Great Heal is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Miracle you must use a Chime, Talisman or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles.

Great Heal

Spell Type


Focus Consumption FP 65
Attunement Slots Slots 1
 Faith 25



Glorious miracle used by high-ranking clerics. Restores a large amount of HP for self and those in the vicinity.

Only a select few have learned to recite this epic tale in its entirety, but those who do are amply rewarded.


Acquired From



  • Restores HP equal to 550% * Spell Buff of used Chime or Talisman
  • Unaffected by miracle boosting rings.
  • When the button is held down you can delay the healing, ideal for co-op partners to get inside the radius.
  • This is a strong spell mid-game for support-oriented builds, as it has considerable healing and a large AoE.
  • Healing range is buffed by the Sacred Chime of Fillianore.


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    • Anonymous

      Wiki doesn't imply that the Miracle is found off of a Man-grub corpse, very interesting, what business does it even have there? Specially for being one of the select few of high clerics

      • Anonymous

        What u see: a healing method that is almost game breaking in duels.

        What i see: free heal for myself with dark hand.

        • Anonymous

          I love healing in the arena :) Project heal is the only broken healing spell since it doesn’t cost a ton of stamina or come with an ez back stab window. How to counter the fair healing spells? Stay close but safe distance if your opponent is running away like a coward, watch out for his surprise 0 skill r1 spam when you get close. Fully Charge an r2 during the heal if you can’t backstab then release right when the heal hits. He now has no stamina and you can r1 him to death while he can’t roll. NEVER backstab unless you’re sure it will kill him before the heal hits. While down he gets up with all his stamina back and any regen and may still have more shenanigans to try

          • Anonymous

            If Estus isn't allowed in your little duels, then miracles heals definitely should be. They invested time to learn miracles and raise their FP to cast them, just the same as a pyromancer does. Getting upset that someone heals with miracles is akin to getting upset that someone casts Fire Orb.

            • Anonymous

              I love seeing people with estus dripping off their chins complain about spears of the church using this It is so satisfying to my ears

              • Anonymous

                For whoever defends the usage of this spell in pvp: just wait until a spear of the church at 1/4 of his health cast this while inside of the spear fragment safezone. You'll see things very differently then.

                • Anonymous

                  If you're doing PvP invasions, it's fine to heal if you judge the situation unfair. There's always a chance you invade a host with his gank squad. Most hosts only fight close to the bonfire because they are salty and summon phantoms, or are fine if they lose as long as their souls drop close by. Also it's your invasion. If the host gives you time and space, you should heal. They can always beeline for the boss and send you away, or run off a cliff. Embers aren't hard to come by.

                  In the Hollow Arena, healing means putting a band aid on your mistakes and extending matches longer than needed. Estus is banned in duels because they only last 3mins. If you run a miracle build specifically to able to heal in duels, you make the fight less about skill and more about covering your ass. Heals are alright in my book, but I'll try to punish and shame on me if I let you get away with it. Still, nobody wants to waste time in a stand off of attrition only for it to end in a draw.

                  Just like the recommended meta level, unspoken rules exist because there is a norm the community wants to maintain, which is quick arena duels on even ground. Every build can do melee, ranged, heavy damage, etc. There are spells, weapons, charged R2, bows, crossbows, & items that substitute what other builds can do better. A melee build can equip crossbows for some easy ranged capabilities. Physical builds can do lightning damage with urns, arrows, or infusions. Mages can use raw infusions, add a buff on top of that, and even have dedicated spells that do elemental versions of charged attacks. But only FTH builds can heal.

                  Healing often in 1v1 duels is basically like falling on purpose and pretending to be hurt in pro football. You can do it for an advantage or strategy if you want, but if you do it to cover your ass and prolong the fight, people will think you a weasel. Personally, I'm alright with heals. I'll just deal, or lose. The arena won't go away, and there are plenty of people to fight.

