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    • Anonymous

      12 Dec 2018 23:49  

      mmmm yes give me more enemies with 5 string combos i loooooove it. give them all shields too please, i just cant get enough of it

      • Anonymous

        28 Aug 2017 04:15  

        *1400 Hours, at the Evil Headquarters of Fromsoftware...*

        Henchman 1: "Lord-Master-God-King Miyazaki sir! Our scientists have found Data that says Dark Souls 3 might be FUN TO PLAY! What should we do?!?!"
        Henchman 2: "We believe some of the starting areas might have PvE that is compelling and challenging but not overbearing and obnosious..."
        Memezaki: "Just stick a swamp in there that's full of*****lord enemies with absurd stamina and reach, have them all deal poison damage, and make it so that there are obnoxiuos feral goatmen who spam a Grapple attack that has infinite poise frames."
        Henchman 1: "It's genious! We'll get started right away! Come on number 2!"
        Henchman 2: "You don't have to tell me Twice to make an obnoxious enemy that could have been difficult but not absurd and obnoxious so that you still feel rewarded for overcoming it but instead it's just bull*****stacking against you so that the frat-boy mentality of Git-Gud can still be spewed out by Tard-wagons!"
        Henchman 1: "Let's just hope nobody figures out the level is best to just Run-Through, since the enemies drop barely any souls and theres like 2 good items total..."

        *The Henchman Scamper away, Leaving Lord-Master-God-King Miyazaki alone in his chambers...*

        Memezaki: "Now then. Back to designing a spammable weapon-art for daggers that makes PvP unbearable for anyone who had originality in mind for their builds..."

        • Anonymous

          07 Jul 2017 18:06  

          screw these guys. they are one of the reasons farrons keep is one of the most aggravating places in this game.

          • Anonymous

            12 Jan 2017 03:57  

            Given all of the connections between Farron Keep and Oolacile, would it be fair to suggest there's a relationship between Ghru and Bloatheads?

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