Hollow Arena or Undead Match is a Location in Dark Souls 3. It is a PvP exclusive feature that is accesible to owners of the Season Pass, Ashes of Ariandel or The Ringed City DLC.


Hollow Arena Information



  • There are 2 game types in the arena: Duel and Brawl. All matches are timed events. 
  • Duels are a single to the death event, which end when one player dies. Players are not able to use Estus during a duel but can use a limited amount of Ashen Estus.
  • In a Brawl, players fight and die over and over, and the player with the most kills at the end of a match is the victor. Brawls have limited Estus use for both types. Brawls have several different formats, team based 2v2 and 3v3 or more chaotic formats like 4 player and 6 player free for alls. Upon dying players spawn back in with a potent Wrath of Gods blast to prevent spawn camping.
  • Similar to the Battle of Stoicism in Dark Souls, there is a floating crown mechanic to indicate the player in the lead.
  • Players can earn Badges for success in combat.
  • The arena enables password matchmaking with friends, or with random combatants. It does not seem as of launch that players can password match with friends and also take on random players at the same time, but further testing is needed to confirm. Early indications are that the arena follows conventional Online matchmaking ranges, but this is not a confirmed fact.
  • Kiln of Flame was the first map, and three more maps are added in continuous patch. 


Password Matchmaking

The password matchmaking in the arena allows for a variety of customizations. You can set a password to allow for matching with friendly team only and the enemy team is matched with another, or you can have everyone use the same password and finally you can select which team to be a part of. This should make coordination with friends a lot more user friendly.



How to Access

  • Defeating Champion's Gravetender & Gravetender Greatwolf earns you the Champion's Bones. Burn these in the Firelink Shrine Bonfire to unlock access to the mode.
  • Once access to the arena is obtained, players will be able to teleport directly there via Firelink Shrine bonfire by using "Undead Match" option . Starting a fresh NG cycle doesn't remove that option.


Available Maps


    • Anonymous

      08 Jun 2017 21:20  

      I have a question about this. So I leave items in the arena and I can see it, but can my opponent see it? So far, out of all 5, my opponents don't pick up the item. Are they just ignoring it or what.

      • 19 May 2017 04:40  

        okay, i'm logged in now and i cant reply for some reason (not too familiar with this site..)
        about the scaling or no scaling question thats below this message:
        i played with 2 other friends, they were SL68 and SL115 and im SL74.. and i played with the lower level friend first in 2v2 and got opponents that seemed way over our levels.. we did minuscule damage to them and they did a lot to us.. later in 3v3 the same guys appeared against us again.. so im really wondering how it goes..
        tried to ask Google about this but everyone keeps saying that it uses the normal summon range and i guess if i go to duel by myself that would be correct, but now me and the higher level friend's summoning range is off..
        for me, according to an online calculator, my highest should be level enemies should be SL101 and for SL115, the lowest should be SL103.. so theres either a scaling system or not.. the answer isnt normal invasion levels

        • Anonymous

          19 May 2017 04:17  

          is there any scaling in the arena and if so, how is the scaling calculated? if not, is there a general level i should aim for?

          • Anonymous

            11 May 2017 18:22  

            I think there should be some sort of award. Souls or Covenent turn in items would be perfect. It is hard to get certaint covenent items because no ones in the covenent so you gotta hope theres a creature that drops it and if there is then you spend your life farming these creatures. If your fighting a Sunbro 1v1 and you win you should get a sunlight metal and with other covenents the same.

            • Anonymous

              11 May 2017 13:55  

              Arenas were dope in DS2. This should have been up at launch... With ratings. Although, the next title they make should have an Open and Closed version of play. Like Diablo 2... Where your characters details are stored online in a cloud server you can't access, and you only play with others on the closed version. At first some people might think this is*****... Until you look at all these comments on mules / modders. Oh, and the high rated MMO elitist who tells you the PvP here is irrelevant until it's legit. PhantomEWGF save me daddy...

              • Anonymous

                02 May 2017 00:51  

                Wow the arena just sucks... Im sorry but this game just doesnt handle 3v3 combat very well, and not even mentioning that with min maxed spellcasters you can get killed literally as soon as you spawn in.

                • Anonymous

                  01 May 2017 21:36  

                  undead bullshit, 3v3 spawns as a solo, 3v3 ends up with a team who die before they even spawn, this arena needs a fix

                  • Anonymous

                    29 Apr 2017 01:40  

                    I'm fairly sure that the Kiln of Flame is included with The Ringed City too... At least, I had it with just The Ringed City first before I got the Ashes of Airandel DLC.

                    • Anonymous

                      27 Apr 2017 04:16  

                      2v2 is bullshit. I've spawned with no teammates and got destroyed because they never thought about having an option to leave. I can understand why they wouldn't add that, but still. I'm not going to sit back and get stun locked into bull*****and lose ranking. Developes need to fix this problem because everyone I've contacted on dark souls has had this exact issue.

                      • Anonymous

                        25 Apr 2017 03:46  

                        So, I heard a little something on a stream one time. How in the arena, when both of the players attack simultaneously and kill one another, its not determined by who swung first or whose HP dropped to 0 before the other's. So what does determine whether you win or lose in those situations? Well, I've been keeping my eye on it, and actually saw it myself too. Multiple times mind you.


                        Which of you happens to hit the floor first. And I'm not joking. If you get a longer death animation than your opponent, you win. If you happen to get the one that makes you just flat out fall while your opponent is doing the slower, from standing to kneeling animation, you lose.

                        Could be wrong, but I went out of my way to seek out draws when possible for the past hour or so and got five occasions where I spotted the death animation determining the victor. Not like it matters when the medals basically don't mean anything. Solo gold is easy to get and group medal is just random unless you pair up with friends that know how to play. But yeah, GG?

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