                  Go ahead and heal if you want, but those are all the reasonable excuses people find healing annoying in PvP, especially in the arena (even if they can't quite place it). Don't be surprised if better players beat you anyway, and literally throw **** at your scattering ashes. Salt begets salt.

                  • Anonymous

                    If you let someone cast this in any form of PvP they earned it.. takes forever.. so you either suck at punishing or they fought to time it

                    • Anonymous

                      So at 60 faith with yoshka chime, you could heal 247*5.5 = 1358.5, at a cost of 65 FP. This is way more economical than healing with estus. A +10 Ashen estus gives you 3 great heals which equals to more than 6 +10 estus flask (given that you have 200 FP bar of course)

                      • Anonymous

                        best no-bonfire run build: this spell (great heal) + estus flask+10 + estus ring + ashen estus ring + aldrich's sapphire + farron ring + simple gem infused parrying shield on the offhand (left hand) + simple gem infused [insert your favourite infuseable weapon] on the main hand (right hand) + Priest's Chime for the Gentle Prayer chant which costs low amount of FP and because of the low faith requirement from it

                        • I have only two miracles on my current faith build. Lightning weapon for glorious damage and Great heal for punishing dodgy mages who like to keep their distance for comfy spellcasting. Why on earth would slowass healyheal magic be forbidden when its perfectly ok to use homing hurtyhurt crystal magic? Y'all just mad for your own incompetence. Whiners must be the same people who keep complaining about parrying and declare every single weapon in the game OP.

                          • Anonymous

                            I wonder if the DS3 community is ever going to realize that there is literally no logical reason why a cleric can't use the heal spells in PvP? The running reason right now is literally just "no". There isn't an actual argument or reason why and any time i bring this up the response is always "well it's not allowed", which is a funny response considering i'm challenging whether or not it should even be disallowed. Another funny response i've gotten is "i don't want to fight you if you're going to heal" (not me, i don't usually heal, this was said in a discussion about healing as a "reason" not to), which i find great as i didn't realize i could just... Decide what others can and can't use based on my tastes. The rule was just carried over from the previous games and, for some reason, no one has thought to actually scrutinize the spells to see if they actually shouldn't be used. Great heal and up will completely take your stamina, leaving you open for hits, the casting animations at max casting speed are slow enough to easily punish with a backstab on any of them except maybe projected heal/heal aid and givin how many run around with the hornet ring on you'll actually LOSE hp and you have to invest in faith to even use them along with dex or a ring slot for casting speed and ashen estus to compensate for the fact that heals actually take MORE FP than the attack miracles of their tier. At the very least they should be allowed a certain number of uses, but i personally believe it should be allowed at your discretion as with any other action/magic that you have to invest in to use. Thoughts? Also, no non-arguments like "git gud", "no" or "it's not allowed". I can understand it not being allowed in situations where you're 1v1ing someone REALLY high in level havel-monstering it up as your punish might not cover the heal, but meta range and below is entirely different as 2 hits is usually around half your hp at meta and below your heals heal less unless you invest in faith and lose out on other stat investments.

                            • Anonymous

                              it seems kind of redundant to have more that one heal spell (not counting replenishment, soothing sunlight, etc). there should be just one heal spell that scales with faith but instead we have heal aid, med heal, great heal i just don't get it

                              • Anonymous

                                best fp cost to heal ratio in the game if one has high (40-50) vigor and lost more than half. Like most heals is very slow and generally risky to use mid battle.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Any signifigance as to why it's found with one of Rosarias grubs, whom all seem to stay near Rosaria, all the way in Irithyll? I'm not one for lore theories, it just strikes me as strange that one of those Caster-Worms not only left Rosaria's side, but traveled quite a long ways (The back of the cathedral can be seen from the bridge and canal at Irithyll, it's no stones-throw)

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Unlike Heal and Med Heal, this page, along with Soothing Sunlight, does not specify if these spel are affected by Miracle-boosting rings. Are they?

                                    • Anonymous

                                      It does almost the same amount of heal than soothing sunlight and is more mana efficient for a pure mage build.

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