Firestorm is a Pyromancy in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Pyromancy you must use a Flame or Special Weapons that can cast Pyromancies.


Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 2
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 18 Intelligence/ 0 Faith
Type AoE



Primal pyromancy taught by Quelana, a daughter of the Witch of Izalith.

Surrounds the caster with multiple pillars of flame.

The raging storm is indiscriminate; such is the intrinsic horror of the flame.


Acquired From




  • Deals (spell buff x 1.75) damage per pillar, and can hit multiple times.
  • Uses 2 FP 19 times and ~95 stamina to cast.
  • Can still be cast if you have less than 38 FP for fewer fire pillars, but still uses the full stamina cost.
  • Has an upgrade in Chaos Storm.
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    • Anonymous

      Why bother even putting a pyromancy like this into the game when it's outclassed by literally every other pyromancy. Atrocious cast time, no hyper armor, no guarantee of max damage ever, hits rely solely on luck, but hey at least it looks cool right

      • Anonymous

        Not the spell it was in either Dark Souls 1 or 2. Lower damage and different poise rules makes it both risky to attempt and for a lower payoff. This thing used to be able to fill up a hallway or a bridge in undodgeable scorching flames and was one of the kings of gank spanks - you either tried to stop the caster or took advantage of the long animation to score a ranged hit, but you respected the damn spell. Now the mighty Fire Storm is good for neither ganks nor spanks.

        • Anonymous

          For anyone wondering this is better than chaos storm in that it only takes 1 slot instesd of 2 and it uses 33% less fp but it deals about 10% less dmg per flame. The dmg difference is negligeable honestly and i'd rather save up 33% fp to be able to use it more than go for an extra 150~200 dmg the spell deals about 500-600 per flame so sometimes you deal 1000-1200 dmg, the extra 200 dmg seems meh honestly. All numbers are rough estimates for +10 pyro flame, 40/40 all 3 pyro boosting rings.

          • Anonymous

            This spell is awful. No wonder the witches were engulfed by flame, considering the horrible aim it has. How the helk can this useless trash miss midir s stomach!?

            • Anonymous

              This is... bad. Not worth a slot on pve or pvp. Too long to cast, no hyperarmour when casting, not 100% sure to hit your target even if he's right in front of you, and it depends on your target having poise or being on hyperarmour frames AND standing still to deal full damage... wich is less than a single Chaos Bed Vestiges. Much faster, more damage, better dps, you can aim it... just better.

              • Anonymous

                Works pretty well, as a mid-range attack. A little long to cast but rewarding, when used at the right time.

                • Anonymous

                  Not counting the lava danage from Chaos Storm, which storm spell has the greater initial damage output? Or are they the same?

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