Millwood Knight Armor

Physical Resitance 14.7 Bleed Resistance 67
Strike Defense 12.8 Poison Resistance 61
Slash Defense 14.1 Frost Resistance 69
Thrust Defense 13.3 Curse Resistance 37
Magic Defense 12.8 Poise 17.7
Fire Defense 12.4  
Lightning Defense 12.8 icon-durabilitiy.png 450
Dark Defense 12.4 icon_weight.png 16.4
Armor Type Chest Armor

Millwood Knight Armor is an armor piece in Dark Souls 3. It is part of the Millwood Set.

Armor worn by knights of Millwood. The charbronze breastplate and the thick black cape are adorned with the symbol of the Ethereal Oak.

When the fabled Millwood forest was discovered it was a vacant ruin. The only thing left was the Ethereal Oak, stood rotting. No corpses were discovered, yet their belongings lay neatly on the ground.

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    • Anonymous

      The people calling this tryhard armor are definitely rocking Lapp's (which has the same weight and higher absorption lol...)

      • Anonymous

        AKA Try-hard alert alarm, if you find anyone wearing this 9/10 they'll be using heavily powerful builds at the level and/or ready to wipe your ass with a claymore, KYS or black crystal before it gets ugly.

        • Anonymous

          Actually super solid armor, I'm getting better protection from this chest than with any other pieces (northerner helm, fallen knight gloves and leather boots on a 10 vit build with havel's ring). Unfortunately it makes my guy look way too fat and I don't super dig the collar. Oh well.

          • Anonymous

            Unfortunately if you are wearing a shield on your back, (Ethereal oak shield for example) Then the cape will clip through the shield and it is extremely irritating! :(

            • Anonymous

              Would have preferred this without the long cape under the short mantle, like the hammer wielding Millwood Knights.

              • Anonymous

                This armor changes the appearance of a great deal of boot/leg armors. It is most noticeable when equipping smough's legs.

                • Anonymous

                  Probably one of the best looking heavy armor sets in the game right next to faraam set looks totally badass.

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