Blade of Peril

blade of peril



A precarious technique unique to undead Gael. Leap in any direction, slamming the greatsword to the ground, then follow with normal attack for a large spinning slash, or strong attack to back-step and jump foward in an overhead slam.

icon fp cost 8(17/17)

Blade of Peril is a Skill in Dark Souls 3.



Weapons That Have Blade of Peril



Notes & Information

  • The Weapon Art (WA) can lead into a true combo from a R1 attack.
    • As such, a common PvP combo is R1 > WA  > R1
  • The initial leap can be angled at the start of the animation, in the direction the player wants.
  • The overhead slam (WA > R2) has almost a full 180° degree angling, if performed correctly.
    • The movement input of the angle starts as soon as the small backwards leap ends its animation.
      • Said small backward leap can also change it's direction at the start of its animation. Since it's a backward leap, the player must press the opposite movement key of the direction they want to go (so if you want to move to the right, press the left movement key)
      • Performing both in tandem allows the player to cover longer distances in a single direction.
  • Being above 100% equip load will prevent you from doing the Weapon Art.
  • It has extremely long thrust counter frames starting about a second before the end of each of the 3 attack animations. 




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    • Anonymous

      When you use the heavy you can roll out of it after the backwards jump giving you essentially a hit and run move putting good distance between you and target

      • Anonymous

        This skill is so badass if you learn to use it... somewhat situational but still shines often enough to make it worthwhile.

        The light attack is great for when you are facing one enemy with more just about to engage as well, with the heavy attack being amazing for pulling off counters and punishing someone if they try to attack between the initial slam the followup.

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