Poison Arrow is an Ammunition in Dark Souls 3.

Poison Arrow

Arrows with poisoned tips.

Inflict poison damage that gradually wears down foes.


Poison Arrow Usage

  • Ammo for Bows.
  • Deals 10 Physical damage
  • Adds 30 Poison buildup on target
  • Does not scale with Luck



Poison Arrow Locations

  • Available to purchase (120 souls) from Patches when he is a merchant at Firelink Shrine.
  • Sold by Shrine Handmaid (120 souls) when given Patches' ashes if the player were to kill Patches.




  • Very useful for bosses that are too dangerous to attack close-range




  • Trivia goes here


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    • Anonymous

      Simply amazing, by simply firing 40 of these things into an enemy and waiting another 2 minutes you could almost deal the same amount of damage as 8 exploding arrows.

      • I have an endurance build (ouch). So I hoped those arrows could be useful, but not really... Even in NG+0, that was very difficult to induce poison to Gael, who is very sensitive to this status. And it doesn't build up poison fast enough without the weapon art "rapid fire". All other bosses are resistant or immune to poison, except crystal sage but you don't need poison to kill him. And greatwolf, but good luck to apply poison with these arrows...

        • Anonymous

          I really, really, cant accept that the poison build up of these arrows dont scale with luck. First they designed the thief as the luck build, and is the only character starting with a bow, but any of them have a luck scaling… Second, ALL the weapons have actually a hidden luck attribute, we know that because when you Apply bleed or poison resins, it scales with your luck, which would be impossible without a hidden luck attribute. SO why not the bows? and crossbows for bleed? WHy associate bows to a luck build? And i dont even talk about the fact that frost doesnt' scale with frost.. Why introduce a new alteration, if we cant play with it like the other? BUt we have a staff scaling with luck??? So the assassin should have start with a bow, and the thief with a staff...

          • Anonymous

            The poison triggered by this thing is special. It lasts 180 seconds, decreasing hp by 0.07*maxhp+3 each second. The effects of other poison sources except the staff one last 90 seconds, hp-=0.07*maxhp+7 per sec.

            • Anonymous

              if you manage to apply poison with these the poison tick will only do 3 damage vs 7 damage if applied with a weapon or pine resin

              • Anonymous

                After shooting more than 20 arrows into the Champion's Gravetender I have come to the conclusion that these are troll items sold by patches to people too lazy to use a proper poisoning method.

                • Anonymous

                  Unfortunately, these didn't get the poison build up buff that most other weapons got... not very useful for building poison, even when using the rapid fire from the shortbow/composite bow. Better to just use rotten pine resin on a weapon and poison things that way.

                  • Anonymous

                    Tried using these against the Hawkwood fight. Dude looked like a pin-cushion but still didn't get poisoned.

                    • Anonymous

                      So far these haven't poisoned ANYTHING successfully. I've shot 3-6 times in quick succession, depending on the mob, and poison effect never occurs. Does anyone know where in the game Poison Arrows are actually useful?I'm about to kill the final boss.

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