Dung Pie is a Projectile in Dark Souls 3.

Dung Pie

Dried fecal waste material, moist on the inside.

Throw at enemy to inflict toxin build-up, but also ups your own toxicity.

Though the stench makes it difficult to carry on one's person, inflicting toxins on an enemy yields high damage over time. Perhaps some Undead have fond memories of waste. Or, perhaps not.


Dung Pie Usage

  • Inflicts Toxic on foes foes, but also affects oneself.
  • Extremely useful against bosses that are able to be poisoned.



Dung Pie Locations







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    • Anonymous

      20 Jun 2019 18:49  

      An easy tool for killing npcs if youre having too much trouble. You can even hit them from behind with them and they wont notice

      • Anonymous

        06 Feb 2019 18:22  

        I kind of want to make a SL 6 "PvP" build with this. Start deprived, go hollow to get 12 INT and the rest on VIG, get Pale Shade's help to kill Abyss Watchers (and get Farron ring) and use Storyteller's staff to cheese Wolnir (Deacons will be easy enough, I shouldn't need the NPC summons). Just run through Irrythil to get to the Ashes in the sewer. Worker Hat & Pants, Exile Chest, Master's Glove, and Poisonbite Ring nets you 369 poison/toxic resist to throw crap to your heart's content. You could even toss in a Rotten Ghru Dagger and name your character "Bret Michaels". Return to High Wall of Lothric where people don't have enough health or estus to tank that sh*t and certainly don't have any purple moss. Yes, I am a terrible person but, to be fair, it's a less cancerous build than the dark hand.

        • 07 Sep 2018 14:56  

          At only fifty souls, they're quite cheap and pretty useful against invading NPCs, and also effective against Mimics without rousing them, if you aim properly. Take my advice, never underestimate the power of a steaming pile of hollow*****.

          • Anonymous

            02 May 2017 05:16  

            These are great for taking out tough enemies because hitting them won't cause them to argo! Useful on Jailers especially.

            • Anonymous

              25 Apr 2017 22:04  

              "Sold by the Shrine Handmaid, after giving her the Excrement-covered Ashes, for 50 souls each" please, you have to be greedy to charge for giving you*****.

              • Anonymous

                21 Mar 2017 14:38  

                "Perhaps some Undead have fond memories of waste. Or, perhaps not." Obviously a reference to Dark Souls 1 and Blighttown ( where it has enemies that drop them )

                • Anonymous

                  03 Nov 2016 01:48  

                  Today when I got summoned as a mad phantom, I dropped a dung pie for my host. Then he dropped an item for me, and when I picked it up it was a Soul of a Great Champion. Dung pies are worth a lot to some people.

                  • Anonymous

                    Did it get nerfed cuzz this item is ***** in PVP11 Sep 2016 00:22  

                    I made a character centered on throwing poop and poison knives at a very low level. I'm locked to lvl 6. I've had numerous occasions where I've repeatedly hit my target with the dung pie with their shield down and there has been 0 sign of a toxicity proc. Sometimes 3 pies in a row over the course of about 10 seconds and the target is JUST, NOT, POISONED! I know my luck is pretty low at 10 but come on! I'm slinging ***** all over the place! My next step is adding toxic cloud to the arsenal because this build is still a lot of fun. All my souls go into ammo and utilities.

                    • Anonymous

                      PVP Etiquette30 Jul 2016 12:16  

                      I've never really seen this being used in PVP, in PVP duels even more so. I just want to play the game and do PVP which is a FROM-given feature of this game. And when I lose I understand that the guy who beat me is entitled to bragging rights. So I take the loss like a man, give my one-sided kudos, shrug the salt off, and move on to the next PVP. But throwing this at me after I die, that's *****ty sportsmanship.I've always thought Dark Souls online community was above those of other games, like COD, CSGO or MOBA games. At least those games let you mute messages & voice chat from rude players. And it's bad enough you can teabag people with the Patches Squat gesture, but being able to literally throw ***** at people, this is the cream of the crap. I hope FROM fixes the use of this item in the next patch so that you can't throw it if you don't have a target.

                      • Anonymous

                        similarity23 Jun 2016 03:37  

                        First time i picked this up, it gave me a creep because i thought it was poop of the giant. Its appearance was so like poop.

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