Exploding Bolt is an Ammunition in Dark Souls 3.

Exploding Bolt

Exploding Bolt DKS3

Bolts that explode on impact. Deals area fire damage in the immediate vicinity.

Due to the risk of detonation, the amount of bolts the user can carry is greatly limited.

These are, after all, prototypes created by the weapon craftsman Edmond. You get what you pay for."


Exploding Bolt Usage

  • Ammo for Crossbows.
  • Bolts that explode on impact. Deals area fire damage in the immediate vicinity.
  • Deals 140 Fire damage.



Exploding Bolt Locations




  • Damage increased from the Fire Clutch Ring.



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    • Anonymous

      20 Jul 2018 22:27  

      Ugh... OP af. It'd be nice if people just... Used crossbows every once in a while, instead of LITERALLY EVERY crossbow user being a freeaim exploding bolt cheeser... The only decent counter is a good shield and it's not like you're going to be turtling at all times... Literally just a cheese method, i love it when i'm destroying someone and they literally put away their entire fighting style to cheese me with these.

      • Anonymous

        13 May 2017 02:35  

        k now edit the page to where you cant buy exploding bolts anymore if they were sold in the first place. also tell me how to get them otherwise they need to take them out of the game because it wouldn't be hard to farm them or you shouldn't need to farm ammo at all.

        • Anonymous

          22 Dec 2016 12:30  

          I think they may have removed them from the store because I turned the ashes in and still cant buy any. And by cant buy any i mean there not in the store.

          • 24 Nov 2016 23:05  

            For some reason it wont let me edit the page to add that you can now have 600 in your stash and that you can only carry 30 at a time. Information I believe should be on this page.

            • Anonymous

              Exploding bolts22 Sep 2016 00:21  

              How come I can't buy them? I had seigward save em and he dies at lothric castle, ashes was in grand archives, I'm ng+. Still no Exploding bolts

              • Anonymous

                This Edmond dude24 Jul 2016 04:14  

                I want to believe Edmond or whoever the guy is gonna show up in a DLC Cos he is important enought to be Named for just 2 weapon, BLOODBORNE Style weapon dlc anyone ?

                • Anonymous

                  Knockback?25 Jun 2016 20:06  

                  Does anyone know if these cause stagger or knockback on players? It would be sweet to send someone flying from a distance.

                  • Anonymous

                    found them18 Apr 2016 20:07  

                    its drairat's questline. after dieing on his third outing his ashes unlock them via the handmaiden. i can't believe i'm the first person to report this ;)

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