Heal Aid is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast a miracle, you must use a ChimeTalisman or Special Weapons that can cast miracles.

Heal Aid

Spell Type


FP Cost FP 27
Slots Used Slots 1
Faith Required Faith 8



Miracle imparted as charity to those of little faith. A show of tolerance from the Way of White.

Slightly restores HP.

To use miracles, equip a talisman or sacred chime and attune a miracle at a bonfire.


Acquired From




  • Restores HP equal to 150% * Spell Buff of used Chime or Talisman
  • Not affected by miracle rings.
  • Can be cast with a Chime or Talisman even if you do not meet its Faith requirement.


Atonement  ♦  Blessed Weapon  ♦  Bountiful Light  ♦  Bountiful Sunlight  ♦  Caressing Tears  ♦  Dark Blade  ♦  Darkmoon Blade  ♦  Dead Again  ♦  Deep Protection  ♦  Divine Pillars of Light  ♦  Dorhy's Gnawing  ♦  Emit Force  ♦  Force  ♦  Gnaw  ♦  Great Heal  ♦  Great Lightning Spear  ♦  Great Magic Barrier  ♦  Heal  ♦  Homeward  ♦  Lifehunt Scythe  ♦  Lightning Arrow  ♦  Lightning Blade  ♦  Lightning Spear  ♦  Lightning Stake  ♦  Lightning Storm  ♦  Magic Barrier  ♦  Med Heal  ♦  Projected Heal  ♦  Replenishment  ♦  Sacred Oath  ♦  Seek Guidance  ♦  Soothing Sunlight  ♦  Sunlight Spear  ♦  Tears of Denial  ♦  Vow of Silence  ♦  Way of White Corona  ♦  Wrath of the Gods


    • Anonymous

      23 Feb 2020 19:12  

      60 faith with a Yorshka chime + 10 nets 370 hp per cast and at a very good speed. One of the best miracles at high faith.

      • Anonymous

        10 Jul 2019 06:24  

        You’re looking for the*****tiest heal for fp/heal ratio? well look no further than this , by far the worst heal in the game , if you need passive healing , stick with the old wolf’s curved greatsword with pontiff’s right eye , you get 30 heal every 3 hits and get an extra 120 every 5 hits , add the ring that add 30 heal per kill with arstor’s spear strapped on your back and get an other 30 heal per kill , ***** this*****ty heal and stick with the regen gear that is viable until Sl 100+ where having over 1000 , hp regen is way slower than when you had 500-800

        • Anonymous

          23 Apr 2019 12:28  

          Now i have 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 dislikes on the post below on this and other heal pages, if that doesn't prove someone's messing with me then i don't know what does... i have 2 on this page and 1, 3, 4 and 5 are on the other heal pages...

          • Anonymous

            20 Apr 2019 19:55  

            @the anon who went on literally all of the heal pages I'd posted my comment on and spammed dislikes, you're being childish and if you'd had an argument you would've said it instead of what you did. Really telling... i had so many more likes than dislikes on those comments for months and now suddenly i have suspiciously exactly 17 dislikes on most of them? Transparent af. Hopefully this doesn't stop people from actually giving what i was saying some thought... i know i tend to ignore posts with more dislikes anyways...

            • Anonymous

              20 Oct 2018 02:57  

              I wonder if the DS3 community is ever going to realize that there is literally no logical reason why a cleric can't use the heal spells in PvP? The running reason right now is literally just "no". There isn't an actual argument or reason why and any time i bring this up the response is always "well it's not allowed", which is a funny response considering i'm challenging whether or not it should even be disallowed. Another funny response i've gotten is "i don't want to fight you if you're going to heal" (not me, i don't usually heal, this was said in a discussion about healing as a "reason" not to), which i find great as i didn't realize i could just... Decide what others can and can't use based on my tastes. The rule was just carried over from the previous games and, for some reason, no one has thought to actually scrutinize the spells to see if they actually shouldn't be used. Great heal and up will completely take your stamina, leaving you open for hits, the casting animations at max casting speed are slow enough to easily punish with a backstab on any of them except maybe projected heal/heal aid and givin how many run around with the hornet ring on you'll actually LOSE hp and you have to invest in faith to even use them along with dex or a ring slot for casting speed and ashen estus to compensate for the fact that heals actually take MORE FP than the attack miracles of their tier. At the very least they should be allowed a certain number of uses, but i personally believe it should be allowed at your discretion as with any other action/magic that you have to invest in to use. Thoughts? Also, no non-arguments like "git gud", "no" or "it's not allowed". I can understand it not being allowed in situations where you're 1v1ing someone REALLY high in level havel-monstering it up as your punish might not cover the heal, but meta range and below is entirely different as 2 hits is usually around half your hp at meta and below your heals heal less unless you invest in faith and lose out on other stat investments.

              • Anonymous

                10 Nov 2016 02:22  

                Actually surprisingly useful. This spell uses the least stamina of any healing miracle, takes the least time to execute, and you don't kneel when you cast it. Also not that bad where FP is concerned. Sure it offers less overall healing, but it does 150% your spell buff for a mere 27 FP. With larger FP bars, this can be amazing for dodging behind a building, healing, and jumping out with your sword primed.

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