Yoel of Londor

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Health Souls Location Drops
???? ??? Undead Settlement Hollow's Ashes

Yoel of Londor is a NPC in Dark Souls 3.


Yoel of Londor Information

You must obtain this NPC before you kill the Abyss Watchers or else you will find him dead and therefore unable to bring him back to Firelink Shrine. On the same subject, he will also die in the Firelink Shrine after you kill the Abyss Watchers. To start his questline, select "Draw Out True Strength" from his dialogue a total of 5 times before you kill the Abyss Watchers and when he dies, Yuria of Londor will take his place.

In the rare case that all stats are maxed out and you are fully levelled, you cannot "Draw Out True Strength", therefore you cannot procceed with his questline, making it impossible to get Yuria to spawn.

  • Gives the "Beckon" Gesture.
  • Offers services as a Merchant, see Items Sold below.
  • He will be dead if not recruited before opening the door to the Catacombs of Carthus after defeating the Abyss Watchers (has not been tested, but to be safe dont fight the Abyss Watchers before recruting him.)
  • Once you have defeated the Abyss Watchers and reach the hanging bridge in the Catacombs of Carthus, he will appear dead at Hanging Bridge. You can explore the catacombs without triggering his death, just don't approach and do not cross the hanging bridge.
  • However, Yuria only appears if you have used Yoel´s service five times to receive "ample strength", as he puts it. Be sure to get all five Dark Sigil from him before you enter the area otherwise Yuria will not spawn.
  • Do NOT cleanse your Dark Sigil if you intend to complete these characters' storyline. Yuria will refuse to speak with you, and then will vanish from Firelink.
  • Appears dead after receiving all five Dark Sigils and resetting zone.
  • If you kill him after drawing out true strength 5 times, Yuria will still appear and her questline will continue as normal, except that Yoel's corpse will not be next to her.



  • You can find Yoel of Londor at Undead Settlement, where he will offer you his service. He is located just below the Foot of the High Wall bonfire). After accepting, he will relocate to Firelink Shrine and operate as a merchant. To find him in Firelink approach Blacksmith Andre, and go left, and make a left down the far hallway.


Hollowing and Levels

After Yoel moves to Firelink Shrine, select "Draw Out True Strength" from his menu options to perform this. After you use this 5 times, he will die and Yuria of Londor will appear. The opportunity to receive these free levels is tied to your Hollowing stat, which increases each time you die by an amount equal to the number of Dark Sigils you have. The first level is available with no requirements, the second at 2 hollowing, the third at 6 hollowing, the fourth at 12 hollowing, and the fifth at 15 hollowing.

As amount of hollowing per death is equal to the number of Dark Sigils you have, you only need to die twice between each next level, except for the last where you only need to die once. You will need all 5 Dark Sigils from him to achieve the Usurpation of Fire ending.

Warning: Will die prematurely if removing/healing Dark Sigils prior to receiving all 5 sigils and furthering the Yoel/Yuria questline ending the possibility of completing that questine for that NG.



  • Hollow's Ashes (spawns at Untended Graves, see below) - but ONLY when he dies before the player draws out true strength five times. This can happen in three ways: 
    • By giving the Fire Keeper Soul to the Firelink Shrine Fire Keeper and curing the curse.
    • By defeating the Abyss Watchers without 5 Dark Sigils in your inventory.
    • By killing Yoel without 5 Dark Sigils in your inventory.
  • Yoel does not "drop" his ashes where he dies like other NPCs. Instead, if he dies / is killed in one of the ways listed above, a corpse bearing Hollow's Ashes will spawn in Untended Graves. It can be found occupying what would be Yoel's spot in the dark Firelink Shrine.


Story & Lore

  • Earlier designs suggest that the Pilgrims were once akin to Man Serpents Pilgrim Man Serpent, and were named: "Callers of the Eclipse".


Items Sold

Item Quantity Souls Requirement
Soul Arrow 1 1000  
Heavy Soul Arrow 1 2000  
Soul Greatsword 1 5000  Draw out true strength at least once.
Magic Weapon 1 4500  
Magic Shield 1 4500  



First encounter


/Despair filled cry/ Please, grant me death, Undo my shackles."
"Ohh… Ohh, then it’s true… A Champion of Ash, as I live and breathe. To be in your presence is a great honour. I am Yoel of Londor, a pilgrim as you can see, only…Somehow, I've failed to die as was ordained. Well, perhaps my calling lies elsewhere. Say, Champion of Ash, how does the idea of taking me into your service strike you? I was once a sorcerer. Surely I can be of use."

