Soul of Dragonslayer Armour is a Boss Soul in Dark Souls 3.

Soul of Dragonslayer Armour

Soul of the Dragonslayer Armour. One of the twisted souls, steeped in strength.

Use to acquire many souls, or transpose to extract its true strength.

The Dragonslayer Armour, controlled by the Pilgrim Butterfly, lost its master long ago, but still remembers their sporting hunts.


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  • This armor likely belonged to a different Dragonslayer, not necessarily Ornstein. Ornstein's Leo Ring states he was the first knight to serve the Sun's eldest born, referring to Gwyn's first born and presumably The Nameless King. The miracle Sacred Oath is "a tale of the Sun's first born, his faithful first knight, and the brave Dragonslayer who served them." If Ornstein is The Nameless King's first knight, then at least one other Dragonslayer exists in the world. The Dragonslayer Armor could very well be this third Dragonslayer.


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    • Anonymous

      So you are telling me that this inanimate object grunts, bleeds when hit, gets frostbitten and has a soul. Interesting.

      • Anonymous

        i think the dragonslayer armour is havel.
        nowhere in havel's gear is it stated that he wore the armor himself, only that his knights did. havel was a dragonslayer and he served ornstein and nameless king. nameless king's altar is next to dragonslayer's arena. it seems weird to me that they'd add this boss with so little lore around it and say it had a previous master, i think they are indicating it can be someone who we know already because there's really not much lore about it otherwise.

        • Anonymous

          It says the dragonslayer armour lost it's master years ago, could its master be ornstien or the nameless king?

          • Anonymous

            So I've been doing some lore diving for the last couple of hours and saw something that might indicate who the original owner of the armor is. I came across a crude translation of the lyrics to the Dragonslayer Armor's theme and they mention a "king of the abyss." Manus would be the most obvious character who could be "king of the abyss." I can think of a couple of things to support this idea. The Manus catalyst and the dragonslayer greataxe look rather similar, and the armor is possessed twice with a life of its own. That might be explained by the description of the ringed knight armor which states that the armor of early men was forged in the abyss and betrayed a smidgen of life. I think the armor of someone like Manus would likely have an even greater amount of life to it. It does lack the seal of fire that the ringed knight armor has, but perhaps it was crafted before the gods started placing the seal of fire, or maybe Manus was a special case and allowed to keep his armor in its original abyss infused condition. The lack of a seal could also explain how it possesses a life of its own if it was indeed forged in the abyss. I suppose "king of the abyss" could be referring to someone else but Manus seems most likely. This would likely mean that the dragonslayer mentioned in the sunlight oath miracle description is Manus too, of course. Anyway, I found these lyrics and felt like sharing even though they might not be accurate. You can see them here:

            • Anonymous

              Orny, has meet his Idol, got completely disgust with god race once and for all, and left them, leaving his armor behind. Some time after that he ended up on service of Old Iron King, guarding cathedral of blue. At least his ring was with him.

              • Anonymous

                It's obviously not Ornstein. Ornstein was a *****ing goody-two-shoes judging by the quality of his ORIGINAL armor you get in DkS where it's polished to a mirror sheen and flawless. Old Dragonslayer may have been another Dragonslayer that is also nameless because their attacks although similar do differ by execution and element. Besides Old Dragonslayer armor seems to match the colour tone and degrade look as Dragonslayer Armour. Just like the Black Knights as to the Silver. I'm assuming Ornstein was commander but did fairly little fighting to a point. Just like he's not found in Artorias PTD DLC. He was probably a Princess Guard.

                • Hello i have a question i spend the soul of dragon slayer for the gret shield.There is a way to have the greataxe of dragon slayer too? or can i exchange it for the greataxe?

                  • Anonymous

                    The theory is that after the Nameless King and Ornstein finally met. Ornstein either gave up his rank as a Dragonslayer and left his equipment behind and later died and a duplicate of himself was created from a pilgrim butterfly. Some say that it is not Ornstein because the fighting style is so different but please remember that if it IS Skinny, it is only a remnant of him. You see when the boss fight begins the Pilgrim Butterfly takes off from the Armor and fire projectiles and lasers at you during the boss fight. I also noticed after you kill the armor the butterfly dies as well and plummets into the streets of Lothric. Also when comparing the Dragonslayer Great Axe to the Spear you can see how the hilt and cross spear design are very similar with the axe just being very bent and worn. Comparison I made here: Theory #2 which seems equally as logical is that it was just a different Dragonslayer. Seeing as there is no proof that labels Ornstein as the only Dragonslayer it is equally as possible for it to be our guy. This is also supported by that maybe the Dragonslayer weapons were meant to look the same maybe to kind of match in a style. The armour is what really makes me think it’s a different person though. After comparing the two I had such a hard time finding similarities aside from that sick ass red plume but aside from that it looks to be a completely different set with just a similar base design. It says in the item description for the shield and greataxe state that it’s part of the set itself (meaning it was stripped from the initial set and molded into the respective equipment).Comparison here Overall I don’t know if they’re the same person. Their weapons share VERY similar characteristics, but the armor is just so different it is hard to tell. Maybe the DLC will add some definitive evidence.

                    • Anonymous

                      Who just assumed it's not ornsteins armour?? Reference? I mean I know it doesn't confirm it is, but to say it's unlikely is stupid.

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