"Players will travel to the frozen land of Ariandel where they will uncover the mystery of what destroyed this land."


Ashes of Ariandel is a DLC in Dark Souls 3. It is the first of the 2 DLC's for the game and released on October 25th, priced at US$14.99 on PSN/XBL (US$24.99 for the season pass). Initial screenshots can be found in this article. Due to an error of releasing the DLC for testing, it was available for download, to owners of the season pass, during the patch on October 20th/21st between 1:00 am UTC and 7:00 am UTC. The DLC was quickly removed from the store to await its initial release date.

New Features Summary

How to Access the DLC

In order to access Ashes of Ariandel, players must purchase and download the DLC, then proceed to speak to an NPC at the Cathedral of the Deep. Warp to the Cleansing Chapel Bonfire and he will be kneeling beside the altar between the church's large doors. Speak to him and exhaust his dialogue to trigger a cutscene and you are given a piece of the painting at which point you will be transported to the beginning of the DLC. If you complete the events of The Ringed City before this then a piece of a painting will be at the corner of the shrine instead. PS4 USERS: If you purchased the season pass, you must go to the Dark Souls 3 add-on page for Ashes of Ariandel on the PlayStation Store and download each DLC individually. >You do not need to do the DLC to complete the game or any of the trophies of the game.


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    • Anonymous

      09 May 2020 00:15  

      Beginner here: so when should I go through this? I assume that most people did it after they beat the base game. But I´m wondering if it pays to do it earlier, since you can right after reaching the Cathedral

      • Anonymous

        05 Apr 2020 19:22  

        he is inside of a house in the corvian settlement he is like one of those featherless bastards except he talks if you beat the dlc and kill friede and then go back to him he gives you a titanite slab

        • Anonymous

          21 Mar 2020 20:41  

          Who is "The Crow"? Why are they listed yet i can't find anything on google for them and there isn't a wiki page?

          • 03 Mar 2019 06:18  

            Different opinions are often met with hurt feelings rather than sincere understanding of why there's criticism. So with 110% seriousness and sincerity; It's pretty, the combat and terran mix things up, it IS interesting. However it's not worth 15$, 10 max. It's short with only 2 Bosses. It was designed so that your time is spent exploring a few multi-level enviorments and looking for loot. Not time spent on actual content. 2nd) It's INTENTIONALLY designed so that several key items, weapons and access to casteble Frost Aux are placed here. Meaning it's an intentional attempt to remove stuff that should be in the regular game to goad you into buying it. This is barely above microtransaction in my eyes. If you like a game that's great but to understand how it's made means you understand better what you think is good and bad. By the way, DLC was bought for me as a gift. Otherwise I'd refused to let them or buy it all.

            • Anonymous

              19 Jan 2019 03:46  

              Just downloaded both DLC's but am a bit of way through a play through, up to the catacombs, can i still access the DLC on this playthrough or do I have to start a new one

              • Anonymous

                10 Jan 2019 15:39  

                When DLCs are made, they're usually designed to be stand-alone experiences. What impresses me more is that both AoA and TRC are both narrative halves of each other. Each stand up on their own with their respective styles and experiences, but together they complete a new chapter. It seems so obvious and novel, but almost no other DLCs are designed to recombine like this.

                • Anonymous

                  20 Jan 2018 19:41  

                  So if you go to the dreg heap first. Before you even access the painted world... gael will be gone and you cant access it..

                  • Anonymous

                    18 Dec 2017 21:15  

                    So in the beginning of the DLC after dying once near the cave you spawn in, I heard humming went back in the cave and found an NPC that no one seems to have listed before. He was sitting on the fly crap and was saying i should lay in it. Anyone know who this is?

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