Ammunition in Dark Souls 3 are items that can be used with Bows, Greatbows and Crossbows, a player can equip two types of bolts and arrows at the same time.
The damage dealt is 'p' for Physical, 'm' for Magic, 'f' for Fire, 'l' for Lightning, 'd' for Dark, 'bl' for bleed, 'po' for poison.


Name & Icon Usage Damage

Standard Bolt

Ammo for Crossbows.
Standard bolts.
48p  Greirat of the Undead Settlement

Exploding Bolt

Ammo for Crossbows.
Bolts that explode on impact. Deals area fire damage in the immediate vicinity.

Shrine Handmaid

(After turning in Greirat's Ashes)

Wood Bolt

Ammo for Crossbows.
Weaker bolts that can be easily purchased in bulk.
38p Shrine Handmaid

Heavy Bolt

Ammo for Crossbows.
More powerful but have shorter range due to their weight.
64p  Greirat of the Undead Settlement

Lightning Bolt

Ammo for Crossbows.
Bolts imbued with Lightning damage.

 Greirat of the Undead Settlement

(after 2nd scavenging)

Sniper Bolt

Ammo for Crossbows.
Their long range makes them ideal for distant targets.
53p Greirat of the Undead Settlement

Splintering Bolt

Ammo for Crossbows.
Bolts that explode immediately after being shot, causing immense Bleeding.
7 bl

Shrine Handmaid

(After turning in Greirat's Ashes)


Standard Arrow

Ammo for Bows.
Standard arrows used with bows.

High Wall of Lothric

Greirat of the Undead Settlement

Wood Arrow

Ammo for Bows.
Weaker arrows that can be easily purchased in bulk.
30p Shrine Handmaid

Fire Arrow

Ammo for Bows.
Arrows with burning tips to deal fire damage.
Greirat of the Undead Settlement

Poison Arrow

Ammo for Bows.
Inflict poison damage that gradually wears down foes.

Unbreakable Patches, or you can give 

Patches' ashes to the Shrine Handmaiden and

she will sell them.

Moonlight Arrow

Ammo for Bows.
Arrows that inflict Magic damage.
75m Greirat of the Undead Settlement

Dark Arrow

Ammo for Bows.
Arrows that inflict Dark damage. Has homing properties.
65d  Shrine Handmaid ( with Easterner's Ashes )

Feather Arrow

Ammo for Bows.
Their long range makes them ideal for distant targets.
40p Shrine Handmaid

Large Arrow

Ammo for Bows.
More powerful arrows, but with a shorter range due to their weight.
55p Greirat of the Undead Settlement
Great Arrows

Dragonslayer Lightning Arrow

Ammo for Greatbows.
Inflicts Lightning damage.
 90l  Greirat of the Undead Settlement

Dragonslayer Greatarrow

Ammo for Greatbows.
Easily pierces human flesh.
90p Greirat of the Undead Settlement 

Onislayer Greatarrow

Ammo for Greatbows.
Used to destroy giant horned oni. Very accurate.
 60p Shrine Handmaid  ( with Easterner's Ashes )

Millwood Greatarrow

Ammo for Greatbows

97[ Shrine Handmaid (give Captain's Ashes)


    • Anonymous

      11 Apr 2018 19:23  

      Are bows the only determining factor in arrow range?

      I ask because I'm wondering if Feather arrows on a Composite bow will fly as far as Standard arrows on a Pharis bow.
      Alternatively, would Heavy arrows on a Pharis bow fly as far as Standard arrows on a Composite bow?
      Just trying to make the Composite a little more viable for sniping, since Pharis can't quick shot or roll shot.

      Damage is easy to determine but, ehh, range, a little harder to see...

      • 15 Aug 2017 05:57  

        Did a play through using bows for the first time in any of the Souls games, and figured I'd share my experiences with the arrows, because I'm just that bored at the moment.

        What's with special damage arrows (fire, dark, magic) all dealing less damage (or maybe a couple extra points more damage) than standard, or even wood arrows? I almost never had them do extra damage unless the enemy was incredibly weak to that damage type. The Darkmoon arrows were the exception when using the Darkmoon Longbow, but that was still massively out damaged by the Black Bow of Pharis and the Dragonrider Bow, even when using wood arrows for those two. It's not even like there's an enemy that's weak to magic either. Dark arrows were decent at times, when making use of the homing. Still, I always used standard arrows when I could hit my target easily because of the extra 10%+ damage they did. Fire arrows were also really helpful at times despite generally lower damage and higher cost, since some enemies freak out when hit with fire. Large arrows looked pretty bad considering thr shorter range and higher cost for a measley 10 extra base damage, but surprisingly made a difference many times. It wasn't uncommon to hit enemies for slightly less than their max health when using standard arrows, so that slight increase would bump me up to one shot damage. Feather arrows became stupid useful in the Painted World for killing the wolves near the start, and later for sniping Man Serpents in Archdragon Peak while waiting to be summoned.

