Dark Orb does not exist in Dark Souls III. This page exists so that people stop creating it, but is locked as this sorcery is not present in the game.

Please see Great Deep Soul for the actual sorcery this is confused with.


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    • Anonymous

      28 Jan 2017 08:38  

      There is an unfinished pyromancy called Dark Orb, which is the dark version of Fireball, a weaker form of Black Fire Orb.

      • Dark Orb / Great Deep Soul10 Apr 2016 15:18  

        The information on this one should probably be transferred over to the Great Deep Soul page, and all links redirected to that one.

        • Deep Soul 2.0?02 Apr 2016 12:34  

          Is this spell actually called Dark Orb? The icon looks more like a bigger Deep Soul, and when cast it behaves like a larger Deep Soul and looks or acts nothing like Dark Orb.It'd be interesting if that really were the real name, though.

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