Proof of a Concord Kept is a Multiplayer Item in Dark Souls 3. 

Proof of a Concord Kept

Blood-drained, shrunken ear. Souvenir taken for subduing the guilty.

The knights called the Blades of the Darkmoon punish the guilt-soaked offenders of the Gods and take this proof of their conquest. The earless corpses of the guilty will be left behind as a warning to others, inspiring both fear and respect for the Gods. Such is the eternal mandate of the Dark Sun.


Proof of a Concord Kept Usage


Proof of a Concord Kept Locations

  • Reward for defeating invaders when defending a Way of Blue member as a Blue Sentinel or Blade of Darkmoon. The item is given each time an invader is banished rather than when you are sent home, so for farming you may want to keep one invader alive to stay in the world.
    • If the invader uses the Black Separation Crystal, a Proof of a Concord Kept is not awarded.
    • If the host challenges the area boss to banish the invader, a Proof of Concord Kept is awarded.
    • If the dark spirit is killed by another player, a Proof of Concord Kept is awarded. However, if the dark spirit kills themselves (i.e jumping off a cliff/ledge), a proof will not be awarded.
  • Extremely rare drop from Silver Knights in Anor Londo and Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.
  • One is located on a corpse, in front of the altar at the Church of Yorshka bonfire in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.
  • One is located on a corpse in Anor Londo by the Clerics on the left hand side stairs.
  • Two are obtained by using a Proof of a Concord Well Kept, which is rewarded by killing a Red Eye Orb invader in the Aldrich Faithful Covenant, but only if the Blue Spirit is in the Blades of the Darkmoon covenant (their sin status is irrelevant).


How to farm Proof of a Concord Kept Guide

  • Get the Gold Serpent ring (+50 discovery), or better if you can get the Gold Serpent ring +3 version (+125 discovery) .
  • Get the Symbol of Avarice (+100 discovery).
  • Get the Crystal Sage Rapier (+50). The weapon needs to be in hand to take effect, you can test this by looking at the item discovery in stats screen. Wielding a second Crystal Sage Rapier will boost item discovery even further.
  • (Optional) Infusing a weapon with a Hollow Gem boosts your luck by up to 5 points depending on your level of hollowing.
  • (Optional) Reallocate attributes at Rosaria with as much luck as possible (40 or more). Remember to have at least 5 tongues to reallocate back after.
  • Get plenty of Rusty Coins from Patches the Unbreakable or kill him for his ashes.
  • If you use all the items you can get over 375 item discovery (or 445 with a gold coin). 
  • Go to the Anor Londo bonfire and kill the two silver knights on the stairs.
  • The drop rate seems to be roughly 1 in 30 knights (3.33%) with 350 item discovery.
  • The drop rate is ~5.75% (16/278) with 500 item discovery.
  • One way to improve the speed of the farming run is to use an INT build (43 + sage ring) and Crystal Soul Spear. Set ATT to about 30 so you can cast 4 CSS - two for each knight. The stagger of CSS allows you to stop their charge. A crystal straight sword of some kind will allow you to dispatch the knights if they block a CSS with their shield. A full run with bonfire reset should take 35-40 seconds for the two knights in the stair at Anor Londo bonfire.
  • The farming run can be further improved by one-hitting the knights with Crystal Soul Spear (and Hidden Body - so that they do not raise their shields). To be able to one-hit the knight, you need: 60 INT, +9 Court Sorcerer's Staff, Magic clutch ring, Young Dragon Ring, and Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring. Note that the staff does not need to be fully upgraded so that, if you decide to re-spec just for the sake of farming, you do not need to waste a Titanite Slab. Make sure you have enough ATT to complete the run. To one-hit the knight: cast Hidden Body, use Rusted coin, cast Steady Chant, then CSS away. Kill two knights, then run back to bonfire to reset. You should be able to complete another cycle before the effect of the Rusted coin finishes, netting you 4 kills/minute.
  • Melee success can also be achieved by using a parry or small shield to parry the first lightning thrust of the spear knight and riposte with a dagger (nearly one shot with hornet ring). Switch to the crystal sabers to finish him off. The sword knight will rush you and is fairly easy to backstab after his rushing lightning attack. 
  • It is faster to farm the two knights on the stairs than to include the red eyed third up on the right, as with two you should be able to average roughly 3.3 knights/min whereas with 3 it is closer to 2.8 or 2.9. 
  • Some players find that the Proofs of Concord drop in batches (e.g. 2-3 in quick succession after killing several knights). Others found that a Proof will typically drop within the first 5 runs whenever the game is started, so they reload the game whenever a Proof is found. 
  • Alternatively, one could rush a low level/low weapon upgrade character to Anri and Horace for the Blue Sentinels covenant item. Most people equip the Way of Blue after they receive it early game. Defending those players in the Undead Settlement may be an easy way to collect these early. Suggested level is 25, weapon upgrade +2.



  • Once you are summoned, the death of a red Aldrich Faithful invader (An Aldrich Faithful invading with a red eye orb) will provide a Proof of a Concord Well Kept. They don't have to be killed by the host or a friendly phantom. You will also get one if they are killed by another invader.



