for a dark miracle, this spell is effectively a more selfish version of Sacred Oath.



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    • Anonymous

      For duels, it's easily better than sacred oath. As it has less fp consumption and requires only 1 attunement slot while also providing stamina regen. It's only problem is that it doesn't stack with tears of denial unlike sacred oath

      • Anonymous

        This is better than sacred oath for PVP: sacred oath have same stats as this for pvp cause it is nerfed for pvp. and this require less stats investment, soooo

        • Anonymous

          this miracle states that it hid abhorrent and awful things that corrupted the deacons, my only question is, WHERE ARE THEY?! we see knights, hollows, and grave wardens! the only abhorrent monsters we see is the deep accursed which is aldrich's fault (who is btw SAINT OF THE DEEP, so he was good at one point) and the man grub's who were once people and just want to protect rosaria, are they referring to the giants? if so that's just *****ing mean, WHERE ARE THE UNSPEAKABLE ABOMINATIONS?!

          • Anonymous

            I combined this with dark blade and pontiff's right eye with with a +6 sharp sellsword twinblades against the dancer boss, and got her down to half health in like 10 or 15 seconds. Just goes to show that with the right setup and the right player behind it, you can really dominate the competition.

            • Anonymous

              it also appears to be over written by Oath of Sunlight (Sunlight Straight Sword skill) (tested myself in the shrine. all buffs were removed including buffs from sacred oath when using oath of sunlight)

              • Anonymous

                Multiple effects and relatively low fp cost, but its effects are very small. Use only if it gives that extra push needed to with any of its effects (if it lets you live with a sliver, reduces hits needed to kill by 1, etc). Don't use in casting builds since you will deal more damage by casting an extra spell with the fp cost used.

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