Snap Freeze is a Sorcery in Dark Souls 3. It is part of the Ashes of Ariandel DLC. To cast a sorcery you must use a Staff or Special Weapons that can cast Sorceries.

Snap Freeze

Spell Type Sorcery
Focus Consumption FP cost 16
Attunement Slots Slots used 1
Requirements 18 Intelligence
Type Ranged Attack


One of the spells left behind by the young sorcerer Sulyvahn before leaving the Painted World. Creates a cloud of near-freezing mist.

Sulyvahn was born and raised inside the painting, yet had little use for his frigid homeland, since he had not yet experienced loss.

Acquired From


  • Releases a cloud of icy mist in front of the caster, which builds up Frostbite on foes.
  • Frost buildup is unaffected by the caster's Intelligence.
  • The freeze effect will deal damage equal to around 15% of the victim's max health, as well as provide a damage weakness and stamina regeneration debuff for the duration of its effect. This makes it incredibly useful.
  • Because the clouds last for a while, it is possible to apply multiple frostbite procs on a single target if fire damage is used.
  • Since frostbite effect on the target is reset when struck with any kind of fire damage, this spell can be used in tandem with Fire Surge to deal surprising amounts of damage for low FP cost. Do note however that you would need to use two catalysts at the same time.
  • Bosses such as Oceiros and Dragonslayer Armour are really susceptible to Frostbite. This spell guarantees its application when used against them.
  • The sound will oddly stop abruptly if the player drinks an Estus Flask immediately after casting this spell, even though this doesn't happen for any other action.


  • "Snap Freeze" is a term for the process of rapidly cooling a substance, typically for the purpose of preservation.
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    • Anonymous

      06 Sep 2020 13:18  

      Use the inmolation tinder and this spell. Cast this while the enemy is unaware of you (or after an attack) and poke it with the fire halberd to keep it in place. If it stays away from you, use the wa.

      • Anonymous

        09 May 2020 02:40  

        Gael killer!!!! Use storyteller staff in offhand to cast this and use the storyteller WA to poison, in main hand demon scar, to reset frostbite and to cast toxic mist. Poison spore, toxic, and constant frostbite has made it possible to end the SK Gael fight in 56 seconds after the phase 2 cutscene, all at base level stats.

        • Anonymous

          08 May 2020 13:52  

          Snap Freeze, Toxic Mist, and a whip are enough to make bosses, enemies, and other players sit still if you use them right.

          • Anonymous

            10 Jul 2019 03:41  

            Sooooo.... anyone know if this goes through walls? Cause I spam it through obstacles in the pvp arenas, and it looks like it goes through, but I've never gotten the frost through a wall, so I got no idea if it actually works

            • Anonymous

              31 Jul 2017 03:26  

              I think this spell is actually pretty decent... Here's a big ol' pile of text explaining why in case someone besides me cares.

              - Snap Freezing a crowd of enemies or a big bad is an easy way of getting some damage in while also lowering enemy defenses to your attacks since Frostbite as a status effect isn't just Bleed Junior, its a debuff on the side. But to add some more utility for the damage side of things and otherwise, here's some info I've gathered from field-testing.
              - Frostbite is healed by fire damage, if you use the spell on a slow enemy you can throw Firebombs (or use Fire Surge for quicker reaction time) to "cure" their status ailment while the mist is still there, causing them to get damaged again by the same cast as long as their resistance is low enough. Makes quick work of the Elder Ghru (the big ones) that are spread around Farron Keep. Just lure the tree-trunk wielding bastards to those little fires spread around the swamp, cast Snap Freeze and watch as they get Frostbitten, cured, Frostbitten, cured... annnnd dead. An added bonus is that Snap Freeze doesn't aggro enemies, allowing you to cast, wait for it to proc and then add fire to the mix for double the effect. That or sneak up with your footsteps silenced to backstab the enemy with a dagger for a boosted critical. That hollow was just one day away from retirement too...
              - The frost + fire method can also be used on bosses that don't have full resistance to Frost, Dragonslayer Armour being a prime candidate cause he's actually weak to the stuff and has some moves that leave him open for ranged attacks for the moment. All around a good spell to have around for your playthrough, aside some areas due to immunity and such. Easy to get early on with a quick run through Ariandel too so there really isn't a reason to NOT use it over everything else since most of the better damage spells are further in the game anyway.

              - First off if you have a weapon that causes Frost build-up you should use Snap Freeze, casting it immediately after landing three or so consecutive hits. Manual aim the spell to cover up the area where you think your opponent is about to roll and chase after for an additional cast or primary weapon attacks if the first wasn't enough to proc the effect.
              - I personally tested the previously mentioned with a high DEX low INT Crow Quills build, buffing with Frozen Weapon and all that. Quick attacks and weapon combos (namely the R1 > L1 stabfest with the Quills) and then one-handing to pull out a staff results in snow since HO HO HO Christmas came early this year MOTHERFU-... Point is it worked, I managed to get Frostbite inflicted on at least every other duel I played depending on weapon match up and all that fun stuff. Using Bundles for a quick elemental buff after Frostbite is recommended to really get all you can out of the other player's reduced defenses. Got to say though, Frozen Weapon isn't worth using unless you use a quick weapon since the amount of Frost it adds is always the same. A quickstepping dagger of some kind (namely the Brigand Twindaggers cause twice as many hits) could give great results but I haven't had the time to try that yet.
              - Second use is more so for utility than actually trying to catch people for the status effect, which is casting Snap Freeze and then just chilling (no pun intended) in the mist to fling out spells as you wish. Even though the build-up isn't instant people don't often feel the urge to run in just to smack your face when its still around no matter what it is you're doing in there. And that's another thing, if your opponent is close enough you can try and blast them with a surprise Crystal Soul Spear with Snap Freeze working as pseudo-camouflage.
              - Now while this works on occasion, some players have a reactive snap in their head to roll whenever they hear that thing go off so you shouldn't rely on big spells all on their own. And that's why you bring stuff like Crystal Hail and Farron Hail, maybe even Farron Dart or whatever. Could also just spam any of the homing Deep Soul spells but the point is flinging any and everything that is bothersome to avoid at your opponent. I've actually had some people run out of patience and run into Snap Freeze to try and catch me just to get caught by a longsword themselves and get Frostbitten by the spell surrounding us while stunned. Ain't that just the biggest of all *****es?

              Its a real crying shame more people don't give this spell a chance. It offers great utility for PvE and PvP. Ah well... I'll just keep on using it all on my lonesome while humming a certain song. Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow...

              • Anonymous

                11 Apr 2017 19:04  

                Cast this with the storyteller staff then switch to a bleed weapon, and you've got yourself the most annoying proc build ever :P

                • Anonymous

                  02 Apr 2017 17:31  

                  this works great on Gael. makes him totally freeze up for a lil bit. shout out to the phantom i summoned that did this and poison mist while i bashed with a hammer. he was tough on NG++

                  • Anonymous

                    16 Mar 2017 08:09  

                    Meh, personally I think there should have been Frozen Soul and Great Frozen Soul. Lesser versions of the soul arrows but with frost build up.

                    • Anonymous

                      09 Mar 2017 17:00  

                      I always keep this handy when invading, especially in places with choke points and hallways (like the Grand Archives).

                      It doesn't do***** for damage, but people are terrified of it and you can easily keep them in certain areas. Especially if you're trying to disengage and resposition. POCKET SAND!

                      Using it with the Obscuring Ring is a good way to piss people off.
                      They'll never catch the Phantom of the Archives.

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