Watchdogs of Farron is a Covenant in Dark Souls 3.Watchdogs of Farrom


Ancient medallion depicting the crest of a wolf. Symbolizes the pact with the Old Wolf of Farron. Equip to pledge oneself to the Watchdogs of Farron.

The Watchdogs ensure that the warriors sleep in serenity, by taking the form of loyal spirits and hunting down those who would trespass the woods of Farron.

Summoning takes place automatically while this is equipped."


Watchdogs of Farron Information


  • You must obtain the item: Watchdogs of Farron and equip it.
  • Farron Keep: Pray to the Old Wolf of Farron to obtain the item.
  • The Old Wolf is located in the poison swamp area, at the top of a tall ladder, the base of which is near the Boneshard Fragment
  • Video location (fextralife video starting at 1h 23m 34s)


Effects of covenant

  • While the item is equipped, be auto summoned as a loyal spirit to defeat intruders.
  • One of the two area Bosses must be alive in the intruders world in order to invade.
  • The two area bosses are the Abyss Watchers and the Crystal sage. 
  • You can leave the Crystal Sage alive, and kill the Abyss Watchers allowing you to progress until Irithyll bridge. The Watchdogs auto invasions will still occur when you go back to the upper swamp at the same or higher soul level, allowing for fight clubs etc.
  • Your summons are subject to the matchmaking formula as seen below. It is much easier to be auto summoned if you keep a low soul level (25) and do not upgrade your weapons past +2 to +3.
  • If facing problems being summoned (taking too long or never), try standing outside the Abyss Watchers Boss room. This pre-boss area seems like a hot-spot for Farron summons. I've tested it and it seems the more I tried to farm Wolf's Blood Swordgrass from Ghrus  the more summons I got. Note: Beware of incoming Darkwraiths.
  • Farron phantoms are blue with a red tint.
  • Watchdogs cannot attack the area monsters or be hurt by them.
  • Watchdogs can fight red phantoms in the invaded world and are often be targeted by the reds, which can be annoying if trying to acquire swordgrass items.
  • You can be summoned even if you're out of the Farron Territory (as long as the symbol of the covenant is flashing-white you can be summoned).
  • You won't necessarily be summoned to the poisoned swamps of Farron Keep; you could be summoned to clean swamps of Crucifixion Woods. This proves that Halfway Fortress & Crucifixion Woods Bonfires are part of Farron Keep & area.
  • In extremely rare cases (most likely dependent on player level), you might be summoned to the Undead Settlement.
  • Farron Spirits will invade only hosts that haven't yet defeated the area boss, they don't have to be human though. 
  • Warning: There is a bug with the rank rewards. If you turn-in on the same time as being summoned, you might lose the reward (you can get it on the next level)
  • The Matchmaking Formula is Covenant Dependent:
Condition Min Max
Summoning a White Phantom, Warrior of Sunlight, Mound-Maker or no covenant Host - 10 - (Host * 0.1) Host + 10 + (Host * 0.1)
Territorial Invasions by: Watchdogs of Farron or Aldrich Faithful Host - 20 - (Host * 0.2) Host + (Host * 0.1)



  • (Addendum:  Prior to this patch version (1.03), it was possible for a bug to occur after defeating the Abyss Watchers which would prevent interaction with the wolf, which lead to speculation that it had been killed.)
  • The Watchdogs of Farron, as well as The Abyss Watchers, appear to be a continuation of the Forest Hunter Covenant of DS1 and a tribute to The Hunters of Bloodborne.


Rank Requirements

Ranks are obtained by giving the Old Wolf obtained Wolf's Blood Swordgrass. These are acquired from defeating enemies you have been summoned to via the Covenant emblem, or as possible drops from Ghru Grunts and Elders. The rank requirements are additive, meaning you only have to earn a total of 30, not 10 and then another 30, to obtain all covenant rewards.

Rank Requirement Rewards
0 Initial  None
1 10 Old Wolf Curved Sword
2 30 Wolf Knight's Greatshield & Wolf Ring




Covenant: Watchdogs of Farron

Discover Watchdogs of Farron covenant.Bronze Trophy






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    • Anonymous

      10 Oct 2020 09:10  

      Is there a way to directly invade as a Watchdog? Waiting is such a pain, even in the recommended level range.

      • Anonymous

        04 Oct 2020 11:09  

        Confirming for myself on PC; started getting invasion as late as SL37 with +2 weapons. Forgot about the summon range and leveled up to 45, then the frequency of invasions dropped drastically to about 1 every 15-25 minutes. I've gotten 21 swordgrass total; 19 from invasions, about 7 of which earned after getting to 45; the other 2 were super lucky drops from the goats in the space of 5-10mins. Not impossible, but super slow.

        • Anonymous

          29 Sep 2020 17:31  

          Are there any players at metalevel for this covenant? I'd rather get the sword grass from people than farm it from the goats.

          • Anonymous

            24 Sep 2020 17:54  

            Already halfway through, but the moment it detects that you've got over ten, it stops calling you around, even when people are clearly in the area... Seriously, what gives?

            • Anonymous

              10 Sep 2020 18:16  

              Stupid idea to tie the covenant item only to being summoned. Even Subros can get medals from being summoned for duels, so why can't Farron watchdogs?

              • 16 Aug 2020 16:01  

                Please I need help to farm these goats to get that stupid ring or just drop to me because its useless its only for the achievement Steam:seu jorgi777

                • Anonymous

                  Watchdogs of Farron [DKS3 Wiki]08 Jul 2020 14:51  

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                  • Anonymous

                    01 Jul 2020 02:02  

                    If anyone has the wolf ring on ps4 and wouldn't mind meeting up to let me borrow it to get the trophy it will save me a bunch of time. I'll give it back afterwards

                    • Anonymous

                      10 Jun 2020 01:01  

                      This covenant does not work at soul level 150+, I need that wolf ring though! Guess I’m grinding ng+ ghru’s for days lol

                      • Anonymous

                        09 Jun 2020 00:29  

                        This convenant is the onky thing between me and all game trophies. I am never summoned (guess bc I'm in a very high level) and cannot go on and have the wolf ring for my last trophy :'(

                        • Anonymous

                          07 Jun 2020 15:31  

                          This is like blades of the darkmoon, but done right. You actually have a goal in this covenant, unlike those fakemoon gankers.

                          • Anonymous

                            30 May 2020 01:19  

                            As far as I can tell, there isn't much PvP in lower level areas at all. Playing over the course of an afternoon, I was summoned twice as a Watchdog, which I suppose is an alright chance. I'll stick with them but it's very obvious that summons are rare. Not many people spend time in Farron Keep.

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