Earthen Wrath

earthen wrath


Thrust weapon into earth with a prayer to trigger explosive tremors.

icon fp cost 30(-/-)

Earthen Wrath is a Skill in Dark Souls 3.



Weapons That Have Earthen Wrath



Notes & Information

  • Creates multiple tremors that explode and launch the opponent into the air. There are three explosions, with each explosion creating more tremors that slightly spread out.
  • It takes about 3 seconds for the tremors to explode, making it unsafe to use around highly aggresive enemies. That being said, it's best used in tight spaces were the their isn't a lot of room to maneuver.
  • Gives powerful hyper armor.
  • The axe thrust deals damage.
  • The tremors will still explode even if the player is trapped in an animation where the they can't do anything (such as getting backstabbed or grabbed).




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    • Some possible uses: 1. Very deadly against the Deacons of the Deep. It will almost trivialize the fight if you're able to maintain the fp cost. 2. A viable option against bosses such as the Abyss Watchers or Friede due to its launching capabilities. Especially useful as a host or a summon because it allows them to follow up as the enemy gets up from the ground. Larger bosses and enemies that can't be launched will take multiple hits from the tremors, which can cause heavy stagger. 3. Could have some PvP use, such as casting warmth and using the WA when opponent enters the orb. In theory, It could be used to follow-up on a backstab or after an opponent has been knocked down. If done at point black they will probably try to roll away and get hit or try and attack you and get hit due to the move's hyperarmor. 4. In a team pve environment, the WA could be used to protect healers behind you or in some cases, right next to you. The tremors give a brief opening. Can also be used to stall enemies for casters. Sorry for long post. Hope this gives people ideas. :)

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