Binoculars are a Tool in Dark Souls 3.


Binoculars made of brass.
Use to peer at distant scenery.

Their utility is singular, but applications many. The value of these specs depends greatly on the imagination of their owner.


Binoculars Usage

  • Used to view stuff at a distance.
  • Press up and down on the d-pad to zoom in and out, same as bows.
  • Can also be used to aim sorceries, pyromancies, miracles, throwing knives and other projectiles.



Binoculars Locations

Location as viewed from bonfire.



  • Wearing the Hawk Ring allows the binoculars to have a stronger zoom / magnification.




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    • Anonymous

      zooming with binoculars14 May 2016 23:55  

      someone should add how you can zoom in while using the binoculars by pushing up on the d-pad. Works with bows too.

      • Anonymous

        Q.Q13 Apr 2016 08:38  

        The nocs make me sad in 3. They take forever to pull out, can no longer move when looking through them, and while you can still use them to assist casting aim: casting puts them away and you have to bring them back out again to make a second aimed shot.they're still useful in certain situations, but not even remotely close to being as good as in dark souls 2.

        • Anonymous

          question06 Apr 2016 06:48  

          it would be nice to know how the binoculars function in dark souls 2 they could be used to aim magichowever in dark souls 1 they only functioned as binoculars

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