Lightning Urn is a Projectile in Dark Souls 3.

Lightning Urn

Dragon-hunting tool used by Lothric knights.
Explodes upon contact, inflicting lightning damage.

The knights of Lothric have since tamed dragons, but were once hunters of dragons themselves.

This explains their special hunting gear, and why they worshipped the sun.


Lightning Urn Usage

  • Explodes upon contact, inflicting lightning damage.
  • One use only.



Lightning Urn Locations

  • Sold by the Handmaid in Firelink Shrine, after giving her Greirat's Ashes from Lothric Castle.
  • Can be traded with Pickle Pee / Pump a Rum, the crows on the roof of Firelink Shrine for the Iron Helm
  • 6x sold by Greirat after looting the undead settlement.
  • 4x found in Archdragon Peak outside the first building inside the Ancient Wyvern boss area.
  • 3x found on the way out of the moat beneath the dragons in Lothric Castle.
  • 6x found past the bridge beneath the dragons outside the gate of Lothric Castle.




  • A good projectile for Faith builds due to it's S scaling in Faith.
  • If Greirat dies on his second outing, you will not be able to purchase the Lightning Urn from the Handmaid.




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