Fire Whip is a Pyromancy in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Pyromancy you must use a Flame or Special Weapons that can cast Pyromancies.

Fire Whip

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 2
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 13 Intelligence/ 8 Faith
Type Melee Attack



Primal pyromancy taught by Quelana, daughter of the Witch of Izalith. Sweeps foes with a fire whip.

The caster manipulates the flames at will, making this an extremely difficult spell to use.

Pyromancy is at once the knowledge of controlling flame, and the knowledge that control is impossible.


Acquired From




  • Deals (spell buff x 0.65) damage per hit.
  • Each projectile has a small knockback effect and it fires 15-20ish per cast. This can be good for slowing or breaking the block of smaller things. Each fire projectile also homes in slightly on whoever the caster is locked on to.
  • Very efficient damage:focus ratio.
  • This spell is incredibly powerful if the first hit lands, as it will do a lot of damage and stunlock the victim for the entire duration while pushing them away from the caster. However its slow cast time, and the fact that it locks you in place for its whole cast, makes it hard to use in PVP.
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    • Anonymous

      This has some pretty high damage but it takes a while to cast and has low range, so by the time you try to cast this an LKS or a PKCS would have already gave you a couple hits.

      • Anonymous

        Its 14 ticks presicely. Every time. Have counted.

        For all to hit you need close to perfect positioning.

        So total fp cost of this spell is 28 fp (2x14)

        This spell can potentialy be the strongest in the game. However, flat resistances absolutely gutters it.

        Even so, at 45/45 with gsr,owr and fcr rings on + power whitin a full hit does on avg 800+ dmg in pvp. Against non-strenght builds that is. My pb is squeesing out a 1,1k fire whip on a squichy sorc. It was a one-shot.

        And to correct the wiki. I will repeat. A perfect hit is always 14 ticks. Never 15-20 like the wiki states.

        • Anonymous

          So does this even work now?... I have never landed real damage with it.. I never used it "pre nerf".. can't tell if its worth mastering

          • Anonymous

            This spell is guaranteed damage if used after a greathammer s stagger (and might even open the target for another slam)

            • Anonymous

              People narking this spell when it deals 800-1000 to well armored players at 40/40..... its even good in pve if you arent literally retarded.

              • Anonymous

                the worst spell i have seen in years , no tracking , huge cost for the very low damage , long cast time , looks like***** and absolutely no use , cost about 30 fp , low range , low damage*****ty overcasting animation that makes you highly vulnerable for about 4 second , and first of all , that’s not a whip , that’s just a dog’s piss trail that cought on fire you’re shooting from your hand , stick with no weapon instead , its more damaging and it only cost bravery , no FP

                • Anonymous

                  God, I miss the Fire Whip from DS2. Do any of you remember how good it was? Stupidly wide angles that covered nearly both sides, if you had two pyro gloves, very respectable damage, and instant full range when casted. The only thing that hindered it was its casting speed, which wasn't too slow if you had the spell speed maxed. THIS Fire Whip however, while does the most damage of all pyromancies (to my knowledge), simply does not have the range covering speed nor angles to properly deal with the quickness of players. Sometimes it's not fast enough for PvE! Even if you manage to cast it, I have had scenarios that ended in only one tick of the fire hitting and me losing the trade heavily.

                  An absolutely disheartening spell for pyromancers that I very quickly replaced with Profaned Flame for its usefulness in ganking scenarios.

                  • Anonymous

                    Since patch 1.05, or maybe it's the regulation which did it, the Fire Whip is now useless in PVP (and always was in PVE), because you are stuck in the animation once the flames come out of your hand, meaning that if you didn't immediately stagger your opponent, he has plenty of time to lazy walk around you and backstab you.

                    • Anonymous

                      You can find the Quelana pyromancy tome near the Old Demon king Antechamber bonfire (underneath the smouldering lake, which in turn lies underneath the High king fight in the Cartharus catacombs)

                      • Anonymous

                        So this may be a dumb question but.... Why does it say the fp cost is 2 if it's clearly more than 2 to cast?

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