 Accept/Decline his services


(Declining) "Ahh, mm, yes, of course. An accursed pilgrim has no place in your honourable service. But if a lost soul should encounter a legend such as you, could that be anything but a movement of fate? I will remain in this spot. Praying solemnly that you might have a change of heart." (Remains on the spot)

(Talk) "Ahh, Champion of Ash. Have you had a change of heart? I beg of you, take me into your service."

(Accepting) "Ohh. I am honoured, truly. I should be dead, yet you have granted me purpose anew. I Yoel of Londor, do solemnly swear myself to you." (Teleports/fades out)

Second encounter (Firelink Shrine)


Oh, our Champion of Ash, welcome home. This pilgrim, with a debt in death, hardly deserves to behold this divine flame. And I never would have, had you not taken me into your service. I thank you dearly for this... And assure you of my leal service."

(Talk) "As I have said, I was once a sorcerer. Alas, the magic of Londor is a far cry from the wonders of Vinheim. But I can teach you what I know. Perhaps more importantly... I believe that I can help tease out your true strength. We pilgrims of Londor are keenly aware. That those branded by the Darksign possess something quite special..."

(Draw Out True Strength) "Then, shall we begin? Bearer of the Darksign, let your true strength shine..."

(Talk) "Oh, our Champion of Ash, welcome back. I would do anything for my master, just say the word."

(Leaving) "Be safe, Champion of Ash"

(5 sigils) "Ahh, you have attained ample strength. All will soon be clear, my good Lord..."

(Leaving) "Be safe, our Lord..."

 Killing him


(Undead Settlement) "What's come over you!"  "Killing Undead for sport, accursed champion?"

(Before 5 Dark Sigils) "What do you intend?"  "Lady Yuria..."

(After 5 Dark Sigils) "Ahh, I thank you kindly... Our kindest Lord..."


  • Voice actors, character inspirations, fan art, cosplay goes here.


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    • Anonymous

      26 Sep 2021 20:16  

      Playing DS3 now and just beat Abyss Watchers and walked down into the catacombs. I was half way to the first bridge when I remembered I didn't get the other 4 sigils and went back to check on Yoel. Strangely, he was still alive. Don't know if this is a glitch or if the info on top is wrong.

      • Anonymous

        26 Aug 2021 17:43  

        He does not die upon killing Abyss Watchers while he is at the Firelink Shrine, as long as the door to Catacombs is not opened.

        • Anonymous

          25 Jul 2021 03:18  

          Would recommend going to the undead settlement bonfire to gain the 16 hollowing, and running off the ledge right behind it, it spawns your souls right where you respawn and takes 2 seconds to walk off again.

          • Anonymous

            21 Jun 2021 17:11  

            If you kill the Abyss Watchers, but DON'T light their bonfire and bone out he won't die (at least he didn't in my playthrough)

            • Anonymous

              05 Jun 2021 19:51  

              Man i only listened to his first phrase and killed him as he asked... and now i learned that i missed quests and stuff by killing him... i feel forced to recomplete the game now

              • Anonymous

                20 May 2021 06:54  

                Lol i remember that on my first playthrough (ds3 was my first souls game) i died so much that i was already at 99 hollowing with like 3 sigils

                • Anonymous

                  20 Apr 2021 21:33  

                  actually he doesn't die hes just waiting to transform into a pilgrim butterfly wait his corpse is in firelink firekeeper run the **** away yeol is going butterfly

                  • Anonymous

                    20 Apr 2021 08:48  

                    he didn't actually die he's just waiting to become a pilgrim butterfly wait he died in firelink shrine and if he transforms here erm firekeeper Andre pack your stuff we need to leave NOW

                    • Anonymous

                      16 Apr 2021 20:54  

                      I don’t care about the quest I just like getting crispy and getting them hot ass rings I mean you can be a dark phantom and be a white phantom I mean come on man and you get crispy as ****

                      • Anonymous

                        28 Mar 2021 09:17  

                        After some testing and confusion, I think when he dies depends on whether you talk to him when he first appears in Firelink shrine after you accept his service. If you talk to him, he dies after activating the altar in the Abyss Watcher's arena that leads to the Catacombs. If you don't talk to him, he dies after crossing the collapsable bridge in the Catacombs. This idea came about when i saw him still alive after activating the altar in the Abyss Watcher's arena. More testing may still be required.

                        • Anonymous

                          22 Mar 2021 16:38  

                          Whoever left the false info "he will appear dead at Hanging Bridge" should join Yoel... wasted my freaking time for nothing to test that very nonsense

                          • Anonymous

                            16 Jan 2021 21:17  

                            I didnt cross the bridge... I didnt TOUCH the bridge... I just talked to Anri while she was near the bridge then I went earlier in the level to pick something up and then homeward boned back to the Shrine... and now hes dead and I feel like an idiot.

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