Soul of the Blood of the Wolf is a Boss Soul in Dark Souls 3.

Soul of the Blood of the Wolf

Soul of the Blood of the Wolf. One of the twisted souls, steeped in strength.

Use to acquire numerous souls, or transpose to extract its true strength.

The blood was spread amongst the Abyss Watchers, and their souls are one with the soul of the wolf blood master.


Soul of the Blood of the Wolf Usage



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    • Anonymous

      By far the hardest choice you'll ever have to make, because both swords are cool as **** and work extremely well within their category.

      • Anonymous

        Interestingly, this soul is slightly larger than the other lords'ones, suggesting that it may originate from Artorias himself.

        Now, you may say that his soul was tainted by the abyss and that's true, but it's also important to remember that it was also made of two parts: a white core and a dark exterior which might have been cleansed when they linked the fire.

        So yeah, in my opinion, this is indeed Artorias's soul.

        • Anonymous

          Part of me wants to believe that the "Soul of the Wolf" belonged to the Old Wolf of Farron, considering it appears to be dead, just as Rosaria does when her soul is stripped from her (for the sake of "protection," no less).

          I'm also inclined to think the Blood of the Wolf (though perhaps not the same as the Old Wolf's soul?) was the pigment used to create the Painted World of Ariandel long ago, after the death of Artorias, and to grant a home to the "dreamchasers" that worshipped the legacy of Artorias. That would explain the Followers being there, as well as the gray wolves.

          However, when Sulyvahn left the Painted World, he brought a bit of it with him, and released the Followers back into the remains of Oolacile where they communed with the Old Wolf, sharing its soul amongst each other. I suppose it's similar to how Gael produced the Blood of the Dark Soul—imbibe the Old Wolf's soul, then spread their blood amongst each other. Probably through that chalice on the altar at the back of the mausoleum?

          • Anonymous

            The lore implies Abyss Watchers drank the Wolf's Blood to enhance their agility and endurance so they can swing their UGS in such a quick and reckless fashion.
            And I think that is why we are unable to use the movesets that used by the Watchers with the same sword.

            And also is the Wolf's Blood drove the Watchers mad or the Abyss

            • Anonymous

              Imagine what kind of hellscape could have been painted with the Blood of the Wolf instead... Ariandel's wolves are bad enough as it is.

              • Anonymous

                can you change this sentence:
                "Creates Farron Greatsword and Wolf Knight's Greatsword"
                "Creates Farron Greatsword OR Wolf Knight's Greatsword"

                • Anonymous

                  Artorias can move like hunters, the abyss watchers look like hunters, the blood that was spread in Yharnam was the blood of Artorias that corrupted people into beasts.

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