Chaos Bed Vestiges is a Pyromancy in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Pyromancy you must use a Flame or Special Weapons that can cast Pyromancies.

Chaos Bed Vestiges

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 35
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 2
Requirements 20 Intelligence/ 10 Faith
Type Ranged Attack



Traces of the tumultuous seedbed that birthed the beings known as Demons.

Hurls chaos flame that scorches vicinity.

Demons born from fire bore its smoldering essence and perished soon after. Man shares this rapport with the flames to this day.


Acquired From



  • This pyromancy previously went under the name "Forbidden Sun" in Dark Souls II.
  • Has a better arc (more straight) but shorter range than the orb pyromancies. 
  • Has an AOE that damages enemies it flies near. However, this damage is fairly weak (210 vs 848 main damage) and ceases once it strikes something. Despite the look of the pyromancy, the main projectile itself has a fairly small hitbox.
  • Damage is decent for single target (848 vs 694 via chaos orb without the lava).
  • Quite effective in PvP for catching fleeing players, punishing Estus heals, and hitting multiple players at once.
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    • Anonymous

      04 Mar 2019 01:27  

      @the guy below: GCFO isn't a suitable replacement for this, I'd even say that this is clearly the better spell. Have them both? Wise choice as both are useful in different ways. Replace vestiges for GCFO? No, i wouldn't say so since GCFO is easier to dodge by simply standing still till it's cast and then going on a leisurely walk left or right. Vestiges chains with any r1. R1-->vestiges is a true combo. It 2-3 shots anyone and casts instantly. You can interrupt a straight sword r1. GCFO shines better in blindsiding and baiting people into the pool when they rush you. I can't say that GCFO's very slight damage advantage is worth the slower cast. It only even hits more if the pool AND orb hit. Vestiges has a wider hitbox too.

      • Anonymous

        03 Mar 2019 04:03  

        Just use Great Chaos Fire Orb, It is much more useful than Vestiges, cheaper, versatile and still deals as much damage with the DoT lava pool.

        • Anonymous

          25 Feb 2019 19:02  

          Hey, this is pretty good. Finally a freaking spell that doesn't take 2 seconds to cast and still does decent damage. I think I'll spam this.

          • Anonymous

            07 Feb 2019 20:22  

            I won't say adding faith and int requirements to pyromancies was a good idea, but out of all ones to be exempt from that rule, why did it have to be the most obnoxious one? Not extremely hard to dodge, but every ganker and their mother uses it.

            • Anonymous

              25 Oct 2018 04:31  

              The most over spammed Pyromancy second to this black serpent. just roll bois. People actually need to combo and not just throw these every four seconds. Git Gud pyro scrubs

              • Anonymous

                22 Oct 2018 16:19  

                Needs a nerf. I mean the thing is giant idk why it say's "small hitbox" when even 1m away it'll still catch you.

                • Anonymous

                  20 Sep 2018 16:58  

                  Yeah let's make this spell combo into any R1 in the game in PvP...genius decision Miyazaki. Who doesn't like getting combo'd for 1000 damage.

                  • Anonymous

                    15 Aug 2018 10:04  

                    good thing literally everyone only ever use and expect this spell makes them face roll right into great chaos orb because they were expecting to get hit like a second earlier + once people realize you use great chaos, then they suddenly become very eager to punish, I.E having black combustion thingymading ready as the immediate other spell, means u can double punish.

                    • Anonymous

                      13 May 2018 20:04  

                      There are people on here actually trying to compare great chaos fire orb to this... To argue that it could be better... -facepalm- Lets put two 40/40 pyros at each other, max casting speed from about 8 feet apart and have them cast at the same time to see which is better... Vestiges casts faster, travels WAY faster and hits more if you aren't counting the pool in... It isn't even a competition... You can interrupt a GCFO cast from close enough with vestiges... From far away you can hit them and roll out of their GCFO...

                      • Anonymous

                        06 May 2018 22:47  

                        "it's one of the only decent pyromancies" lol, what? Pyromancies are ez af to win with, Black Flame is OP af, Black Orb is about as good as great chaos fire orb, Black serpent has great tracking, Fire Surge is S tier, boulder heave has a huge hitbox and good damage, Flame fan is a great pyromancy in general, profaned flame is good if free aimed, sacred flame hits like a truck, seething chaos is situationally useful and floating chaos is good for crowd control, warmth for healing. Power within has the highest damage increase, iron flesh is OP if combined with plenty of things, if we're talking pve then rapport literally breaks the game... These are examples of very common pyromancies besides great chaos fire orb/chaos bed vestiges used BECAUSE they're easily viable or downright OP. Boulder Heave and Profaned Flame are used less than the others, but you see Profaned Flame every once in a while and Boulder Heave very rarely when people are trolling with the huge hitbox.

                        • Anonymous

                          17 Apr 2018 16:21  

                          Clearly needs balanced, there, i said it. Not worth arguing that it doesn't, if you can honestly do the mental gymnastics necessary to say that this is balanced you need a gold medal. "But... Stamina and fp cost!", doesn't matter. Not nearly enough to offset this spell's speed and damage. I'm not willing to argue that. Get on youtube for 2 seconds to see why. "Dodge!", redundant when it casts fast enough to interrupt pretty much anything. It just really doesn't make sense that this spell is just so superior in every way to literally every other spell AND wrecks melee'ers because this can cast quick enough to hit a straight sword user in an r1. Speed needs nerfed for sure, faster than any other top tier spell at max casting speed and pretty much any other as well. 2 hits EVERYONE, but i don't think it needs nerfed into the ground, so a speed and a LIGHT damage nerf would do it.

                          • Anonymous

                            21 Feb 2018 02:59  

                            Seems to cast faster than GCFO, but does about 150 less damage at 40/40, closer to 300 less if you consider the lava lash damage source.

                            I'd say it's AOE potential isn't a massive improvement over GCFO either. Pretty situational imo. Plus it doesn't look or feel as cool as GCFO.

                            • Anonymous

                              21 Jan 2018 15:48  

                              I don't get the item text. Mainly "Demons born from fire bore its smoldering essence and perished soon after. Man shares this rapport with the flames to this day." I just can't make any sense of this.

                              • Anonymous

                                02 Sep 2017 16:18  

                                I like the name 'Forbbiden Sun better.' 'Chaos Bed Vestiges' sounds like something the Witch of Izalith wore a a necklace.

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