        Greatbows were useful as well at times, but could be annoying due to the fact that you can't move while using them or else you will stop drawing your arrow. This screwed me over a few times in PvP when I lightly bumped the joystick a tiny amount and went from firing an exploding arrow from my Millwood greatbow and setting a trap, to firing an arrow into the ground like an idiot. Still, when those arrows connected they did a ton of damage. They weren't worth using when being summoned for boss fights though, due to the cost of the arrows. The fact that I never even cared what type of arrow I used for my greatbows kind of shows how they didn't make that much of a difference. What's 30 more damage when you're hitting 800? It's just not worth worrying about, since the cheapest arrows were still really good anyway.

        Speaking off boss fights though, at 40/40 when using the Dragonrider Bow, things went down pretty easily. I was hitting for 300ish with some extra damage for the weapon art, and was easily able to avoid attacks whenever the boss decided to fight me instead of the host or a summon. The Nameless King went down real easy, despite not summoning anyone for him.

        Back on topic though, I found every regular arrows had some sort of niche. Wood and standard were good for just arrow spam and killing large numbers of enemies for cheap, and for use while being summoned. Fire arrows were good for dogs and pus of man enemies. Dark arrows were good for harder to hit enemies, and PvP. Large arrows were good for when you had an enemy to you could almosy but not quite one shot. Feather arrows were good for taking out large groups of enemies before they could attack you. And last and definitely least, Darkmoon arrows were good for getting rid of lots of souls at once without risking getting something useful in return.

        • Anonymous

          25 Apr 2017 08:47  

          Bows and Crossbows had such potential in the game but they kinda ruined it. Rolling shot can only be used on short bows but then short bows have really bad scaling... Bows can't be infused to make that better either so that's gone. Use a longbow? then you get weapon arts that aren't really that useful and no rolling shot. Greatbows are too slow to really be used effectively unless you snipe, but even then it's almost better to use a standard bow. Then they put a limit (99) on to how many arrows you can carry, and you can't even have 2 stacks of the same type of arrow. So if I wanted to have 198 feather arrows so that I could do a bow only build, I wouldn't be able to. To cap it off, arrows and bolts are way too expensive for the crappy damage that they do. I was so hyped when this game released for bows, then they killed it....just like they did with magic.

          • Anonymous

            12 Jan 2017 00:03  

            Ugh no lightning arrows for a normal bow, why do they have to always forget stuff like this??? Next dlc needs to have lightning arrows no matter what, first no silver knight weapons then no lightning arrows, if this is your last souls game From then sort your sh!t out

            • Anonymous

              lol02 Aug 2016 02:55  

              I can just imagine a group of co-opers fighting through the profaned capital but when the gargoyles finally surround them and they run out of estus, the last co-oper shoots it from the mountains using the oni-slayer great bow and arrows.

              • Anonymous

                switching arrows27 Jun 2016 14:21  

                For Xbox one, how do I quickly switch between arrows? I am having trouble figuring it out, thank in advance.

                • Anonymous

                  Seeker of the dark sign, let your true strength shine.24 May 2016 22:31  

                  The Dark Arrows actually track when in certain bows.

                  • Anonymous

                    Arrows on character model21 May 2016 01:18  

                    Can one see the arrows/ bolts if only the arrows are equipped, with no bow, like in Dark Souls? I was really disappointed they removed it in Dark Souls 2, and I've not been able to find out if they are visible again.

                    • Anonymous

                      Why?09 May 2016 04:40  

                      Why is Ammunition not part of any tabs whats-so-ever? It would be part of Items yet there is no tap to easily get the info on the different arrows and bolts.

                      • Anonymous

                        Pretty much everything here30 Apr 2016 09:27  

                        Has incorrect info, just an example, the feather arrow page has the description of heavy arrows. What's with all the "damage dealt" abbreviations. M,P,po,I? I can't even decipher

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