Lightning Urn is a Projectile in Dark Souls 3.

Lightning Urn

Dragon-hunting tool used by Lothric knights.
Explodes upon contact, inflicting lightning damage.

The knights of Lothric have since tamed dragons, but were once hunters of dragons themselves.

This explains their special hunting gear, and why they worshipped the sun.


Lightning Urn Usage

  • Explodes upon contact, inflicting lightning damage.
  • One use only.



Lightning Urn Locations

  • Sold by the Handmaid in Firelink Shrine, after giving her Greirat's Ashes from Lothric Castle.
  • Can be traded with Pickle Pee / Pump a Rum, the crows on the roof of Firelink Shrine for the Iron Helm
  • 6x sold by Greirat after looting the undead settlement.
  • 4x found in Archdragon Peak outside the first building inside the Ancient Wyvern boss area.
  • 3x found on the way out of the moat beneath the dragons in Lothric Castle.
  • 6x found past the bridge beneath the dragons outside the gate of Lothric Castle.




  • A good projectile for Faith builds due to it's S scaling in Faith.
  • If Greirat dies on his second outing, you will not be able to purchase the Lightning Urn from the Handmaid.




  • Trivia goes here


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    • Anonymous

      12 Nov 2018 00:19  

      After running miracle builds, pyromancer builds, infusion builds, and everything else that incorporates some amount of faith, I've concluded that these stupid ass urns are the best offensive miracle in the game.

      • Anonymous

        09 Mar 2017 19:03  

        Geriat has a story line and depending on when you obtain his ashes wI'll determine how many lightning urn you can purchase from giving his ashes to the hand maiden. You have to complete his story line to get infinite lightning urn buying capabilities. If you don't you can only buy 6.
        -Shawn B Thompson

        • Anonymous

          29 Jan 2017 21:24  

          I have a low level build without much str/dex investment. Would these be better damage than black firebombs?


          • Anonymous

            Greirats ashes14 Aug 2016 08:34  

            It should be noted that Greirat only sells 6, and the Handmaid sells unlimited after giving her his ashes after his Lothric Castle pillage.

            • Anonymous

              The shrine maiden sells an unlimited amount of those18 Jul 2016 14:40  

              The shrine maiden can sell an unlimited stock lightning urns after obtaining Greirat's ashes from Lothric's castle.

              • Anonymous

                Where does Greirat have to pillage in order to buy these?24 Jun 2016 06:06  

                I have seen numerous people use these in the Pontiff PvP arena as though they could be bought in unlimited amounts, but as far as I know, Greirat never has these available in unlimited amounts... Anyone know?

                • Anonymous

                  Lightning urn location22 Apr 2016 07:13  

                  6 lightning urns can also be found near the Lothric Castle, Dragon Barracks bonfire, in the area where the dragons spew fire.

                  • Anonymous

                    Lothric Knights.12 Apr 2016 17:39  

                    "This explains their special hunting gear, and why they worshipped the sun." THEY WERE SUN BROS THE ENTIRE TIME??????!?!?!?!?!?!

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