Lothric Knight Armor

Lothric Knight Armor

Physical Resitance 14.0 Bleed Resistance 75
Strike Defense 11.9 Poison Resistance 43
Slash Defense 14.9 Frost Resistance 58
Thrust Defense 13.3 Curse Resistance 34
Magic Defense 12.4 Poise 18.4
Fire Defense 13.5  
Lightning Defense 9.5 icon-durabilitiy.png 430
Dark Defense 9.5 icon_weight.png 15.7
Armor Type Chest Armor

Lothric Knight Armor is a Chest Armor Piece in Dark Souls 3. It is part of the Lothric Knight Set.

Armor of a celebrated Lothric knight. A strong steel armor, if a little worn.

The Knight has served as one of the Three Pillars since ancient times, and shares place alongside the wyverns as a symbol of Lothric.

Only those possessing a knight's resolve are fit to wear this garment.

Location/Where to Find


Notes & Trivia

  • Lord Lothric may have been based on Griffith Griffith Being Carried the Berserk character who may have also modeled for Gwyndolin. (read article)


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    • Anonymous

      Pretty good poise for it's weight. And cape looks sick.

      Combine with Nameless Knight leggins and Alva helm for decent looks.

      • Anonymous

        Wear with Cathedral Knight Helm for DEUS VULT FASHION! (better than Iron Helm because your neck is covered)

        • Anonymous

          I don't think it would be obtainable by any Lothric knights, or any other enemy, BUT, It might be possible to get it if you give Pickle-pee Pump-a-rum a Lothric Greatsword. I didn't test this out yet, but I might as well do it now since no one else seemed to try it.

          • Anonymous

            There is a version with a blue cape somebody post it or confirm it isn't obtainable... Please the blue lothric knight armor looks sick and i want it lol

            • Anonymous

              There is an alternate version of this armor with a blue cape find it please or confirm that it's not obtainable

              • Anonymous

                The chest is ugly af on my character. It makes me look so much fatter than the actual lothric knights. Kind of disappointing.

                • Anonymous

                  Hey guys I actually love this armor although it maybe heavy for a beginner, I started DS3 yesterday, and already have all the set for the Lothric Knight, don't loose patience I was farming for souls at first then starting collecting the set, the knights will drop them, even the blue eye knight tends to drop some piece of the armor so if you want it just keep farming for a while, it's better than the knight armor but heavier so remember to spend some souls on vitality.PS: The best place to farm for the set is where the blue eye knight spawns, kill them all then return to the bonfire and you will have your farming game, worked for me, so I recommend it.

                  • Anonymous

                    Drop rate is *****ing ridiculously small. Knight, ***** luck, but still. I've gotten 20 helmets, legs, gauntlets, swords, spears, greatshields, shields, everything. But NO *****ING CHESTPIECE.

                    • Anonymous

                      Gives you a cool cape/tabard combo that looks war-torn but not tattered. Works well with any set, and looks awesome. Pretty common in my experience, farmed them for ~15-20minutes and got three drops, all of them being the chest. Maybe just un/lucky.

                      • Anonymous

                        So far blue knight dropped anything but chest armor for me. Chest armor - I got red from normal knight. Helmet he dropped was also identical to others (closed).

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