Mad King
level_icon.jpg Vigor Attunement Endurance Vitality
 21  15* 10  15*  17* 
Strength Dexterity Intelligence Faith Luck
 13  10  10 25   10
*Increased by 5 points (Prisoner's Chain)

Once, a mad king was born to the pygmy royalty and Shira, knight of Filianore, put him to rest.
But Shira's cross spear, unable to kill the undying king, only pinned itself to him.
Shira delivered them together to the darkroom, where she stayed and held them close.







  • Build Name: Mad King
  • Build Level: 21
  • Build Focus: PvP
  • Build Main Stat: Faith
  • Link:


Build Equipment


Build Strategy

Buff your weapon with dark blade, change to your caestus for a little FP refresh and the 2-Hand your main weapon.

Most of the time you'll 2-Hit-Kill phantoms and even the host.
Try this combo: L2 -> R1 (add an another R1 if you think it's worth it)


Have fun to dominate as THE MAD KING


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    • Anonymous

      I finally happened to get this build with a fresh character lvl 21, max weapon upgrade = +2 all alone, and I have to say that I am pretty disappointed. Ok the build does a lot of damage, but in return, due to not having steel ring +3 and prisoner's chain lowering defenses even more, you become very squichy too. Finally about this statement: "Most of the time you'll 2-Hit-Kill phantoms and even the host"; each hit deals above 200 damage, it takes most of the time 4 to 5 hits. Perhaps I missed something with this build...

      my thoughts in short:

      pros: cons:
      - Good damage - hard to get (I had some fun with this character though)
      - nice poise - squishy
      - Vordt slayer - pretty low range

      • Anonymous

        hey im trying this out right now, i had a sl 15 with just dark hand kicking butt with everything into hp. but now switching over to this i went lvl 19 sl... as i dont see why u added the 2 extra points to vit.. is the ringed city armor that good?

        • Anonymous

          Why would the Mad King carry the Crucifix of the Mad King? That means he'd carry a cross spear that's attached to his own skeleton. What.

          • Anonymous

            You can also save 5 SL by putting on the Priestess ring to apply Dark Blade and then switch to another ring (eg. Dark clutch)

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