Rare Items are weapons, consumables, and other items that are easily missable or can only be obtained once per playthrough.




 Avelyn  Grand Archives, from the first bonfire climb the first shortcut ladder or pass through the very dark room. Then go up the first flight of stairs and across the balcony with a broken railing at the end where a single Scholar is standing. Drop down onto the bookshelf below and then roll off these onto bookshelves even further below.  3-bolt burst crossbow



 Profaned Capital, dropped by a certain Monstrosity of Sin near the toxic swamp in Profaned Capital. At the bottom floor of the church, it is the one that first comes after you. The only axe with the Feast Bell skill.

Irithyll Rapier



Irithyll Rapier

Dropped by Outrider Knight in Lothric Castle. This knight can be found in a room underneath the twin dragons, down some stairs before you cross in front of the large gate where the dragons breathe fire. Almost directly beneath the white dragon. One of the few Weapons that causes Frostbite


    • Witch Locke15 Aug 2016 04:19  

      Should be on this list, I can imagine beginners to miss this lever in the dark area.. even missed this myself if a phantom dindt point me out the lever, not to mention that finding the door that opens will also be slightly missable when you don't have your sounds on or something.

      • Havels set should be here17 Jun 2016 18:10  

        Not everyone would think of back tracking to the stray demon area after murdering havel. Items gained through the path of dragon gesture should be here too, Cataclysm ring and twinkling dragon head stone. How about covenant items?

        • What about Symbol of Avarice, ***** thats rare.14 Jun 2016 02:04  

          Other items to note are things not easily gained, things you have to farm pretty hard for. Gargoyle weapons need some farming...but then, this page will be so full of monster gear, and lots of things that take time to farm, arent that good. Like the armor of the women in white in the profaned capital. Doesnt function well, or look all that cool. miserable drop rate.

          • What about the Morion Blade?31 May 2016 08:56  

            You can only get it once per play through (as with the above) and it is only attainable through sacrificing a vendor or at the end of his quest line... sounds pretty rare to me (considering the above).

            • Rare ?26 May 2016 16:59  

              What's the definition of "rare" here? Those weapons can be easily obtained in each game cycle. I've got various copies of those, but I am still missing the Black Knight Greatsword (despite hours of farming). So I would consider the Black Knight Greatsword rare, but not Avelyn, Eleonora and Irithyll Rapier.

              • Other items to add19 May 2016 01:09  

                What about the Blessed red and white shield hanging from a body in Undead Settlement (Right behind where Eygon sits) and maybe the Deep battleaxe found in the room under the Drake near the tower on the wall bonfire?

                • Very informative page!30 Apr 2016 20:44  

                  Wow I am so glad i found the one and only rare item in the game on my first play through.<br/>Seriously this page should either be updated or just erased.

                  • "rare" item? srsly?25 Apr 2016 23:24  

                    Any chance there are beast tail weapons like DS1? I have tried but to no avail, as it stands this is a sad state of affairs should this be the only "rare" item... must be more things discoverable like the Merciless Roenna 1% drop mask in DS2

                    • 2 secret weapons21 Apr 2016 09:42  

                      irithyll dungeon <br/>there's two rare drops from the scary human flesh dragon things that are dragon weapons like the ones in DS1 <br/>

                      • Ranged combat15 Apr 2016 04:30  

                        Wear lightest armor that has decent protection for light weight. Do not equip shield. Best bow you have and best arrows you. I suggest not to use crossbows as they have a reload time and this boss is quick.<br/>Evade dogde as necessary for stage 1. Fire off arrows whenever a window is open. Be sure to keep an eye out for the 2 watchers that resurrect. If you tine it well you can get them both to attack the boss. I van confirm that the 2 watchers can hurt and also kill the stage 1 boss which also kills them in the process. <br/>Stage 2. Now. Bow users. Be fast. Be ready and dont get greedy with shots. 1 shot per open window of oppoturnity then be on the move. Do not lock in on the boss. Keep the camera free so you can move around faster. Bosses attacks have more power. More range. And he is more aggressive. If you played it out right you should have nailed him. He is the toughest boss ive encountered. Not crazy hard. But timing of movements is crucial.

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