Giant of the Undead Settlement

General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
???? 1000 Undead Settlement tower Hawk ring

Giant of the Undead Settlement is a NPC in Dark Souls 3.


Giant of the Undead Settlement Information

  • Will help or attack the player by firing arrows into areas where there are White Birches.
  • Can be killed. 
  • Friendship with him persists into New Game Plus, or as long as you have his peace offering or the burial gift branch in your possession.
  • Once he is friendly, his arrows will not damage the player.


  • Top of the tower in the Undead Settlement
  • The tower has two elevators. One that goes middle-bottom and one that goes middle-top. If you are at the middle level, and the wrong elevator is there, simply activate it and roll off. Then you can wait for the other elevator to arrive.  
  • See This Map for location.

Befriending the Giant

If you choose the White Birch Branch as your burial gift the giant will automatically be friendly and there is no need to speak to him at all.

Otherwise, find him and quickly speak to him, choosing "Make Peace", so will give you a token of friendship. This is a unique White Birch Branch that does not stack with the others, and includes the phrase "Good friend, no hit" in the item description. The way he tells you apart from other hollows is by seeing the text carved on the branch, which is why you should keep the branch in your inventory instead of using it. If you use this branch, he will be hostile again, and you will need to make peace with him again.

Alternatively, if the player collects the 6 Young White Branches, 2 beside each white birch, as well as the Saint-Tree Bellvine, the Crown of Dusk and the Undead Bone Shard lying around the first birch tree, the giant will inexplicably be found dead when you visit him (all the items leading to his death have an "examine" prompt for pick up, instead of the normal "pillage").

It is possible for the Giant to be bugged and attack you even if you have the correct branch in your inventory. If you chose the White Birch Branch as your burial gift and put it into your bonfire storage box while outside of the Undead Settlement, the Giant will not recognize your friendship. However, more importantly, removing the special branch from your storage box while in the Undead Settlement will not gain you recognition from the Giant as intended. His arrows will damage you and he will continue to target you. (We can assume this would also be the case for the Giant's gifted branch as well, although this has not been tested.) In order to fix this bug, you must exit the Undead Settlement (teleporting to the Firelink Shrine works fine here) and return to the Undead Settlement with the special White Birch Branch already in your inventory. This has been tested and confirmed as of May 11, 2020.


  • Souls: NG (1000), NG+ (5000), NG++ (5500), NG+3 (5625), NG+6 (??), NG+9 (??)
  • Hawk Ring


  • First encounter dialogue
    • "Who are you?"
      "I help anytime."


  • Despite some community theories, it is very unlikely to be Hawkeye Gough from the first Dark Souls as you meet Hawkeye Gough far in the past and this giant exists far into the future. But time in the Dark Souls universe is convoluted, so it is not entirely impossible, especially since Andre the Blacksmith has survived into Dark Souls 3.
  • The greatbow and the great arrows he uses are very similar in design to Hawkeye Gough's very own greatbow and great arrows from Dark Souls 1.
  • Or alternately it could be that he is a reincarnation of Hawkeye Gough as it seems to be a heavy theme in Dark Souls 3, he could even be a descendant of Gough.
  • Turning him hostile will prevent his death when all his items are looted. This will also void his friendship, and you will again be targeted near the white birches even while having his friendship branch.
  • He also attacks Dark Spirits regardless of whether they have the branches in their inventory or not.
  • He won't attack the Dark Spirits if they are wearing the Untrue White Ring
  • The giant is actually two character models. One unarmed model that you can talk to, and one armed with a bow who can only be seen a distance away from the tower. But if you look at him from near the cliff in the area you help Siegward fight the Chaos Demon, both models can be seen overlapping each other.


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    • Anonymous

      20 Sep 2021 09:32  

      i wonder if this guy is related to Gough? i dont think he IS Gough because Gough was stuck in a prison cell 2000 years before this giant showed up, but he DOES have goughs bow, arrows, and his ring so maybe he is a friend of Gough like the giant blacksmith was?

      • Anonymous

        28 Aug 2021 16:36  

        "Turning him hostile will prevent his death when all his items are looted"

        A small price to pay for salvation

        • Anonymous

          24 Mar 2021 21:55  

          Just for some clarifcation, you have to collect ALL the items lying around each of the 3 Birch Trees; I missed the Crestfallen Knight's Soul at the Farron Keep and he was still alive until I collected it.

          • Anonymous

            11 Feb 2021 16:03  

            The Gough point in the trivia.. There's no way this dude is as formidable as Gough. Plus Gough's speech is very good.

            • Anonymous

              04 Dec 2020 14:29  

              i was like making a peace offer with him and then i went near a white branch tree and then he just shot me for no reason.

              peace was never an option.

              • Anonymous

                27 Jul 2020 08:00  

                I saw him in the distance and thought "Yeah I want to go talk to that guy" then proceeded to go over there. Cheesed the Demon with Siegward afterwards pretty rad giant.

                • Anonymous

                  16 Jun 2020 05:14  

                  I have never been able to complete his quest line and let him die peacefully. I should have all of his items as I found the trees in Undead Settlement, Cathedral of the Deep, and Farron Swamp as well as the other three items described. Am I missing something?

                  • Anonymous

                    08 Apr 2020 23:41  

                    i talked to him, got the birch, but i forgot to talk to Siegward and kill the demon with him, and so i went to farron keep, but he wasn't shooting the great crab, so i had to kill it myself, but when i went back to the tower, HE WAS DEAD, like, not his ring on the floor, HIS CORPSE WAS THERE AND EVERYTHING, i tried looking this up online youtube google and here but there dosen't seem to be anything on that,

                    • Anonymous

                      13 Mar 2020 16:43  

                      I think Gough went hollow that’s why he attacks you before you befriend him and then he dies after he helps you loot all three white birch tree areas in DS3 a lot of characters in Dark Souls 3 die after fulfilling their last wishes for example Sirris Seigward and Eygon

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