Hollowing in Dark Souls 3 is accumulated when the player dies while branded with a Dark Sigil. The amount of Hollowing gained per death is equal to the number of Dark Sigils in the player's inventory. At 15 or more Hollowing, the player becomes Hollow.


General Information

Speaking with Yoel of Londor allows the player to gain a free level five times in exchange for being branded with a Dark Sigil each time. While the first level up needs no hollowing, the following need respectively: 2, 6, 12 and 15. The player becomes a hollow when the hollowing counter reaches 15. Three additional Dark Sigils can be obtained from Anri of Astora through Yuria of Londor's questline, but these do not give the player any more levels.

All Sigils appear under Key Items, and each hollows the player for one point in death. For example, when three Dark Sigils are in the player's inventory, the player will gain 3 more Hollowing each time they die.

Once Yoel has given all five Sigils, he dies and Yuria of Londor appears where he used to be.



Removing Dark Sigils and Hollowing

Once the player has given the Fire Keeper the Fire Keeper Soul, she can remove the Dark Sigil from the player and remove all Hollowing, which costs a number of souls equal to the player's next five levels. The levels are not lost, the player is just paying the cost for the previously "free" levels. This will cancel Yuria's questline, Londor Pale Shade's summon signs, and make the Londor Pale Shade invade the player at certain in-game areas. Note that curing the Dark Sigil in this way will make it impossible to get any more Dark Sigils for that playthrough, and the player will not be able to get the Usurpation of Fire ending.


Reversing Hollowing

The player can reset their Hollowing counter back to zero by using a Purging Stone. Purging Stones will only reset the player's Hollowing and do not remove the Dark Sigil, and using a Purging Stone will not abort Yuria of Londor's questline. Purging Stones can be purchased from Yuria of Londor, or bought from the Shrine Handmaiden if you give her the Hollow's Ashes or Yuria's Ashes. They can be farmed from Sewer Centipedes in the Profaned Capital toxic swamp.

Alternatively, it can be healed by Velka or the Purging Monument if you select the Dissolution option.


Hollow Weapons

Obtain info about the Hollow infusion on the Upgrades page.


  • If you die while wearing a Ring of Sacrifice and are not hollow, your character will not become hollow when they revive (though you will still accrue hollowing). You can continue to postpone becoming hollow with more Rings of Sacrifice all the way up to 99 hollowing, at least until you run out of rings. Note that Hollow-infused weapons will not give their Luck bonus if you are not hollow, even if you have 15 or more hollowing.
  • As of Patch 1.03, your character loses their shadow and reflection in the water when Hollowed. This is believed to be a bug or a mistake since Hollows in Dark Souls I & II still have their shadow and reflection.


    • 04 Dec 2018 15:11  

      Real shame they couldn't put more thought into this; would've been great if they'd turned this feature into something akin to Bloodborne's Insight or Demon's Souls' World and Character Tendency, but I guess FromSoft can only find inspiration under the auspices of Allfather Sony.

      • Anonymous

        23 Nov 2018 08:58  

        So, if I'm not completely dumb, being hollow means not much in terms of gameplay. Only useful for the ending, the hollows weapons's damages and the Yuria's quest line? That's it?

        • Anonymous

          14 Jun 2018 11:47  

          Wasn't the brand original a trick of Gwyn to suck humans dry of humanity to feed the flame? Beside the "chosen one mechanic"? Now it's all let the hero make his noble sacrifice and let the sun shine...but you do realise that this will produce more armys of living corpses right? That the flame will continue to suck out humanity of humans? The reason why there were so many heated discussion in DS1? If or if not the dark lord ending is a bad one or not? Because keeping the flame burning was a very questionable decision, too. It came with a very high price for humanity!

          • Anonymous

            13 Apr 2018 06:53  

            Quick question: does hollowing your character affect the story at all? I really like the look but I don’t want to mess up the game.

            • Anonymous

              04 Feb 2018 04:20  

              I CAN'T GO HOLLOW NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES I DIE for some reason all my dark sigils go in my storage and now I can't go hollow

              • Anonymous

                30 Jan 2018 19:36  

                What if I won't progress Yuria's questline and just keep being hollow, link the flame and then just use purging stone in NG+?

                • Anonymous

                  18 Jan 2018 23:11  

                  I don’t have a hollowing count and can’t get my free levels from Yoel does anyone know why this is happening and how to get my levels?

                  • Anonymous

                    16 Jan 2018 15:08  

                    (sorrt ik im a noob but) why bother with removing hollowing? i dont see the point as there arent any clear punishments for being hollow

                    • Anonymous

                      12 Dec 2017 17:56  

                      Needs an edit in the section titled "Removing Dark Sigils and Hollowing." The cost isn't previous five levels. The cost is next five levels. You can test this by gaining one level from the pilgrim and check the cost to remove curse and next level at the fire keeper.

                      • Anonymous

                        15 Oct 2017 20:26  

                        So, not only do you get ADDED health when embered, but dying and hollowing have no real adverse effect on the game, you simply look like a zombie and thats it. Way to toss another core mechanic of the game along with sin. DS2>DS3 there I said it...

                        • Anonymous

                          13 Aug 2017 20:00  

                          Something to note that is be eh important and should be on this page is "In terms of gameplay, if your hollowing level is above 15, weapons infused with a Hollow Gem will boost the player’s Luck attribute. A +10 Hollow weapon will give a +5 bonus to Luck, which can be doubled by dual-wielding..." (

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