Dried Finger is a Multiplayer Item in Dark Souls 3.

Dried Finger

Online play item.
Dried finger with multiple knuckles.

Use to strengthen connection to other worlds, allowing the summoning of a third phantom, but also a second dark spirit.

Also makes the summoning of a dark spirit occur earlier. Use with caution.


Dried Finger Usage

  • Can be used to reset your invasion timer so that you can be invaded again. (must be in Host of Embers  Mode)
  • Allows for the summoning of a 3rd friendly phantom and 2nd invading phantom.



Dried Finger Locations




  • It is possible to play 4vs2 (4 friendly vs. 2 enemy).
  • All cooperators can have the same password and the host can summon all three phantoms.
  • All three phantoms can enter boss fights.
  • Alternatively, one can summon up to 5 Dark Spirits via Red Sign Soapstone.
  • The Dried Finger effect does not disappear by simply resting at a bonfire. To remove the buff/debuff you must travel to a different bonfire. 
  • This item has unlimited uses.




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    • Anonymous

      11 Apr 2021 15:41  

      I love pvp and have used this item a lot. I would set white signs down while popping dry finger to pass time (what ever comes first) my main question is how can I provoke and get more invaders? I love the challenge and want to find out more to get more red phantoms. Pls help

      • Anonymous

        15 Apr 2020 10:04  

        I try to use this at pontiff to start fight clubs but I can never summon more than 2 by red sign I don’t get why

        • Anonymous

          26 Dec 2018 22:19  

          Using a dried finger should eliminate the invasion cooldown timer altogether. The timer makes perfect sense with a solo host or a host and just one phantom trying to grunt through the PvE, but anyone running 4 players against PvE designed for one should have to contend with more than just an extra invader followed by silence for the rest of the level.

          • Anonymous

            07 Aug 2018 19:41  

            Tried a dried finger run at SL125 meta as a solo host hoping for utter madness, and High Wall was amazing - never went more than 3 minutes without two people trying to halt my progress. But then after High Wall it immediately went almost totally dry until Pontiff. And Pontiff is just Pontiff, usual meta***** - none of the craziness of trying to clear a level with actual major challenges in the way. I'm not sure if doing a dried finger run "normally" from low SL and progressing up will yield more action and just no one is invading at the meta anymore, or if the dried finger just doesn't do much for solo hosts. In both cases, sort of sucks. Popping a finger should swarm you with invaders whether you're solo or not.

            • Anonymous

              16 Jul 2018 10:20  

              This item is useless on an sl1 run, no one ever invades and you never see any summon signs that aren't NPCs.

              • Anonymous

                09 Jul 2017 10:04  

                Using the dried finger also boosts your hidden stats quite a bit. When you're in a tough area give it a try

                • Anonymous

                  02 Jul 2017 21:26  

                  Does this have any effect on my summon sign? Does it allow me to be summoned by a greater range of users?

                  • Anonymous

                    02 Jul 2017 21:19  

                    Only the manliest of men can use the fingers in the crucifixion woods and clear the area. Way of the blue is acceptable for this challenge

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