  • This item makes a return from Dark Souls 1, however, the name was different in that game (being called the Souvenir of Reprisal) and is a brighter hue of blue.


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    • Anonymous

      09 Oct 2020 07:58  

      my soul has already mingled with the staircase, i and the staircase are one. blessed be the holy staircase.

      • Anonymous

        29 Sep 2020 13:13  

        For anyone farming these in 2020, here's a way to do it with melee, without all the sorcery setup and without parrying. I've been using OWCS at level 70±, but anything that does 300+ damage per hit works fine.

        Go up the stairs and lock on to the first knight. Walk to your right as you see him preparing the lightning spear thrust thing. As long as you keep moving right while he dashes forward he will miss and stop right behind you with his back turned. Easy critical to then finish them on the recovery, but I've found that R1 spam is faster (again, 3 hits with two-handed owcs doing 300 damage per hit at SL 70±, so perfectly doable with any other stronger weapon.)

        Second knight will run towards you and do the jumping lightning attack. Same principle of walking sideways, but this time get all up in his face when you do this and he'll just slide off your side when he jumps. You can just wail on him after he whiffs. He doesnt get any hyper armor on the follow-up attack, so you're safe to wail on him as soon as the first jump misses.

        Doing this lets you melee both soldiers at the stairs twice with a single rusty coin use. No sorceries, special builds, parrying, or anything other than high enough AR with whatever weapon you're using to kill them with a single full stamina bar each.

        Do NOT sprint all the way up thr stairs.
        If you sprint too far up the stairs, the first knight might do a regular thrust attack. Walking to the right still works most of the time, but depending on the distance you might get caught in a 2-3 hit combo and it'll throw off the whole run even if you have enough vig to survive it. It's better to move without sprinting, or slowing down halfway up the stairs and then move to the right when you see the knight run towards you.

        Walking in a forward-right diagonal works better at dodging the lighting spear attack, but it's harder to dodge the regular attack if you happen to get too close. Once you find the angle, you can just repeat it every single time.

        The second knight might very rarely get cheeky and do a regular attack instead of the jumping lightning one. Nothing you can do about it but tank it and get him before he tries anything else.

        Two-handed attacks work better at stun-locking both knights after they whiff their attacks. Single handed will get interrupted after the second hit because silver knights have decent poise for their regular attacks, so try backstabs if you really need to go one handed on this. It's just slower and you might lose your rusty coin effect before you kill off the second knight for the second time

        Anyway, I got 5 proofs in about half an hour doing this, and you can start doing it as soon as you get to the anor londo bonfire. It's fast, simple, economic, and efficient.

        • Anonymous

          10 Sep 2020 21:51  

          Looking for people to farm all but sunlight medals with PSN name LazyNotStupid happy to help you out as well SL 168

          • Anonymous

            10 Sep 2020 00:20  

            Hey all, need help farming this, wolf's blood swordgrass, dregs, and pale tongue. PS4, tag is HamperYeti. I'll be on all day today and tomorrow and am happy to help you out with any farming you need.

            • Anonymous

              29 Aug 2020 12:34  

              Like the comments said below, best offline farm is:
              1. Get proof
              2. Quit game to start menu
              3. Load game and reset at bonfire

              Went from 1 proof every hour to 1 every 3 or 4 runs

              • Anonymous

                29 Aug 2020 10:14  

                Anyone wanna buy some Silver Knight armour? Will throw in a free shield and 10 large titanite shards with every armour set.

                • Anonymous

                  25 Aug 2020 19:44  

                  Alguém aí para ajudar a farmar esses itens no PS4? Deixa o id que eu adiciono.

                  Is there someone to help farming these itens? Leave your ID please

                  • 25 Aug 2020 07:51  

                    If I were on PC Id gladly cheat this garbage in. Fromsoft lost IQ points in this aspect of DS3 as the worst covenenant item to farm for, almost as bad as getting a Pure Bladestone in Demons Souls

                    • Anonymous

                      25 Aug 2020 03:43  

                      Hands down the worst farming experience I've ever had in a single player game. I've trying restarting to the main menu and completely restarting the game after getting one and it doesn't improve my chances at all with 506 ID. ****ing ridiculous. Had I know it was this bad I would have farmed them legitimately at SL 120 before overleveling. I plan on going to NG+7 so I'm a little over SL 200 and can't ever get matched with anyone.

                      • Anonymous

                        29 Jul 2020 07:01  

                        I have now farmed over 3 million souls, Still yet to get 30.
                        3250 souls per kill, So.. ive killed close to 1000. Even if I pretend the ones ive got from pvp and found in game came from them, im looking at around a .027% drop rate with 465 item discovery

                        • Anonymous

                          22 Jul 2020 12:27  

                          Dude I got sent to someones world to help them out and the first dark spirit died as soon as I got there. Still got a Concord. The second spirit killed the host and I got him right afterwards and still got a second reward. Felt terrible but it was also super funny.

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