Poison Arrow is an Ammunition in Dark Souls 3.

Poison Arrow

Arrows with poisoned tips.

Inflict poison damage that gradually wears down foes.


Poison Arrow Usage

  • Ammo for Bows.
  • Deals 10 Physical damage
  • Adds 30 Poison buildup on target
  • Does not scale with Luck



Poison Arrow Locations

  • Bought from Patches when he is a merchant at Firelink Shrine for 120 souls
  • If Patches is killed (for Siegwards armour) you can give his ashes to the Shrine Handmaid and she will sell everything he sold (not verified just from first look)




  • Very useful for bosses that are too dangerous to attack close-range




  • Trivia goes here


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    • Anonymous

      15 May 2018 04:26  

      The poison triggered by this thing is special. It lasts 180 seconds, decreasing hp by 0.07*maxhp+3 each second. The effects of other poison sources except the staff one last 90 seconds, hp-=0.07*maxhp+7 per sec.

      • Anonymous

        20 Nov 2017 19:07  

        if you manage to apply poison with these the poison tick will only do 3 damage vs 7 damage if applied with a weapon or pine resin

        • Anonymous

          14 Sep 2017 15:16  

          After shooting more than 20 arrows into the Champion's Gravetender I have come to the conclusion that these are troll items sold by patches to people too lazy to use a proper poisoning method.

          • Anonymous

            14 Apr 2017 04:31  

            Unfortunately, these didn't get the poison build up buff that most other weapons got... not very useful for building poison, even when using the rapid fire from the shortbow/composite bow. Better to just use rotten pine resin on a weapon and poison things that way.

            • Anonymous

              22 Mar 2017 23:13  

              Tried using these against the Hawkwood fight. Dude looked like a pin-cushion but still didn't get poisoned.

              • Anonymous

                Useless?19 Apr 2016 21:06  

                So far these haven't poisoned ANYTHING successfully. I've shot 3-6 times in quick succession, depending on the mob, and poison effect never occurs. Does anyone know where in the game Poison Arrows are actually useful?I'm about to kill the final boss.

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