Soul of the Demon Prince is a Boss Soul in Dark Souls 3. It is part of The Ringed City DLC.

Soul of the Demon Prince

New description:

The demons, birthed from a common Chaos, share almost everything between them, even the pride of their prince, and his nearly-faded flame.

So that the last demon standing may rekindle it.


Old description:

The Demon Prince, after his defeat to Lorian, retreated beneath the earth and lost the memory of the flame that burned within him, marking the end of demonkind.



Soul of the Demon Prince Usage



Soul of the Demon Prince Locations




  • The soul bears a resemblance to the Bed of Chaos, espically the white ball in the middle.





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    • Anonymous

      I always thought the description was interesting becuase after all the mass demons in ds1 and how they drove out even gwyns army, here you fight the very last ones. And you kill them, at the end of the world you finally get rid of demons from the old chaos forever.

      • Anonymous

        i think the retcon is because literally right after you beat demon prince, you use the envoy banner and get a ride from the bat wing demons lol. he isnt the end of demonkind so they had to change it

        • I think the retcon is very interesting and specific perhaps in the next game we will be playing as a demon of the life soul/chaos flame and we will try to link the chaos flame in order to save our race rather than being a human of the dark soul and trying to linking the first flame to doom our race for even longer. I think it be a very nice and satisfying twist

          • Anonymous

            This is like character development for the demons. First they're all weakened and dying in the base game, and then in the dlc this description says that they can rekindle their very own version of the first flame. This means ol' Chaos Mom succeeded in recreating the fading flame after all, in a way. I wonder what made the devs change the old, depressing description to the new one.

            • Anonymous

              As a pyromancer I really would like this and the spell from the demon prince does anyone have a demon's scar they would trade me? I am willing to negotiate as far as the trade goes

              Message me on Xbox one if ur interested or u want to engage in so jolly cooperation my gamer tag is: ToxicFallout76

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