Charcoal Pine Resin is a Consumable in Dark Souls 3.

Charcoal Pine Resin

Black charcoal-like pine resin.
Temporarily applies fire to right-hand weapon.

Used in the Undead Settlement to preserve Undead bodies after dissection, and to bury them.


Charcoal Pine Resin Usage

  • Applies +85 fire damage to right-hand weapon for 60 seconds.



Charcoal Pine Resin Locations

  • Sold by Shrine Handmaid for 500 souls (After giving her  Mortician's Ashes)
  • Dropped by Peasant Hollow enemies at Undead Settlement.
  • 2 can be found in the room above the Warriors of Sunlight covenant item and estus soup in the Undead Settlement




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    • More worth on lighter, fast hitting weapons. Buff is the same, buff time is the same but you will hit twice the time. Thus double the damage per resin (or spell).

      • While that damage increase may not seem like a lot, it is useful to apply when facing enemies that get stunned by fire, such as pus of man, the maggot creatures, dogs, tree maidens, and the slime enemies. However, you may be better off with the bundle then due to it's faster start up, carry quantity, and the ability to be applied mid-battle.

        • Anonymous

          if using a weapon with the 'warcry' skill, the resin will dissipate once skill is activated and vis versa.

          • Anonymous

            Just tested it on an unupgraded thrall axe, having the necessary stats to wield it properly one handed. It only adds 80. made calculations with a calculator myself.

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