Faraam Armor Set

Physical Resitance 27.3 Bleed Resistance 141
Strike Defense 27.4 Poison Resistance 102
Slash Defense 27.3 Frost Resistance 146
Thrust Defense 25.3 Curse Resistance 67
Magic Defense 21.7 Poise 32.5
Fire Defense 24.0  
Lightning Defense 22.3 icon-durabilitiy.png -
Dark Defense 22.3 icon_weight.png 30.4

Faraam Armor Set is an Armor in Dark Souls 3.

This set is named after a god of war.

The armor of the Forossa Lion Knights was preserved even after the destruction of their homeland, and is mentioned in numerous legends, alongside the names of those who are said to have gone beyond death.

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Piece Information

Faraam Helm

Physical Resitance 5.6 Bleed Resistance 27
Strike Defense 5.5 Poison Resistance 22
Slash Defense 5.6 Frost Resistance 28
Thrust Defense 5.1 Curse Resistance 14
Magic Defense 4.2 Poise 7.0
Fire Defense 4.4  
Lightning Defense 4.3 icon-durabilitiy.png 430
Dark Defense 4.3 icon_weight.png 6.3
Armor Type Helms
Faraam Armor

Faraam Armor

Physical Resitance 13.9 Bleed Resistance 59
Strike Defense 13.8 Poison Resistance 40
Slash Defense 13.9 Frost Resistance 60
Thrust Defense 12.8 Curse Resistance 27
Magic Defense 10.7 Poise 17.3
Fire Defense 12.2  
Lightning Defense 11.2 icon-durabilitiy.png 400
Dark Defense 11.2 icon_weight.png 12.7
Armor Type Chest Armor

Faraam Gauntlets

Physical Resitance 3.6 Bleed Resistance 21
Strike Defense 3.7 Poison Resistance 16
Slash Defense 3.6 Frost Resistance 22
Thrust Defense 3.3 Curse Resistance 11
Magic Defense 3.0 Poise 4.5
Fire Defense 3.3  
Lightning Defense 3.1 icon-durabilitiy.png 410
Dark Defense 3.1 icon_weight.png 4.7
Armor Type Gauntlets

Faraam Boots

Physical Resitance 7.2 Bleed Resistance 34
Strike Defense 7.5 Poison Resistance 24
Slash Defense 7.2 Frost Resistance 37
Thrust Defense 6.6 Curse Resistance 15
Magic Defense 5.6 Poise 8.2
Fire Defense 6.4  
Lightning Defense 5.6 icon-durabilitiy.png 370
Dark Defense 5.6 icon_weight.png 6.7
Armor Type Leggings



  • This armour set was introduced into the Souls series by Dark Souls 2, being the official armour set of Bearer of the Curse
  • The ending line of the armor's description, "...gone beyond death," is a reference to the tag line used for advertising Dark Souls 2; "Go beyond death"
  • There is an overwhelming amount of evidence pointing to the possibility that Faraam is the true identity of the Nameless King.


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    • Anonymous

      18 Mar 2019 13:48  

      I have 10 VIT, and 5 more from the Prisoner's Chain. With the Havel's Ring, using by build (AGS, offhand Rapier + Caestus), I have exactly 69.9% Weight rating with the highest poise possible for me (no DLC). This provides a niche use for this armour for me, hopefully others can benefit from this knowledge. Rings: Havel's, Leo's, Wolf's +1, and Prisoner's Chain.

      • Anonymous

        31 Dec 2018 09:44  

        I mean literally everybody knows this fashion already but Faraam helm, alva body, and any other armored gauntlets/leggings is quite fashionable

        • Anonymous

          03 Aug 2018 22:05  

          wait, so is faraam the name of the nameless king? the nameless king is the god of war and this set was named after a god of war

          • Anonymous

            25 Apr 2018 18:30  

            Usually, cultures that adopt a deity have a name for it in their own language or culture (Yhave, Jehova, Ala or Jupiter, Zeus and Mars, Ares), and specially with politheistic religions that adopt other deities but already have their own either combine them to create one or add the new one to their one lore, and as we know that both Faraam and Gwyn's firstborn are a god of war and possibly THE god of war for some religions, looking at the helmet adornments that depict a dragonslayer and judging by the Lion theme associated with both, I think Faraam could be the name given by a new religion to either the Nameless King or Ornstein the Dragonslayer or a combination of both mixed through the ages through reimaginations of Gwyn's Firstborn and the workship to Ornstein, which gave birth to the creed and armor of the the Lion Knights of Forossa. The armor itself has a bit of both imo, it has the knightly feel of Ornestein but it's also bulkier and less polished, akin the Nameless King's savagery, more so with the shoulder mane.

            To me the most plausible scenario is that when Gwyn's Firstborn was outcasted there was already a cult in his name, the members of this cult might have even been persecuted and those who survived eventually founded Forossa and the name of their god of war eventually developed to Faraam.

            • Anonymous

              23 Mar 2018 02:12  

              It would be cool if, when you wear this armor in front of Nameless King, he would act like fume knight seeing Velstadt and be more aggressive or something. Just a thought.

              • Anonymous

                19 Mar 2018 06:56  

                Nameless is the first son of Gwyn demoted after his alliance with the Archdragons. But don't quote me on that.

                • Anonymous

                  08 Mar 2018 13:00  

                  Is it just me or did the Faraam armour look a lot better in DSII. Its still good but i hate how you can see your neck as well i know its not as bad as the Black Knight armour but still

                  • Anonymous

                    10 Feb 2018 20:55  

                    Really nice outfit achieved by wearing this set except with the wolf knight chestpiece replacing the dream armor

                    • Anonymous

                      16 Jan 2018 15:19  

                      "There is an overwhelming amount of evidence pointing to the possibility that Faraam is the true identity of the Nameless King."

                      C I T A T I O N N E E D E D

                      • Anonymous

                        01 Oct 2017 22:42  

                        for all those knights out there: Equipping the Faraam helm instead of the elite knight helm increases your badass stat by 10-20 points, depending on what armor you are wearing

                        • Anonymous

                          04 Aug 2017 05:13  

                          DS2 version looks sexier. DS3 version has a better color palette that doesn't look like plastic. Why can't I have both things at once?!

                          • Anonymous

                            24 Jun 2017 09:45  

                            In my observation, what makes me look fat in this armor is the flat shoulder fur and rounder abdomen. In the DS 2 version, you have fluffier fur, making your shoulder look broader. The breastplate also looks like 2 overlapping pieces of armor which give you a hour glass figure. Stupid sexy Faraam. In this version however, the breastplate has a rounder belly and the fur is lackluster giving you an "O" shape rather than the "V" shape from DS2. Maybe From is actually trying to make Faraam knights look burly for lore reasons as I still think my character looks a bit "fat" with a slim build. What I did was to lower the waist slider (character creation->build details) as much as possible. It will look a bit weird on other armors, but you can have infinite appearance changes anyway.

                            • Anonymous

                              24 Jun 2017 08:50  

                              Nameless king is the god of war, its actually one of the part of lore which was concieved early, it derives analogy from Greek mythology that is of Ares , also the god of war, revolting against his father Zeus , also the god of lightning....Also his headgear represents a lions mane which all of his followers, be it ornstein or the Faraam knights, try to replicate through armor design or etymologies.

                              • Anonymous

                                13 May 2017 01:05  

                                Faraam Helmet, Drakeblood Armor, Drakeblood Guantlets, and Lothric Knight Leggings.
                                This is one of my favorite armor combos

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