Soul of Aldrich is a Boss Soul in Dark Souls 3.

Soul of Aldrich

Soul of Aldrich,
One of the twisted souls, steeped in strength.

Use to acquire many souls, or transpose to extract its true strength.

When Aldrich ruminated on the fading of the fire, it inspired visions of a coming age of the deep sea. 
He knew the path would be arduous, but he had no fear. He would devour the gods himself.


Soul of Aldrich Usage






Notes & Trivia

  • A smaller, golden soul can be seen inside Aldrich's dark one. It is probably Gwyndolin's, as he was still alive and being slowly devoured.
  • This soul, along with the Deacons of the Deep, are the only souls to have a dark blue color to it, possibly showing the effect the Deep has had on them. 



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    • Anonymous

      Is that little golden thing inside of his soul Gwyndolins soul? Is that why you can make the Darkmoon longbow

      • Anonymous

        So little coward Nito finally grow a pairs to openly oppose rule of the gods. Took his soul many and long enough circles to do so thought, but still. Best NPC in DS3 yet. Too bad there is no ending for age of deep. From Software is so lazy.

        • Anonymous

          My understanding of the "Deep" is that it's a less concise version of the Abyss. Whereas the Abyss seems to be born of specific individuals' souls (Manus, Four Kings, Wolnir, Gundyr), the Deep is more so representative of the regions of mankind that light simply cannot reach. The Deep is also associated with the Human Dregs, which are somewhat different from Humanity and apparently symbolize the most detestable aspects of mankind (in other words, the id), yet at the same time act as the "foundation" for the world. I'd even go so far to guess that the black pools that spit forth the Murkmen and the Harald Legion and which the Locust Preachers bathe themselves in are similar to the "Deep Sea" that Aldrich envisions.

          I prefer not to think Dark Souls has anything to do with Bloodborne, since Bloodborne's lore seems, in all honesty, way more thoroughly planned and less experimental.

          • Anonymous

            The trivia section says that Gwyndolin was still alive. He wasn't. The descriptions of Aldritch's items use words like consumed in the past tense. It's similar in the Japanese version too. Aldritch consumed Gwyndolin's soul and with that his powers, similar to Ornstein and Enough or the Nameless King and the King of the Storm. One might say Aldritch was merely controlling the body even as he devoured it, due to to him having some sort of puppet power but that's not only the weakest argument but also the dumbest since such an ability is never mentioned or shown to have ever existed. Aldritch is described as being a greedy monster who enjoys taking his time and listening to his victims screams true, and when you take into account just how long Aldritch has been inhabiting the cathedral, which seems like quite a while considering the sheer amount of goo and human corpses present not only in the cathedral but also the boss room, the weakened Gwyndolyn died a while ago. Aldritch wouldn't have been able to fill up his boss room with nibbled on human remains if he had a mouth full of god the whole time. Plus all my arguments aside the description of Aldritch's soul states that they're souls fused when Aldritch ate Gwyndolin, and the soul is named Aldritch's soul, not soul of Gwyndolin AND Aldritch. If they were both alive you would have gotten both souls since they still would have been separate entities when you destroy the body. Speculation and theorizing is good and all, but when the games items explicitly explain something to you you shouldn't continue to read more into it searching or a hidden meaning that just isn't there.

            • Anonymous

              Since the last couple of updates, i now call aldrich the hitbox snake, because he can swing over your head an dit looks like it misses, but it's actually a hit.

              • Anonymous

                I hate aldrich just for the fact that he killed Gwyndolin who even after being treated as a freak and an outcast still loves and fights for his family

                • Anonymous

                  There are so many connections. First deacons eyes a red like those who are corrupted by the abyss. Plus they cast abyss relates magic. Deep magic in general is simular to abyss magic. Next is pretty obvious, abyss is a synonym for deep. That deep miracle that biists all your stats talk aboit how there areonsters that lurk in the deep, again like the abyss. Finally a common them for those corrupted by the abyss us turning into a twisted dark version of yourself. Aldrich was a dude obsessed with ocean related things and became this black blob that is like a living ocean and like the abyss, consumes and corrupts things.

                  • Anonymous

                    When Aldrich ruminated on the fading of the fire, it inspired visions of a coming age of the deep sea." Heide lookes a lot likeAnor Londo in some regards, and was flooded by the ocean and became lost to the sea. Is there a connection here?

                    • Anonymous

                      "inspired visions of the deep sea" ....could Bloodborne be the "reality" Dark Souls creates at the end when protagonist does not kindle first flame?

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